The mysterious origin of Bitcoin – Explained

1 year ago

Trying to uncover the underlying face of the Bitcoin creator

Since the first revelation of the Cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology in the years 2009, Bitcoin has been experiencing many ups and downs. It was clearly unimaginable that a currency would spike up to $20,000 from almost nothing.

Another amazing feature of the cryptocurrency is its origin. It has been considered one among the topmost mysterious cases in the world. How can the creator of such an amazing creation step back and deny all the credit he has the right to? There are a lot of speculations regarding the matter. Some say it’s Satoshi Nakamoto. Let’s try to break this mystery.

According to an extensive research done, the creator(s) of Bitcoin is considered to have the following features:

They are genius

One of the top security researchers from New York describes the Bitcoin code as one of the inscrutable set of code that nears perfection. “Only the most paranoid, painstaking coder in the world could avoid making mistakes,” they said.

They speak fluent English

Satoshi Nakamoto from his 2 years of extensive research on the technology, has written about 80,000 words on it, revealing the possible identity of a fluent English speaker.

He might be of a British origin

On careful examination of their paperwork, by their use of British colloquialisms, it can be predicted that they might be hailing from the United Kingdom. For instance, they call their apartment as a flat and spell math as maths. The time of the posting also adds to this fact as most of the time the postings are done in the daylight UK hours.

They might be a group of people

The flawless code of the Bitcoin Blockchain Technology has left the experts in the field to speculate that it can be an extraordinary person or a team of highly effective developers. According to Dan Kaminsky, a Bitcoin security researcher Satoshi Nakamoto,

“could be either a team of people or a genius.”

Satoshi’s frustration might have been the reason.

In February 2009 released an article in which he expressed his anger on the current Centralized Financial System where the banks lost our hard earned money. He explained that the banks were supposed to hold our money and transfer it electronically but not to lend it out with just a fraction of it in the reserves. He also says the central banks should maintain the trust by not debasing the currency, but on contrary, the history is evident for a number of breaches. Many Bitcoin forums discuss that he might bring to the libertarian group who is against rich and corrupt people and politicians. The timing of emergence of Bitcoin is completely inline with the 2007 housing bubble burst. He might have released it as a means of destruction for the corrupt banking system.

Anonymity could be to dodge legal implications.

It is evident that anyone who tried to improvise something against the interests of the government was met with potential legal implications. The anonymity might also be considered a recipe for Bitcoin’s success.

Also, the overall concept of the decentralization would be voided if he revealed his identity which again might attract distrust among the Bitcoin enthusiast.

In a nutshell, whoever is the creator of Bitcoin, it must be agreed that he is a long-term thinker who foresees the consequences and a great mastermind.

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