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Andrew Tate Token! Everything You Need To Know About The DADDY Coin

Look at the detailed outlook of Andrew Tate Tokens. From DADDY to RNT, we've got you covered.

  • Recently, Daddy Tate (DADDY) – the new meme coin on Solana that was announced by the ex-professional kick boxer, Andrew Tate, and which he has been promoting on X since Jun 11, 2021 – recorded a market capitalization of $300 million while it was selling at $0.30 at the time of compiling this report; an increment of 218% that occurred within the last day according to DEX Screener.
  • In another event, the participation of Andrew Tate in Solana had a big impact on meme coin market. Real Nigger Tate (RNT) has reached market capitalization worth $61.1 million. Another coin, TOPG managed to raise market capitalization to $38.01 million. 58% of the supply was given to Tate, then he burned it. Also, TATE has a market cap of 5.8 million dollars, a sign that the meme coin is getting popular.

Market Capitalization Of The Tokens

In the wake of Tate’s actions, numerous meme coins associated with Tate have been launched in the market. For instance, G, which is tied to Tate's dog, gained a market capitalization of $4.5 million. While GRETA, born out of Tate’s previous meeting with Greta Thunberg, amassed $4.6 million market capitalization with Tate having half of them.

Among other notable coins is WARROOM, linked to Tate’s private club, at $3 million market capitalization. Simultaneously, EMORY connected to his father, FTRISTAN came into existence during a disagreement with Tristan, his brother; both having market capitalizations at $2.8 million and $1.7 million respectively. Another coin that reached $1.7 million in market capitalization was RBASE.

Price Prediction: TOPG Rises  40% Amid Andrew Tate TOPG Burning

The price of Top G jumped 40% over the last few days to close at $0.03319; trading volume shot up by 381% to $205 million.

This action followed a recent announcement that Andrew Tate has sent approximately ten million dollars worth of tokens into the SOL Incinerator; after starting his Friday afternoon with some tweets claiming he would “crash” the Solana Network, calling on his supporters to send him their cryptocurrency which he would not cash out in any way.

Andrew Tate took actions with his $TOPG account in response to being sent around $1 million to $1.5 million TOPG tokens by an X address operating as $TOPG. Afterwards, the person hacking $TOPG dared him to destroy his coins in his publicly known wallet, so that he “became the Real Top G”. He burned them. Speculation about him actually being the person behind the undertaking arose as a result.

Why $DADDY? -Tate's Take

During a recent livestream on Rumble, Andrew Tate spoke of why he chose to hold on to 40% of the Solana crypto meme coin $DADDY transferred to him by DaddyTateCTO. He stated, “If you are a man who wants to be involved in a cultural revolution, send a dollar coin to $1 billion as proof that $DADDY, males and masculinity are meant to be forever then you would want $DADDY at $1b market cap”.

According to DADDY analysis,  more wallets connected to the set contain 10%, or roughly $30 million, among the token supply, for which was also bought purposefully before Tate’s maiden post. At least, Tate has left untouched 40% of his token supply he holds unto this day and “could start selling anytime” the data analysis firm hinted. Approximately $122.8 million.

Andrew Tate spent $10 million on Top cryptocurrency which drew the interest of many people demonstrating how fast market trends can change in the crypto world. This confirms that well-known individuals are able to manipulate stock prices by using prejudices while also pointing out that up-and-coming coins can easily become well-known. Despite being designed to attract people who want high returns at higher risk levels; Investors must carry out extensive research before buying Top G coins.