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100 firms/merchants that are accepting Bitcoins as of June & July 2018

top 100 companies and merchants accepting Bitcoins
top 100 companies and merchants accepting Bitcoins

Insights on top 100 companies and merchants accepting Bitcoin as of June 2018 and July 2018

The cryptocurrencies have finally come to its mainstream usage, where it is actively being used as a currency rather than being used as an asset to invest in. Below are top 100 companies which accept Bitcoins through their payment method.

#1 Sponsored: Money Metals

Money Metals Exchange
Money Metals ExchangeMoney Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is the only precious metals dealer in America that can both accept and send payments for precious metals transactions using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.  Those who wish to make purchases larger than the online maximum (meaning in excess of $100,000 in value) can also call 1-800-800-1865 to conduct the transaction over the phone.  And for customers who wish to sell their gold or silver coins, bars, and rounds, Money Metals can pay in these same crypto-currencies along with U.S. dollars.

  1. 1-800-FLOWERS

The company provides an online service where the customers can go and order flowers and bouquets for various occasions and pay them through Bitcoin.

  1. 4Chan

This is the unsung hero which is behind all the development of the online trends.

  1. aBitSky

Founded in the year 2002, the company deals in providing online booking service for flights, hotels, etc.

  1. airBaltic

The airline company is most popular in the countries of Europe and the Middle East which has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014.

  1. AirVPN

The company’s services are extensively used by data scientist, privacy, and security awareness persons.

  1. Aloha Tuners

The company is most famous for providing colorful tuners.


The website aims at covering all the war and oppression related news.

  1. Arrowhead Beef

The company is run by a group of farmers which provides beef.

  1. Badoo

It is one of the most famous social Discovery networks with millions of users.

  1. Bees Brothers

The company is run by a family which is specialized in providing honey.

  1. BigFishGames

The website offers games for tablets, PC, as well as smartphones.

  1. Bitcoin Coffee

It was started in the year 2016 to provide its customers with the best-roasted coffee.


The online apparel company is used by the Bitcoin enthusiast in order to show their support towards it.

  1. BitGiv

The foundation works for a social cause by collaborating with local charities.

  1. Bitkee

The company basically provides a service to keep the cryptocurrency funds safer.

  1. Bloomberg

The most famous Financial news aggregator accepts Bitcoin as one of its payment methods.

  1. BTCTrip

The travel agency company founded in the year 2013 also accepts Bitcoin.

  1. Cheapair

The company aims at providing the cheapest possible flights from a particular source to destination.

  1. Choetech

The electronic company provides all kinds of Android, iOS, as well as other phone mobile chargers and related stuff.

  1. CJP Art

The company provides original art pieces and handmade greeting cards

  1. CJS-CD Keys

Started in the year 2009 the company has become one of the most popular game distributors in the world.

  1. CoinTracking

It provides a service to keep a track of your cryptocurrency.


The company provokes Canadians to use Bitcoin for daily transactions.

  1. Crypto Asylum

The company is specialized in selling hardware wallets to the cryptocurrency users.

  1. CryptoArt

The company sells real art that can be used to store the Bitcoins.

  1. CyberSSL

The Organisation provides SSL certificates for online security.

  1. Dish Network

The biggest cable network of that time started accepting Bitcoin in 2014.

  1. eGifter

The customers can purchase as well as send gift cards through Bitcoin.

  1. Essential Oil Wizard

The company uses only certified organic or wildcrafted extractions in all their products.

  1. Etsy

It is similar to OLX but here businesses place their products on the website.

  1. Expedia

One of the most famous travel booking destinations accepts Bitcoin.

  1. Eye Boot

The electronic accessories manufacturing company was started in 2013.


A stop where the buyers and sellers meet up accepts Bitcoin.

  1. Famsa

It is one of the largest furniture manufacturing units in Mexico.

  1. Fetch Portraits

The company is focused on getting portrait pics of dogs.

  1. Fierce Edge

The company promotes exercises by providing cool outfits.

  1. GeoRarities

It manufactures elegant and modern sculptures for home decor.

  1. Give Track

It is similar to where anyone can start a project to raise funds for relief.

  1. Gyft

It is noted to sell gift cards for elite companies like Microsoft, iTunes, etc.

  1. HaasOnline

It provides an online trading service to the crypto traders.

  1. HosterBox

It is one of the web hosting and designing company.

  1. Hotmaple

It’s truly unique hot sauce is blend of habanero peppers and dark Maple syrup.

  1. Intuit

It aims at giving the power of big Businesses to all.

  1. Invisible Browsing

The browser was released in 2003 to provide higher anonymity to its users.

  1. Invizbox

Situated in Dublin, Ireland the company offers VPN  protecting at different places.

  1. IronSocket

It offers DNS proxy and VPN technology to all.

  1. Ivacy

It aims at constant improvement in VPN field since 2007.

  1. Kaiko

It specializes in recording and maintaining large and key information businesses.

  1. Keys4Coins

Here the ‘keys’ refer to codes used in video games in exchange for Bitcoin.

  1. KoDDoS

It offers the highest quality web hosting service since 2016.

  1. Lionsgate Films

Founded in 1997 the Entertainment company accepts Bitcoin for merchandises.

  1. Mary Jane’s Nutrients

The fertilizer providing company assures special discount for Bitcoin payments.

  1. MEGA

the company provides security solutions to the cloud storage services since its inception in 2013.  According to some statistics, almost millions of private as well as businesses use this company by providing security for their cloud storage.

  1. Microsoft

The processor manufacturing giant has a monopoly of 95% over the computer market. The company had stopped accepting Bitcoin but has resumed it for now.

  1. Minku

This textile manufacturing company specializes in the production of aso-oke, a hand-woven cloth famous in Western Nigeria.

  1. Mint

The company provides an effective tool for calculating a number of financial factors such as credit card score, budget bills, receive alerts for suspicious transactions, etc.

  1. MIT Coop Store  

Also referred to as The Coop, this MIT powered bookstore offers booked as one I’d the quality products. It is on the top in accepting the cryptocurrencies.

  1. Monster Megs

Founded in 2010, the company’s staff members have an experience of 14 years. The company provides Enterprise as well as private web hosting service to its customers.

  1. NameCheap

The company is dedicated in domain name registration since 2000. It has registered over millions of domain names.


The online retailer offers around 10.5 million products on their website to choose from. Their layout provides a piece of mind to the customers in choosing the products.

  1. Nothing Fishy

They sell healthcare products which are eco-friendly and is not toxic to the environment and oceanic ecosystems.

  1. On the Fly

They are specialized in offering a break from the monotonous living of today’s generation by slowing down the customers to enjoy the pleasure of life.

  1. Opendime

It aims at creating a solution to carry smaller amounts of Bitcoin with them without carrying the big Bitcoin wallet itself.


The online retailer dates it’s advent to 1999. Since then the company has experienced a huge amount of growth and offers quality merchandises.

  1. Pathways to Education

The company is dedicated to providing education to the poor people who are usually deprived of it. The empower them so that quality of life increases.

  1. Peach Aviation

The Japanese airline company is one of the first in the country planning to accept Bitcoins. However, it doesn’t accept it currently.

  1. Pizzaforcoins

It is so fascinating that the first product that was bought from Bitcoins was a pizza, for around 10000 Bitcoins. The company offers a similar service to provide pizzas in exchange for Bitcoins.

  1. Posterburner

This company specializes in the conversion of any kind of pictures on your mobile phones or PC into a movie size poster for under $20.

  1. Private Internet Access

Spanning across 28 countries the company specializes in providing private and encrypted VPN tunnels for increased security. It creates a number of layers to provide internet security.

  1. Pure VPN

The company blocks ads and viruses from the internet, along with web and content filtering. The company has a very good reputation and is endorsed by the New York Times and has a strong customer base of around 1 million.

  1. Purse

It aims at connecting the online buyers with each other in order to exchange the Amazon gift cards for Bitcoins. The process even helps the customers to gain, on an average of 15% discount on Amazon.

  1. RE/MAX London

The London based Real Estate Company accepts Bitcoin with every real estate purchase made.

  1. Reeds Jewelers

The company’s history dates back to 1946. The family-owned firm specializes in retailing of Diamond and gold jewelry.

  1. Roadway Moving Company

The US-based firm is popular for local, commercial as well as long distance moving. It even claims to be a #1 NYC mover.

  1. San Jose Earthquakes

It is one of the first soccer teams of the Major League Soccer to start to accept Bitcoins since 2014.

  1. Save the Children

It is one of the most impactful charities striving to help the impoverished children. They accept donations in the form of Bitcoins too.

  1. Shield N Seal

They are specialized in the production of vacuum sealed bags. The vacuum sealed bags can be used to preserve food for longer times for Travellers and Hunters.

  1. Shirtwascash

They offer unisex as well as for men and women a worse variety of clothing solutions.

  1. Shopify

It had become a prominent tool across Northern Americans to improve their businesses. It acts as a platform for people to start a retail business.

  1. SimpleNode

They are specialized in increasing the efficiency of the VPS servers by providing high-performance disk space.

  1. Singing Tall Grass

The Colorado-based firm offers handmade (Genetically Modified Organism) GMO-free health and beauty products.

  1. SpectroCoin

This is a one-stop shop destination for all the management of cryptocurrency portfolios.

  1. Spokester

It has an amazing missing of converting a bicycle into a real-life motorcycle. It is basically a bicycle noise maker which can be fit on the cycle easily.

  1. Square

The company provides all kinds of financial services to the small scale companies. The CEO is one of the board members of The Walt Disney Company.

  1. Subway

Most famous for its 6-inch burger, the fast food chain accepts Bitcoin.

  1. Swagnets

They are the magnetic version of decals usually used for the Macintosh systems. The magnets wouldn’t damage the system parts.

  1. Synergetic Press

The book publisher publishes books which are based on creativity, humanism, sustainability, environment, etc.

  1. Tenacious Toys

Their high-quality toys can reach prices up to $200 and can also be as cheap as $20.

  1. Tens

They provide amazing sunglasses which protect your eyes from different kinds of radiations.

  1. Tesla

The most impactful electric car manufacturing company led by the visionary Elon Musk not only manufacturers electric cars but also accepts Bitcoin to buy one of them.

  1. TorGuard

The VPN service provider offers private as well as business VPNs besides providing with stealth VPN.

  1. Tortuga

The company aims at providing the best quality backpacks which are highly durable and suitable for traveling around the world.

  1. Trick Mugs

The mug manufacturing company develops creative mugs which show up different messages on contact with hot or cold liquids.

  1. Undead Coffee

The online retailer of coffee and tea products helps the customers make the mornings more alive.

  1. Virgin Galactic

A subsidiary of Virgin Group, the aviation firm aims at commercializing space travels for the future generations.


Found in 2012, the company not only provides average VPN service but also security audits, pen testing as well as consultation services.

  1. Wikipedia

The open source and the most famous online encyclopedia is dependent on funds for ad-free contents. They also accept it in Bitcoin.

  1. WordPress

The preferred option for all kinds of bloggers and short news article developers, it includes a number of plugins which help them accept Bitcoins.

  1. Zen Magnets

The magnet manufacturing company provides extraordinary magnets which are as small as 5 mm to 0.01 mm in diameter and are 30 times stronger than the usual one.

  1. Zynga

It provides a number of online game service and is accepting Bitcoins since 2014.