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Is Satoshi Nakamoto an alien?

When Bitcoin Alien visited earth in 2009
When Bitcoin Alien visited earth in 2009

When Bitcoin Alien visited earth in 2009

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, it has made waves in the digital currency world. People have gone crazy making huge investments in it and many reports have shown people becoming the owner a small fortune too. This first ever decentralized digital currency which was the original solution of the blockchain technology has become a favorite amongst many cryptocurrency investors. Even its hard forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, although not very widely accepted by people globally, are slowly becoming popular amongst everyone. However, the question that many people ask regarding Bitcoins is not about its technical front but about how the creator of Bitcoin is. In the whitepaper of Bitcoin, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto has been given the complete credit for the idea behind Bitcoin, its development and final inception into the commercial market. Till date it has been a mystery regarding the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows if this is a single person, or a group of team of people who came together to introduce this new technology. No person or organisation has yet came forward to earn the credit for introducing this brilliant new innovation to the world. What many people wish to know is why would anyone go to such an extent to introduce to the world, a detailed decentralized and distributed system of peer to peer electronic cash transfer system, only to never come out in the open and receive any credit or appreciation for it?

Is Satoshi Nakamoto an Alien?

This leads many people to claim that Satoshi Nakamoto could really be an alien since no one has been able to locate him on the face of Earth. Could Bitcoins really be a product the aliens? Is it possible that aliens have introduced their own software into our internet infrastructure and are now planning to hack our planet via this platform? People are flabbergasted about this crazy new digital currency. It just happened, out of nowhere. No one saw it coming, and suddenly out of nowhere, Bitcoins were on the financial market ready to be used as a means of value exchange.

Is Bitcoin a fraud or a underworld product?

On one hand here humans have pegged Bitcoin as just a fraud by some underworld third party to get all our money, some have gone as far as to say that this could very well be the work of an alien. Some believe that the entire decentralized platform or software for Bitcoin was sent to Earth via a signal by some extra advanced alien civilization that lives light years away. They believe that it could be possible that our satellites picked up these signals and then this platform was introduced into our Internet infrastructure. Even so, while some claim that this is just a means of hacking our planet, some even believe that the aliens got to know about the corrupt financial practices going on on Earth and in an attempt to save us from the corrupt banks and rich multinational corporate, they sent us Bitcoin to liberate ourselves from the clutches of these malicious financial institutions. Seeing as to how it has already been 9 years since Bitcoin became operational and people started buying, selling, trading, making transactions and purchases, and yet the identity of its creator has not been revealed, there are very high chances that no one would ever know who exactly was behind this amazing creation. The people in power and sitting in high position chairs in financial institutions and companies do not know how to handle this digital wave. Surprisingly, it it these very people whose businesses would go into bankruptcy once a platform like Bitcoin is completely incorporated into all our systems who have been the most negative and critical towards it. They shame it publicly and label it as just a fraud.

Bitcoin’s extraterrestrial origins

There are several reasons by Bitcoin has convinced people that it has extraterrestrial origins. On top of being a 100% computer code, Bitcoin is also taking over the world at an alarmingly fast rate. The limited number of Bitcoins available i.e. 21 million has made it an even more attractive commodity to people and humans, in general, hate to lose out on something which is infinite. Finite resources like oil, water etc do not become attractive investment options to humans and they don’t really care much about them. Bitcoin’s value is increasing day by day.

People believe that aliens had started keeping track of our Earth ever since a few 100 years back and now they have finally made their first step towards paving their way into our planet. In the present, almost everything runs on computers. From food supply to our information network, our businesses, our bank transactions, everything relies on computers and the Internet. Computers have a strong power over humanity and if aliens get hold of this power against us, they could do with us as they please.

However, this would also mean that if anyone is able to prove that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually an alien, our lifelong quest for actually getting a real answer about whether aliens exist or not would be answered too. This is would be one very big coincidence. What people are most worried about this theory is that how could an alien speak such perfect English since the original whitepaper of Bitcoin is a properly structured paper in English. One would never know until he really get some sort of hard core proof.