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Top cryptocurrency hardware wallets for Ripple

Some of the most promising cryptocurrency hardware wallet providers for Ripple. Check out the best ripple wallet hardware tha
Some of the most promising cryptocurrency hardware wallet providers for Ripple. Check out the best ripple wallet hardware that are available.

Some of the most promising cryptocurrency hardware wallet providers for Ripple

Cryptocurrency wallet is basically a piece of software which stores all the public and the private keys which we use in order to undertake transactions with our cryptocurrencies. It is highly advised that a particular trader, after the completion of trades on any cryptocurrency exchange, store them into his personal cryptocurrency wallet. This is to prevent the losses of the cryptocurrencies, due to the hack attempts on the cryptocurrency exchanges, as one of the most popular sayings goes

“Better be safe, than sorry.”

The decentralization due to the cryptocurrencies has bought the vaults used by the banks to store our funds in our smartphones, computers, as well as other handheld devices. Hardware wallets are synonymous to cold storage devices, unlike the hot wallets (like web wallet and software wallets) they are considered to be one of the safest means to store cryptocurrencies as they are completely disconnected and offline.

Below are the top 10 hardware wallet one can use to store the Ripple cryptocurrency:

  1. Ledger Nano S

One of the leading Bitcoin security companies in the world is, France based, Ledger. The company has a stronghold in wallet providing the industry with expertise since the year 2014. It is one of the most preferred ways to store Ripple in Nano S wallet for a prolonged duration of time in an easy manner. The key feature of this hardware wallet is that it supports a suite of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

  1. XEEDA

It supports the most popular cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Ethereum classic, ERC 20 tokens and others as well. XEEDA ensures a hack-proof as well as a tamper-proof hardware wallet. It also provides an integrated mobile app which can be used for faster access of the encrypted data in the hardware wallet by simply connecting the wallet to the smartphone. Initiating as well as managing Ripple transfers have been made very seamless by this hardware wallet.

  1. CoolWallet

Apart from Ripple, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet even supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and many other popular cryptocurrency coins. It is also certified to be the only hardware mobile wallet for Android and IOS smartphones. The cryptocurrency coins are stored in an EAL5+ certified microchip of the physical device. It can securely communicate with the smartphone with help of the encrypted Bluetooth facility, without any physical USB connections.

There are other various cryptocurrency hardware wallets available in the market with which are yet to include Ripple into its portfolio:

  • One of the most popular ones is Bitlox. The credit card form factor hardware wallet is just 4 mm thin, popularly used to store Bitcoins. Even when the wallet has no power supply, its advanced e-paper display technology can show the address QR codes. The hardware wallet can be charged with micro USB of any specification. The 25-gram handheld device internally calculates all the transaction fees and leaves no surprises for the user.
  • KeepKey is another most popular hardware wallet which provides the bank level security to our cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies supported by this hardware wallet is Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, and Ethereum. It even provides an instant and a secure connection to the cryptocurrency exchange like ShapeShift. The major advantage of this hardware wallet is that it provides the most powerful backup system. The $99 device is easily compatible with operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Closing remarks

When compared to the web wallets, software wallets, as well as the wallets provided by the cryptocurrency exchanges, the hardware wallet proves to be one of the most secure ways of storing the Ripple coins or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. Sustaining in the cryptocurrency market is challenging due to the insecurity that the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and online wallets providers pose to the investors. Safeguarding our investments solely is our responsibility. Many investors in the field do not opt for Hardware wallets from to the pressure due the free services that the online wallet providers give provide. It is an undeniable fact that hardware wallets provides unmatched security.