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Bitcoin will reach $25000, HODL your bitcoins



Bitcoin will reach $25000, HODL your bitcoins

Learning how the cryptocurrency market is bound to rise even after the sluggish momentum

The cryptocurrency market is the most fluctuating one. The market rates can soar up unexpectedly within a few hours and also can drop down considerably. It is evident from the history that investing in the cryptocurrency world might be a good as well as a bad option at the same time. It completely depends on a number of market factors affecting the price and hence the cryptocurrencies are not to be blamed completely. The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a bearish trend from past one month. This might be due to multiple reasons. FUD and major players pulling off from their investment are sighted to be two of the main reasons.

However, the most of the cryptocurrencies have broken their resistance barrier and are portraying the better side to the investors.


Bitcoin will reach $25000

Thomas Lee, head and co-founder at Fundstrat Global Advisors also agreed on the fact that the cryptocurrency world would be experiencing a lot of internal resistance and traditional hurdles on its way and hence he re-predicted the price of Bitcoin by the end of 2019 as $25,000 which he earlier had predicted to be around $36,000.

He furthermore explained that the prices can also be expected to go up. He told that his forecast was purely based on two factors affecting the Bitcoin price. The attraction of cryptocurrency community towards the centralized space as well as the increase in the number of users and investors in the field has left a positive response on the market.


Bitcoin trading volume has risen 4 times

According to another statistics, the Bitcoin trading volume has also been adversely affected. The trading volume has dropped by almost four times since late 2017 and until today from $4 bln to almost $1 bln today.

However, the long-term investors still seem to have a belief and expectation from the cryptocurrency market. According to a report submitted by a Blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis is showing that the number of Bitcoins being held by the long-term investors has almost equaled to the number to the Bitcoins held by the short-term investors.



Ethereum has shown a bullish trend by recovering it’s last week’s dip of about $567 to the current value being $575 hovering around the $600 mark. However, cryptocurrencies like Tether and Ethereum classic have shown an uptrend by an increase of over 0.55% and 0.58% respectively.

At the beginning of the year 2018, the speculators had speculated the market price for Bitcoin by the end of the year. Anyhow they didn’t manage to revise their conclusion on observing the snow momentum that the currency gained due to a number of drop falls.


Investors are optimistic

The investors are probably so optimistic because they are expecting the entry of the institutional investors into the market. A number of major institutions are strengthening their base in order to influx huge amounts of money. Susquehanna International Group, an American global trading, and a technological firm are one of the major players preparing itself to open a Bitcoin futures trading in order to facilitate it’s small 500 clients.  

A number of Bitcoin price predictors in the market had predicted the higher price for Bitcoin by the end of 2018 but within and duration of past few days have reduced their prediction after they felt that the Bitcoin price had gained low momentum.


Bitcoin will rise above $33,000

The Bitcoin price prediction site, Finder had come up with a prediction of $33000 initially but after it weighted the opinions of the experts in the field last week it updated it’s prediction to  $14,638. Another stock analysis company named, Trefis also lowered its prediction from $15,000 to $12,000.

The cryptocurrency investments are highly risky because the market is very volatile due to its smaller market size. However, once the market gains a lot of active users and investors the market will gain some kind of stability and then the price predictions of the Bitcoin market would be more accurate. Also the belief that investors have in the cryptocurrency that the price will surely increase might be one of the reasons for the spike in the cryptocurrency prices because after all the cryptocurrency prices depend on people’s belief itself.

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How to make an account on


on wallet

Cyber security has always been a matter of concern for every Internet user. Cyber security is also something that is heavily stressed upon and one needs to be extra careful in securing themselves on the worldwide web. And when it comes to the security of your money in the cyber world, your security measures should be tenfold. You would not want your money to be compromised on the network and lose all your investment because you were lousy with your security choices. Accordingly, when you need to choose a wallet for your digital currencies to hold them and secure them, you need to make smart careful decisions. A Blockchain wallet is an online application that allows many people to store and transfer bitcoins as a payment to any part of the world in simple easy steps which people with even no technical background can easily go through.

If you are looking for a safe and secure option to create your wallet on, go for The steps to make an account on this website are pretty easy and very intuitive. The overall layout of the website is easy on the eyes and very user friendly so one must not really face any issues while creating their accounts, however, it is always wise to follow a trusted guide so that you do not face any hurdles or issues.


Go through the following steps or follow them step by step to make an account on

Open the website

The very first step is to visit their website. Click on this link to navigate to their website.


Sign Up

Click on the ‘Get a Free Wallet’ on the upper right corner of the web page. Alternatively, you could also click on the option ‘Wallet’ on the upper left corner of the webpage. You would see the option to ‘Login’. You would then be redirected to a page with the options to ‘Login’ or ‘Sign Up’. Since you do not have a wallet yet, click on the option ‘Sign Up’.


Create your wallet

Now proceed ahead to create your wallet. For this, you would be required to enter a few details about yourself. Begin entering them as and when you are asked. You would be asked to enter a valid email ID, a password of your choice and then you would finally be asked to re enter the chosen password. Use uppercase, lowercase alphabets, numbers, special characters and make your password at least 11 – 15 long. Accept the ‘Terms of Service’ and click on ‘Continue’.


And you are done!

Successfully following through these steps, you have now gotten yourself a digital wallet! Simply click on ‘Get Started’ and you are good to go!


Further security

It is always a wise decision to add further layers of security to your account. Navigate to the settings options on your dashboard and go through the range of security features available which are pretty easy and straightforward to use.

The Recovery Phase option can be used by users to set up a recovery phrase which can be used to restore all funds in case of a lost password or a loss of service at Another option is the Password Hint. Since never stores your password on its servers this option allows a user to create a memorable password hint that can be sent to the verified email address in case of a forgotten password. In case a password hint does not work well for you, you can choose to set up a Second Password. This password acts like a PIN which will be asked every time you want to spend your funds.

Further options include the 2 step verification. This is quite possibly to most important and useful feature. You can either choose to use your mobile number or an email ID for this feature.

Once you have set up all these, you are finally done with creating your wallet account and securing it with additional layers of security too. You can now simply navigate back to the dashboard and begin using your account to make tradings, purchasing, buying, selling etc.

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15 insights on Multiwallet by Freewallet



Understanding some of the key characteristics of Multiwallet by Freewallet

Understanding some of the key characteristics of Multiwallet by Freewallet

The Cryptocurrency era which apparently was started In 2009 and reached its heights in the year 2017 has given birth to a number of other related domains and services. The cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providing services are one of them. The cryptocurrency exchanges are used as a medium for the long term and short term investors in order to invest or have transactions in the cryptocurrency domain to make short or long term profits respectively.

The profits and losses made by these particular cryptocurrency exchanges need to be stored somewhere, this is where the wallet providing service comes into the picture. Wallet stores the private keys of a particular user safely. If the wallet is online it is known as a hot wallet and if it is offline it is known as a cold wallet. Traditionally the cold wallets are preferred over hot wallets because they provide protection against the scams and frauds which occur in the online Blockchain industry. A number of wallet providing companies have come forward but Freewallet is one of the most popular ones in the market.  Recently it launched Multi wallet which covered a large spectrum of cryptocurrencies.


  1. Freewallet is an organization specialized in providing a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet to its customers.


  1. The has dedicated wallets for more than 20 most popular cryptocurrencies. The apps are available for Android, iOS, and also a web interface is available.


  1. According to a survey connected by the company, almost 20% of its users used different wallets for their use. Hence the company took a decision to meet their requirements and created a multi-currency wallet named Multi wallet.


  1. Multi wallet supports Bitcoin ethereum and a total of 25 cryptocurrencies can be stored in one wallet itself.


  1. It provides free transactions with no transaction fee between the Multiwallet users.


  1. However, it comprises a set of 4 different transaction fee, for different Bitcoin transactions.


  1. Extensive security is provided to the funds stored on the wallet and also the security protocols are regularly updated to prevent any kind of losses to both of them.


  1. A multiwallet is studded with loads of new features. The Hot section displays the rapidly growing cryptocurrencies at that moment.


  1. It was also aimed at providing a service to the customers who were keen in maintaining their portfolios at one place.


  1. It provides a seamless interface with simple yet effective insights about some of the popular cryptocurrencies without diving into the technical complexities.


  1. Their apps are so intuitive that they have managed to gain the top positions in the Google Play store.


  1. They even provide with a wallet to organize a token portfolio named Token Wallet.


  1. A lite version is also available namely Freewallet lite.


  1. In December 2017, a bug was found in the Multiwallet app in transacting the NEM tokens and was regarded as a fraud.


  1. There were even speculations that they redirected all the transactions to their personal wallet.


Any cryptocurrency exchange or a Wallet providing company cannot be trusted due to the fact that it is centralized in nature. The whole power is vested with one single entity and hence is highly vulnerable to attacks from the hackers. The best way to store the cryptocurrency coins is in the firm id cold storage in devices like pen drives.

Freewallet is one of the best and well-known cryptocurrency wallet providers but the only drawback is that they hold all the private keys.  Thus can be considered good or bad from the users perspective. If the users take the whole responsibility of his coins then this service is not good for him. On the other hand, if the users prefer the company to be responsible for his coins then this is undoubtedly a good initiative.

Some of the experts in the field even believe that this is a 100% scam, despite its popularity and huge customer base. It was also the pioneer in developing a dedicated Wallet for a number of cryptocurrencies.

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Why you should start using Brave Browser



The Brave Browser is a free and open source web browser based on the Chromium web

Ever wanted to block website trackers? Ever gotten irritated of the constant intrusive Internet advertisements popping up? Ever used several browser extensions and apps to get rid of them but those things just do not work? Maybe you should try the Brave Browser. The Brave Browser is a free and open source web browser based on the Chromium web browser and its Blink engine, announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich. It is available as a stable release for Windows 7 and later, mac OS, Linux and even android and ios devices. It is a speedy browser that strips out ads and trackers giving you a hasslefree Internet experience without any intrusion on your privacy.


Here are a few insights into the Brave Browser to help you know more about it:


Anonymous but accountable transactions

Brave Payments use a technology called Anonize that permits anonymous but accountable transactions. In the case of anonize, a special branch of cryptography called “Zero Knowledge Proofs” are used to achieve this same result.


Complimentary ad free mode

You might think that you would be required to pay to acquire these services, however, that is not the case. You are not required to pay Brave to go ad free. This is because they have a complimentary ad free mode. However, users are encouraged to support publishers and their favorite sites via Brave Payments.


Brave Payments

The next natural question one might ask is what are Brave Payment? Brave Payments is a system available to the users using which they can easily donate anonymously to content producers that they wish to. The users are required to create a BAT wallet and that is all the formality required. They can then add the amount into their accounts equal to the amount of donation they wish to make. Then, when the users visit websites, Brave Payments automatically distributes micro donations based on the time they devote on that particular website.
If one does not wish to make micro donations to every website they explore, they can customize and create a list of favorite websites. You can even pin or bookmark specific sites to receive a certain amount every month.


Only users have access to their browsing report

With regard to your privacy in Brave Payments, Brave does not know which BAT wallet is associated with the lists of sites that their users choose to support. This means that the user has access to their browsing report but Brave neither has any such information nor can it be accessed by them in any way.


Users can opt in to receive ads

Brave gives the option to its users to opt into receiving ads. Even if a user opts into receiving these ads, trackers will still be blocked and their privacy will still be protected. More information regarding this feature would be provided once it is officially released for people to use.


It is not an extension

Since browser extensions face API and performance limits, Brave was released not as an extension for top browsers but directly as a complete browser in itself.


Loads sites 2 to 8 times faster

Brave loads major news sites 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile, and nearly 2 times faster than Chrome on desktop. CBS News takes 45 seconds to load on Chrome whereas on the Brave Browser it takes 2.7 times  faster to load the same site which comes up to be around 16 seconds. Similarly CNN, Fox News, The Huffington Post and many more load in 84, 36, 24 seconds on the Chrome Browser respectively however on the the Brave Browser they load in 12, 5.8 and 16 seconds respectively.


Saves a lot of time

The speed of the Brave Browser saves the average user hours of time each year. Brave even tracks the time you save. Users typically save about 5 seconds of load time per page on a typical cell connection by not downloading ads and trackers.


Reduced chances of infection

The Brave Browser blocks ads and trackers, reducing your chances of being infected by malware, ransomware and spyware. In 2016, infections increased by 132%. Brave even has HTTPS upgrades, which means more of your connections are encrypted, protecting your identity, browsing, payments and more.


Quick redressals

All your security issues are quickly looked into and dealt with as soon as you report them. You would not be made to wait days before being addressed back or not receive any help like is seen in many other cases. All your concerns can be reported at or [email protected].


No usage of aggregated history data for ads

They do not have any plans to use aggregated history data for ads. This is because there is a high risk attached to re identification via data leakage. Anything they build that might use differential privacy for other than crash and fault reporting will require a separate opt in by the Brave user, and entail a greater revenue share via the BAT.


Browser side intent signals

Ads are targeted based on browser side intent signals. The Browser knows almost everything you do. Only the browser, after HTTPS terminates and secure pages are decrypted, has all of your private data needed to analyze user intent. Our auditable open source browser code protects this intent data on the client device. Our server side has no access to this data in the clear, nor does it have decryption keys.


Mega partnerships

Brave has secured partnerships with rather very popular and large companies. Uphold for Brave Payments services, DuckDuckGo for search, and Private Internet Access for Internet address masking in Brave Payments are their partners.


Standardise intent casting protocol

The Brave Browser intends to standardise the intent casting protocol once multiple partners in different regions have helped shake it out.


Monetize ad blocking

Brave and Townsquare partner to monetize ad blocking with utility tokens and test blockchain based publisher advertising.

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