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7 tips for cryptocurrency & bitcoin investors for 2018

cryptocurrency investors
7 guidelines that can be followed to gain some trust in any project before undertaking any investment decisions

7 guidelines that can be followed to gain some trust in any project before undertaking any investment decisions

Investment is a very crucial decision and also the most difficult one. In this manipulative world where everything is based on manipulations, the customers are being bombarded with offers of so-called value-added services which makes them even more difficult for them to make choice. And when it comes to deciding the investment in the cryptocurrency world with almost tens of thousands of coins and Initial Coin Offerings the challenge is at a next level.

Also, there are a number of frauds and scams being undertaken in the name of cryptocurrency investments, hence the users must also make sure to dodge them.

Below are 7 questions as guidelines for the cryptocurrency investors which they may ask in order to proclaim that an investment is a legit one:

1. Who are the token issuers as marketing to?

It is to be keenly noted where are the main targets of the advertisements? Is it towards the investors or towards the users? Another important feature that is to be noted is that how much potential does it have in order to create confidence in their customers and see to it that it doesn’t fade away. Also, make an observation that if they are following the FOMO policy?

2. Is the team credible?

The success of any particular project mainly depends on the quality of the team members. As the cryptocurrency technology is nothing but software and pieces of code the developers on the team are the core members responsible for the success of the project. The project must contain a clear-cut and an in detail information about each and every team member along with their social media links in order to judge their credibility.

3. Is the network gaining momentum?

The project must be powerful enough to create impressive Vibes around its investors through their conversations in a number of forums. We must answer make an observation as to what makes us feel attracted towards the project? is it the volume? or the people?

4. What are the terms of issuance?

There are a number of other features related to a project that is the total supply, contribution limits, float, and price. Depending on whatever we learned from the network’s momentum all these factors must be weighted in order to make sure that they perfectly strike the demand and supply balance. Has the project influenced so many investors that there was a shortage and the coin is in demand at the cryptocurrency exchanges?

5. Is there a value lying under the speculation of the token?

The projects must be concentrated not on money-making but on providing solutions to the real world problems. We must be able to differentiate it from the others and ask ourselves that Do we really need another project of the same kind? Usually, a prototype or a demo would prove very handy in such situations.

6. How is the token different from cash or any other cryptocurrency?

The token must be able to differentiate itself from the cryptocurrency coins or any other form of currency. The features of a token should be entirely different from the features of any cryptocurrency.

7. Who are the competitors in the field?

We must also gain knowledge about the already existing business incumbents which may or may not have the tokens. Realize weak points and improvise them in our particular model to overcome those points, Hence providing a better service then the existing one.

Long story short, it is to be understood very clearly that this is just an informal and personal advice and may not be considered as the final one. All the investments are subjected to market risks and all the scheme related documents must be carefully read. Investors are advised always to make an effective research about the project and it’s previous works regarding it success.

The Millennial generation is specifically advice to stay away from all such activities as they have barely been using their common sense and are one among the most vulnerable to scams. Also, a professional consultation is preferred before making any kinds of decisions in investing in the cryptocurrency.