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Bitcoin will reach $25000, HODL your bitcoins



Bitcoin will reach $25000, HODL your bitcoins

Learning how the cryptocurrency market is bound to rise even after the sluggish momentum

The cryptocurrency market is the most fluctuating one. The market rates can soar up unexpectedly within a few hours and also can drop down considerably. It is evident from the history that investing in the cryptocurrency world might be a good as well as a bad option at the same time. It completely depends on a number of market factors affecting the price and hence the cryptocurrencies are not to be blamed completely. The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a bearish trend from past one month. This might be due to multiple reasons. FUD and major players pulling off from their investment are sighted to be two of the main reasons.

However, the most of the cryptocurrencies have broken their resistance barrier and are portraying the better side to the investors.


Bitcoin will reach $25000

Thomas Lee, head and co-founder at Fundstrat Global Advisors also agreed on the fact that the cryptocurrency world would be experiencing a lot of internal resistance and traditional hurdles on its way and hence he re-predicted the price of Bitcoin by the end of 2019 as $25,000 which he earlier had predicted to be around $36,000.

He furthermore explained that the prices can also be expected to go up. He told that his forecast was purely based on two factors affecting the Bitcoin price. The attraction of cryptocurrency community towards the centralized space as well as the increase in the number of users and investors in the field has left a positive response on the market.


Bitcoin trading volume has risen 4 times

According to another statistics, the Bitcoin trading volume has also been adversely affected. The trading volume has dropped by almost four times since late 2017 and until today from $4 bln to almost $1 bln today.

However, the long-term investors still seem to have a belief and expectation from the cryptocurrency market. According to a report submitted by a Blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis is showing that the number of Bitcoins being held by the long-term investors has almost equaled to the number to the Bitcoins held by the short-term investors.



Ethereum has shown a bullish trend by recovering it’s last week’s dip of about $567 to the current value being $575 hovering around the $600 mark. However, cryptocurrencies like Tether and Ethereum classic have shown an uptrend by an increase of over 0.55% and 0.58% respectively.

At the beginning of the year 2018, the speculators had speculated the market price for Bitcoin by the end of the year. Anyhow they didn’t manage to revise their conclusion on observing the snow momentum that the currency gained due to a number of drop falls.


Investors are optimistic

The investors are probably so optimistic because they are expecting the entry of the institutional investors into the market. A number of major institutions are strengthening their base in order to influx huge amounts of money. Susquehanna International Group, an American global trading, and a technological firm are one of the major players preparing itself to open a Bitcoin futures trading in order to facilitate it’s small 500 clients.  

A number of Bitcoin price predictors in the market had predicted the higher price for Bitcoin by the end of 2018 but within and duration of past few days have reduced their prediction after they felt that the Bitcoin price had gained low momentum.


Bitcoin will rise above $33,000

The Bitcoin price prediction site, Finder had come up with a prediction of $33000 initially but after it weighted the opinions of the experts in the field last week it updated it’s prediction to  $14,638. Another stock analysis company named, Trefis also lowered its prediction from $15,000 to $12,000.

The cryptocurrency investments are highly risky because the market is very volatile due to its smaller market size. However, once the market gains a lot of active users and investors the market will gain some kind of stability and then the price predictions of the Bitcoin market would be more accurate. Also the belief that investors have in the cryptocurrency that the price will surely increase might be one of the reasons for the spike in the cryptocurrency prices because after all the cryptocurrency prices depend on people’s belief itself.


Uses of Lisk Cryptocurrency. Explained.



Lisk Cryptocurrency had its Initial Coin Offering in February 2016 and collected 14,052 Bitcoins, Then cryptocurrency project's mainnet was live in May 2016

Comprehending the uses of Lisk cryptocurrency.


The cryptocurrency space is developing and expanding at unprecedented scales. According to statistics, there are almost more than 1500 variety of cryptocurrencies in the market, since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. However, a number of cryptocurrencies automatically, implies competition for sustainment and the most dominant cryptocurrency with more number of real-world applications would undoubtedly thrive this race. Therefore many cryptocurrencies have been left behind. According to statistics, there are more than 400 currencies which have become absolutely dead with absolutely zero market capital. But on the contrary, lisk cryptocurrency is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of this era.


Lisk started to collect funds in the form of Initial Coin Offering in February 2016. Then cryptocurrency project’s mainnet was live in May 2016 with the total conducted funds amounting to 14,052 Bitcoins.

Use of JavaScript: one of the notable Uses of Lisk Cryptocurrency

Based on visible applications of the Ethereum network, the lisk cryptocurrency enables the developers to use the most successful programming languages JavaScript in order to create their personalized decentralized applications. Developers can create and manage their decentralized applications on the side chains which are linked to the main blockchain of the Lisk cryptocurrency. One of the primary goals of the Lisk cryptocurrency is to improve the scalability issues which the community experienced in case of Ethereum.


SDK: one of the important uses of Lisk cryptocurrency

One of the most predominant uses of the Lisk cryptocurrency is that it offers a Software Development Kit, an integrated application which would enable the developers to create their own decentralized applications. Another noteworthy use case among many other uses of Lisk cryptocurrency is that it enables the developers to develop a Decentralized Application without learning any new programming language. This is one of the strongest uses of Lisk cryptocurrency.  


Better Governance: One of the most crucial uses of Lisk cryptocurrency.

Among many other applications, the predominant uses of Lisk cryptocurrency are that it is used to form the most secure form of blockchain network. This is achieved by Delegated Proof of Stake concept, as a consensus mechanism. It is to be kept in mind that this is different from the normal Proof of Stake mechanism, in the way that, in this case, only top 101 users of the Lisk cryptocurrency take part in the confirming and securing the utility of the transactions. Top 101 delegates are completely based on the number of Lisk they own which indirectly forms a vote.


Speed: one of  the most required uses of Lisk cryptocurrency

Increasing the transaction speed and block time is also one of the uses of Lisk cryptocurrency. It is absolutely noteworthy to mention that the Lisk cryptocurrency employs only 10 seconds for a block creation. One can imagine the rate at which the transaction would be confirmed. Hence the Lisk cryptocurrency is also could be one of the most scalable forms of alternative for the Ethereum blockchain.


Country ambassadors

The community members of the Lisk cryptocurrency are highly supportive in nature. How many times it is a witness that we develop was around the world experience a lot of problems in the developmental stages of the recent close applications therefore in order to provide technical assistance to search people the Lisk community has dedicated country ambassadors which are selected by them itself. This is the most form of service and uses of Lisk cryptocurrency when there is absolutely no hassle in the development of any particular decentralized application on our customization.


Closing remarks

It is absolutely certain that the cryptocurrency community would Lisk more uses of Lisk cryptocurrency as the committee members are highly experienced. they were previously associated with one of the second largest cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, before this project. Namely Charles Hoskinson (ex-CEO of Ethereum) and Steven Nerayoff (ex-advisor for Ethereum) in the form of Senior Advisors to Lisk.

Other cryptocurrency Blockchain projects have been initiated, but none of them seems to be coming any close to Bitcoin or Ethereum. The market capitalization of the top few cryptocurrency projects carries a lot of attention when relatively compared to the whole cryptocurrency market. However,

for a number of uses of Lisk cryptocurrency, it finds its place is in the most some of the renowned cryptocurrency projects.

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Basic Attention Token and its future Explained.



The Basic Attention Token is one such cryptocurrency, in the huge pool of cryptocurrencies. Let us try to gain some insights regarding the BAT.

Comprehending some key insights with respect to the Basic Attention Token.


It is absolutely assured that a person who is new to the cryptocurrency domain will go bananas, on observing the scale and the rate of development of the cryptocurrency community on a whole. To be precise, in the cryptocurrency space there are almost more than 1500 varieties of such coins which are existing and fighting for its sustainment in the community. Many cryptocurrency projects are initiated which turn out to become a huge success due to its robust real-time practical applications in solving a major problem. However, some of the others just exist, in the name of a scam. Therefore, each and every investor in the cryptocurrency space must be highly speculative and careful regarding their investments in the field. Let us read about the Basic Attention Token.


Basic Attention Token

The Basic Attention Token is one such cryptocurrency, in the huge pool of cryptocurrencies. Let us try to gain some insights regarding the Basic Attention Token which is set to transform the online marketplace for the business corporations.  

1. Based on the Ethereum network the Basic Attention Token is a nothing but a decentralized ad exchange platform which is open source in nature.  

2. Developed by Brendan Eich, the Basic Attention Token is linked with their intuitive web browser named, Brave which is one of the prominent tools to implement their online advertising strategy.

3. It might be unpopular, but Brendan has also founded many other major game changers in the industry like Mozilla Firefox, JavaScript, as well as Netscape Navigator.

4. The Initial Coin Offering for Basic Attention Token was initiated in May 2017 and its popularity rendered it to attract $35 million (approx.) of investment within 30 seconds of its launch.

5. The Basic Attention Token’s white paper mentions that the online advertising marketplace is completely broken by being overexploited by the middlemen.  According to them, the companies violate the privacy guidelines which they need to keep in mind at unprecedented scales.

6. The actual working model of the Blockchain project mainly consists of three components, which are the publishers, the advertisers, and the anonymous users

7. The Brave browser that the company simultaneously had developed, is used as a platform for collaborating all the three above mentioned people.

8. Basically, the browser incorporates the blockchain technology in order to keep a track of the attention of the users privately. The developers claim that all the user’s data is logged into and stored on their device itself.

9. The publishers within the Basic Attention Token’s ecosystem are rewarded for their quality content by the users who tip them for their good content.

10. And finally, the Basic Attention Token empowers the entire environment.


How does Basic Attention Token work?

The BAT is the native token for the blockchain project.  The value of this particle cryptocurrency token is directly related with the basic attention that a particular user shows towards an advertisement. The Basic Attention Token community also has roadmaps set to further monetize the whole ecosystem through the currency. The ecosystem incorporates machine learning algorithms in order to match the most relevant type of advertisement based on the basic attention provided by the viewers to the content.


Why Basic Attention Token?

With the increasing number of frauds in the online advertising industry, the developers at the Basic Attention Token project have envisaged strict security measures within the Brave browser and also the digital token, in order to keep the problem under check. The community members have been able to achieve this by leveraging the integrity on the client side by incorporating the cryptographic principles. Also, its open source nature provides ample amounts of transparency.


Investments of the Basic Attention Token

The Basic Attention Token gets its share of value, as the project is funded by some of the most prominent institutional investors like Pantera Capital, Founders Fund, Danhua Capital, Propel Venture Partners, DCG, Huiyin Blockchain Venture, Foundation Capital, etc. The project manages to showcase the current problems which are like cancer to the current online advertising industry where all the users, publishers, as well as the advertisers are exploited on unprecedented scales.


Future of the Basic Attention Token

If the project gains acceleration then it is absolutely certain, that the current online advertisement industry would be destructed. With its robust and effective strategies, they would absolutely take over the market provided they receive sufficient attention from the Blockchain community.

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What is Rchain? Is it worth investing in 2018?



Rchain is a cryptocurrency developed to solve the scalability issue of Smart Contracts by concurrent and decentralized way of processing information.

Comprehending the highly scalable Rchain Blockchain platform.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc are some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies one can observe these days. However, Ethereum is the most valuable cryptocurrency, in terms of its smart contract and decentralized apps development. even the second most popular to cryptocurrency had to face scalability issues when the most popular Decentralised application Cryptokitties went viral on the internet. There are a number of proposed models for the Ethereum platforms in order to work on its scalability as well as security, but there is still an ambiguity in selecting one of its four implementations. As the Ethereum community is going to be accepted at a huge scale in future and as the numbers never decrease, it should come forward with possibilities to tackle the issue as soon as possible. Let us read about the Rchain Blockchain Platform.


The Rchain Blockchain platform

Rchain is a new cryptocurrency developed in order to solve the scalability issue in case of Smart Contracts through its concurrent and decentralized way of processing information. The blockchain platform has learned many lessons from the most prominent and early cryptocurrencies in the space like Bitcoin and Ethereum and aims to solve scalability as well as the security issues. The Seattle based blockchain project has immense amounts of backup, as the team members are highly experienced in their field. Therefore the blockchain project is said to have deep roots within the industry.

The Rchain project is founded by Lucius (Greg) Meredith and is a collective result of a number of his innovations. Before this, Lucius was working at Microsoft as a principal architect in the field of BizTalk Process Orchestration. The Rchain platform is Decentralised in nature in the sense that the power of execution is completely distributed among its community members. In case of this Rchain Blockchain platform, Smart contracts are inherently very fast, as they are earlier checked by the compiler and are concurrent in nature.

Virtual machine

Which indirectly renders them to become fast, secure, and highly versatile. The smart contracts in case of the earth in blockchain platform is written in strong typed, concurrent as well as a correct by construction programming language called RhoLang. A Virtual Machine is also provided in case of class and Rchain platform which provides a facility to run the smart contracts, named Rho Virtual Machine which acts as a concurrent execution machine for the smart contracts.  

Highly  scalable future

It’s easy to use tools enables the developers of any background to join the Rchain Blockchain development platform in a very easy manner. The architectural model of the Rchain cryptocurrency platform must be able to confirm thousands of transactions per second. Initially, the capacity specifically would be 40,000 transactions per second but as the time increases and the Rchain Blockchain platform expands and develops, they intend to increase the capacity to 100,000 transactions per second.


The Rchain Cooperative

The Rchain Blockchain platform is successfully been able to build a distributed community place where all of the team members, the developers, the investors, as well as the users are a part of it. In this way, no decision is taken towards the Rchain blockchain platform without the consent of everyone which is the best way for the development of the cryptocurrency in future. This distributed Rchain community is named as RChain Cooperative (co-op) and any single person on the planet can join the community and with a one-time entry fee of $20. This price has invariably kept low, in order to prevent the monopolization within the community members and assist in the better distribution of power within the community.

It to be noted that the Rchain blockchain platform supports both private as well as public Blockchains and it doesn’t employ and Proof of Work consensus mechanism but another alternative is the Proof of Stake Consensus algorithm, in order to maintain the cooperation within the community members.   


Is Rchain a good investment?

With its amazing multichain Smart contract capabilities, the future of the Rchain blockchain platform seems to be highly promising on a long-term basis, since the scalability issues constantly daunting, in particular, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum network. Investment is one’s personal choice and no responsibility can be shoved on others in case of losses, as the cryptocurrency market is completely based on the demand and supply, and is highly volatile in nature.

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