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15 places where Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is accepted as payment



Let us look at a few places where you can now use Bitcoin Cash

15 places where Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is accepted as payment

A hard fork of the original solution of the revolutionary blockchain technology, Bitcoin Cash came into active circulation in the digital market in August last year. This was the product of developers wanting to increase the bitcoin block size limit. Although a relatively newer entry into the digital world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash has been making good progress and more and more investors are looking to explore it after Bitcoin. Do keep in mind that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are two very different things – to completely different digital currencies for that matter. Enabled with lower transaction fees and reliable confirmations, Bitcoin is slowly edging into this world and making a place for itself.

To further cement its position and helps its progress, let us look at a few places where you can now use Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment and maybe this could make Bitcoin Cash an even more lucrative investment option for you if your still in the trenches of doubt about investing your money in it.


  1. Most probably the biggest name in the industry which accepts Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment is Microsoft! So go ahead and make purchases on Microsoft products using your Bitcoin Cash since they now accept it as a legal form of payment. 
  2. This one is probably going to make the foodie in you way too happy. If you are in Europe, whether currently living there or on vacation, and also happen to have Bitcoin Cash in your online digital wallets, you can now use them at almost 31,000 restaurants when ordering your favorite cuisine from the online food ordering company Takeaway. Go satisfy the hunger in you using your Bitcoin Cash. 
  3. Originally dealing just in Bitcoins and a Bitcoin payment service provider, Bit Pay, has now announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment too. Take note, that other than Bitcoins, they only accept Bitcoin Cash which gives Bitcoin Cash a rather good scope of importance. 
  4. Several merchant services like Rocketr, Coinify, and many more such services have started accepting Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment. Looks like the lives of all Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts and investors all over the digital network is actually becoming easier day by day. 
  5. You can use your Bitcoin Cash to buy products like gift cards, games, software and many more at Keys4Coins who have also started accepting Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment. Go crazy! 
  6. If you wish to be a little more practical spender and are also looking at a large scale mining venture, you could now use your Bitcoin Cash for this purpose too. have started accepting Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment bringing ease to the lives of many miners out there.  
  7. A fairly popular online retailer of items including computer hardware and consumer electronics in California, United States, Newegg has announced that it would now be enabling its customers to make legal payments using their Bitcoin Cash. 
  8. Vultr, a global cloud hosting service provider (along with storage services and many more), has recently announced its acceptance of the Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment. 
  9. Namecheap provides services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company. If you are looking to do any business here and also are a Bitcoin Cash investor, the odds are finally in your favour, since they accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment mode. 
  10. As its name suggests, egifter is an online website with a wide range of gifts and gift cards. They now accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment mode too. 
  11. An online retailer of gold and silver products, JM Bullion accepts Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment too. So if you are a Bitcoin Cash investor and looking to buy a few gold or silver products, your time is finally here. 
  12. Zeek is an online marketplace that enables its users to sell unwanted vouchers in exchange for cash and purchase discounted gift cards. So if you are looking for such a service, do use Bitcoin Cash since they now accept it too! 
  13. An online fashion store what all things hip and trendy, Negash Apparel and Footwear is a place where one can use their Bitcoin Cash to pay more merchandises. 
  14. Anyone fond of gambling? If legal in your concerned demographic, you can invest in Bitcoin Cash and then try your hands at gambling. There are several online gambling sites like Satoshi Dice, Bet Coin, Satoshi Bones, and many more such gambling sites that accept Bitcoin Cash as a legal form of payment. Hope you do not have to make any payments but just win even more cash! 
  15. As an endnote, looking to make a little charity? You can now use your Bitcoin Cash to make donations and several non profit organisations (NGOs) and charities over the world including Heifer International, Save the Children and many more such places. Come on, go do a noble deed!


What is BDT token? Why Is it a good investment for 2018?



BDT token is the native token for decentralized crypto exchange, Blockonix. The holders will undoubtedly experience an increase in the value of BDT tokens.

Comprehending some of the key attributes of the BDT token.


Following the footsteps of Satoshi Nakamoto, a decentralized exchange is the complete form of freedom in the Crypto domain that can be provided to the customers. However, there are downsides to a decentralized exchange, as they are not capable of handling the number of volumes a centralized exchange currently handles. In a decentralized environment, there is absolutely no place for block rewards, which is responsible for incentivization to the economy in the system. But the decentralized exchanges are absolutely global, unlike the Centralised ones which are restricted to some countries only. Blockonix is one of such decentralized exchanges which is proving to be the future of decentralized crypto trading and BDT Token is the core token of the Exchange. Although the decentralized exchanges do not support the Fiat currencies, it is yet the preferred place for all the crypto fanatics.


Blockonix launched on 20th July 2018 is one of the most reliable and trustworthy decentralized Crypto exchange. It launched its operations from Malta despite originally being from India due to the regulatory bottlenecks in the country. The Crypto exchange earlier was called by the name ‘BitIndia’ which was a domestic Crypto exchange, to be launched in India itself. But due to strict Crypto regulations in the country, the organization was forced to go global by rebranding itself to Blockonix.

As the complete operations of the Crypto exchange are solely vested with a number of smart contracts, there is no single authority who is in control of the funds on the exchange, as they staunchly believe in the decentralized principal. The most reliable, Ethereum environment, was incorporated to build the whole smart contract based Crypto exchange, where the users are fully in control of their funds.


BDT Token

BDT token is the native token for decentralized crypto exchange, Blockonix. The Crypto exchange as earlier was expected to launch as  BitIndia but was unable to do so, hence is providing a provision to all the BitIndia users to swap their tokens with BDT tokens. With approximately 2000 holders, the total supply of token is just  10,092,083.35. BDT tokens are to be listed on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges along with being listed on it’s on home Crypto exchange.

The holders will undoubtedly experience an increase in the value of BDT tokens as all the trading fees which are to be obtained, while trading, would be permanently destroyed by sending them to a burn address. In this way as the scarcity of the token increases, the value also increases. The team members of the project are highly committed to providing a world-class facility to their traders.

The trading fees are 0.1 % and a flat 70% discount would be made avail if the users incorporate BDT tokens for the paying the fee. Generally, Ether along with the Ethereum gas is incorporated for the transaction fees. The complex decentralized environment is economically sound, as there is negligible expenditure on security measures, as the decentralization is incorporated into its core framework itself. Thereby cutting down the security costs.

Good investment?

The Bloconix decentralized Crypto exchange has listed more than 100 Ethereum tokens for trading. With sufficient security and robustness provided by the team members, the value of the tokens is bound to increase as the crypto exchange expands. Hence it is one of the best tokens that one must be opting for incorporating into their investment portfolio for 2018. The Crypto exchange is predicted to set benchmarks in the history of decentralized Crypto exchanges, in turn, pushing the value of the BDT tokens towards the sky.  



The fact can be denied that the Centralized exchanges have played a major role in providing liquidity along with shaping the cryptocurrency market worldwide. But there is a lot of downside to it, a sum of the Crypto exchanges offers their service to selected regions. On contrary, Blockonix, is open for its usage, except for the citizens of the countries of United States of America, Singapore, and China.

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Buy Instagram Likes and Followers from


on provides a complete solution for all the social media marketing problems. It assists in increasing real followers, likes, and comments.

Discovering the services offered by


In this modern world of instant gratification social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp have become a daily obsession of the human beings and unfortunately one of the main sources of destruction and concentration dissipation. According to studies, the higher usage of social media renders a person less social in the real life and have also been witnessed to experience higher levels of anxiety and stress. is a great social media booster using AI technology for all your social media promotions.

The positive side

Regardless of which due to its connective nature, it is not the most ethical tool for business. People spending more time on social media means that the companies can collect their private data and can understand a person’s preferences and choices more than anyone else could. Businesses use this information of each user in order to target them with related advertisements. Hence making it more beneficial for both the users as well as the company.  


Instagram is one of the most popular social media which has been endorsed with success since its inception. Within a span of 2 months itself, it had almost 1 million active users. Businesses which are active on social media marks their active participation and constant updation with their community members. Social media is a way of building a brand of a company thereby getting in touch with the potential customer. Instagram is actually a visual social media platform which can be incorporated by the businesses to tip their idea on the customers. As it is well known that a picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most powerful means for social media marketing.

Why is it necessary?

When a new business is initiated, it’s fan following and customer base on social media is obviously expected to be very low. This may this might, in turn, affect the psychology of people into believing that the company is not well established one or fake. Hence they don’t tend to follow it.


A starting push is required for each and every business on social media to reach a certain level by having some minimum likes and following on their profile. Doing this would also affect the psychology of people in a positive way to follow that business due to peer pressure. Peer pressure is nothing but a condition where one feels the pressure of not belonging to the crowd, in other words “when thousands of people are following a company then why am I not following it?” goes in mind.


Fan following is a very strong concept and does impact the businesses. Imagine if a customer needs to develop a project but is confused among two companies hence visits their social media profiles of the companies. One has only 20 followers and the other one has 3000 followers. In observing these statistics it is very obvious that the customer would tend to select the latter one. provides a complete solution for all the social media marketing problems. It assists in increasing the initial customer base by adding real followers, likes, and comments on a number of social media websites with Instagram being the most popular one on its list.

Apart from providing likes and followers on Instagram, even has developed an automated system where artificial intelligence powered comments would be made available on various posts so as to increase its activity on the website. Apart from Instagram, the company even provides followers, likes, and comments on a number of other prominent social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. offers a number of different Instagram packages from Instagram growth to Instagram Guru, depending upon the number of likes and followers one needs. After choosing any package that the business offers, one can opt to pay through PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.


Other services at

Users can buy YouTube likes, views, shares, and dislikes from Maintaining an online presence on YouTube is also crucial for Business Development these days. A suite of Twitter services like Twitter likes, Twitter retweets, twitter followers and impressions are also provided by It delivers them, within hours of purchase. The best part that it is worth noting is that it completely relies upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the process and is an ultimate platform for automated social media marketing.

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Blockonix Decentralized Exchange Launched!



Blockonix DEX is a purely decentralized exchange with not even a single third party involved in your transactions with no chances of fraud.

Blockonix DEX that the world was awaiting is now live. Confirmed by the following tweet on Official Blockonix twitter account.

Here is everything you need to know about the exchange before you starting trading on Blockonix:


1. Purely Decentralized

Blockonix DEX is a purely decentralized exchange with not even a single third party involved in your transactions. This means that while trading only the buyer and the seller shall be involved in the trade. Being a completely Decentralized Exchange, all the transactions shall occur on the Ethereum Blockchain which makes it entirely hack proof which is the best quality of Blockchain.
Blockonix is spreading the word of decentralization which was meant to be the essential reason for the launch of the growth of cryptocurrencies. Blockonix believes that centralized exchanges eradicate the real value of cryptocurrencies and due to centralized exchanges Cryptocurrencies will never be able to become mainstream.


2. No Third Party Ownership

On Blockonix DEX, There will be no single/ third party or group of persons who own the Blockonix Exchange Ecosystem which means there can be no chances of fraud as all the transaction processing shall be automated on the Blockchain in a highly secured decentralized environment.


3. Trading Fee- Huge 70% Discount

Blockonix has implemented 0.1% trading fee which is the same for both: Market takers and Market makers. This is not yet seen on any other exchanges may it be centralized or decentralized. Usually every exchange charges a higher amount of trading fee from the Market Takers. The fee shall be charged in ETH.
70% Discount: Traders can also pay the fee through BDT Tokens which is the core token of the Blockonix Exchange. While paying the Fee through BDT, Users will automatically receive a discount of 70% on the transaction fee which makes it the trading fee just 0.03% which is the least amount of fee that any other exchange charges.
Apart from the trading fee the normal amount of Gas shall be paid by the user on each transaction which is the fee for the miners.


4. Astonishing Strategy to increase the value of BDT Tokens (Blockonix Tokens)

Blockonix has a very long-term plan of increasing the value of its core BDT Token on every transaction. (BDT Tokens have a limited supply of Approx 10 Million. That means only approx 10 Million BDT Tokens exist).

All the fee which will be earned in ETH through Trading shall be used to buy BDT Tokens from the BDT/ETH pair Market. This means that on every transaction, trading will immense in the BDT/ETH Market which gradually increases the value of BDT Tokens. Also, such BDT bought back from the market shall be permanently burnt by automated transfer to an Ethereum Smart Contract (BURN ADDRESS) which will burn all the transferred tokens forever and is irreversible.

How will it happen?

A. Every day at a particular Ethereum Block, an Ethereum Smart Contract shall place a buy order of the entire ETH balance collected during the day as Trading Fee in the ETH/BDT Market above the current best offer in the market. As soon as any part of the buying is successful, the BDT bought through the process shall automatically be transferred to an Ethereum Smart Contract (BURN ADDRESS), which will burn all the transferred tokens forever and is irreversible.

B. All the fee which will be earned in BDT Tokens shall be automatically burnt by en Ethereum Smart Contract (Burn Address) which means on every transaction, the scarcity of the BDT Tokens will keep on increasing and someday only a handful of tokens will be left. This is a great strategy for increasing the value of BDT Tokens as ‘Scarcity leads to a Higher Demand’.

The BURN ADDRESS is set to PUBLIC and can be seen by everyone.


5. Listing your Token on Blockonix Exchange

If you wish to list your own token on Blockonix Exchange, it is a straightforward process and such a simple process has never been seen on any other authenticated exchange.
Blockonix has a very nominal amount of Token Listing fee of 5 ETH or 1500 BDT for the New Token Listing. There is a small authenticity test made by the Blockonix team to check if the token is authentic or not. If your token is found out to be inauthentic then your Listing Fee is refunded back into your Ethereum account.

The Best Part:

The best part of Token Listing on Blockonix Exchange is even the token listing increases the value of BDT tokens. Amazing! Isn’t it?

All the Listing Fee that is paid in ETH by the Listing Company shall be automatically transferred to the BDT/ETH Market placing a buy order of the entire ETH balance collected during the day as Listing Fee on a particular Ethereum Block during the day. (The same process as in the case of Trading Fee)

All the Listing Fee that is paid in BDT by the Listing Company shall be automatically burnt by transfer to the Ethereum Contract (BURN ADDRESS). Such Burning of tokens is irreversible.
(The same process as in the case of Trading Fee)

This is a massive strategy to increase the value of BDT Tokens.


6. No Revenue Exchange

Blockonix will be the first ever exchange that will run without earning any revenue


As all the Fees earned through Trading as well as Listing shall be either Burnt or Used to buy back BDT Tokens from the exchange. Also, such BDT which is bought from the BDT/ETH Market shall also be burnt forever by automatic transfer to the Ethereum Contract (BURN ADDRESS).

Such Burn Address is kept Public by the Blockonix Team so that everyone is able to see how many tokens are being burnt each day.
That’s Awesome!

This means that Blockonix will earn 0% revenue.


7. Most User-Friendly Experience

Blockonix has the most user-friendly interface ever seen in any decentralized exchange yet.
The Exchange is very simple to use and on the same time has the most advanced features for the expert traders.
With such an astonishing user interface, Blockonix is set to become the world’s number 1 decentralized exchange.

8. Launched with more than 200 Trading Pairs!

Blockonix is launched with more than 200 trading pairs including all the top Ethereum Tokens worldwide which is amazing for the communities of such tokens.


The Cryptocurrency Community has faced a lot of misfortunes in the recent past including the frauds by crypto exchange and Hacks such as the MT GOX and Coincheck Hack.
Making Blockonix ‘The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading’.

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