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10 Most Influential People in Blockchain & Bitcoin

The Blockchain circle is loaded with the most powerful people, individuals that will propel the technology higher than ever and individuals that have left a mark in the industry.

Following is the list of 10 most influential people that are priceless to the blockchain community:

1. Vitalik Buterin- Co-founder of Ethereum

The expert behind the world’s second largest digital currency, Ethereum, first heard about digital currencies from his father. After helping to establish Bitcoin Magazine in 2011, Buterin put in two years gathering information about Blockchain technology, its potential and the applications it brought to the table. In late 2013, the ethereum white paper released. Buterin as of now fills in as the Chief Scientist of the Ethereum group and heads Ethereum’s research team.

2. Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Bitcoin Evangelist and the Author of Mastering Bitcoin

He is world’s one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and the standards of decentralisation, Antonopoulos is a master of security and distributed frameworks, a coder, a popular author of books, articles, and blogs on digital currencies, an incessant speaker at tech and security meetings that takes place globally and lastly an entrepreneur. Antonopoulos also offers his expertise in the field of blockchain technology and digital currencies to a few digital currency organisations.

3. Charlie Lee- Founder of Litecoin

Lee is fundamentally referred to in the digital currency world as the creator of Litecoin. In the same way as other early adopters of Bitcoin, Lee also entered the digital currency circle by first putting his hands into Bitcoin mining. Lee considers Litecoin to be the digital currency most appropriate for smaller transactions like online retail shopping, while Bitcoin to be the more useful for the much bigger transactions like global payments.

4. Nick Szabo- Founder and Designer of Bit Gold

Szabo is one of the biggest influence in Bitcoin, his journey with digital currency began in 1998 by creating the BitGold proposition, the forerunner of Bitcoin. Individuals have also surmised Szabo as Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown creator of Bitcoin, in spite of the fact that Szabo has over and again declined it. Szabo is considered the father of smart contracts and he still contributes his expertise and critique in the digital currency industry.

5. Brian Armstrong- Сo-founder and CEO of Coinbase

Armstrong has a double major in Computer Sciences and Economics. Being an all rounder prepared in the field tech startup, Armstrong helped to establish cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Coinbase in 2011. Coinbase was seen as a marketplace for Bitcoin that would empower individuals to buy the digital currency all the more effortlessly. Armstrong has kept up a solid enthusiasm for the world of technology and has consistently participated at conferences, seminars and workshops. He was also given the title of ‘The Rockstar’ by the community of Bitcoin.

6. Brock Pierce – Co-founder of Blockchain Capital

Pierce is an investor and businessman with a wide reputation of establishing, prompting and putting resources into groundbreaking organisations. He introduced the market for cryptocurrencies in games and was one of the biggest investors in the crowdsale of Ethereum. Pierce has put his investments into more than 30 organisations in the Blockchain industry, took part in more than 100 projects and helped raise over $200 million for organisations he was engaged with.

7. Don Tapscott- President and CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc.

Tapscott is a well renowned personality in the digital currency industry, having been one of the experts on the influence of technology for almost a decade. He is likewise a standout amongst the visionaries of business and society. Tapscott was recognised as the most powerful management thinker in the the world by Forbes and Thinker50. He is the author and co-author of 15 broadly read books about new technologies and new media in business and society. His book, Blockchain Revolution, which was published in 2014, made him a standout amongst the most dynamic Blockchain administration references and advocates.

8. Erik T. Voorhees- Founder and CEO of

Voorhees was a blogger with libertarian thoughts before he became a businessman. He wrote broadly about the nature of cash and legislative issues and the part of digital currencies in this balance. His online existence guarantees his voice is heard both in the digital currency industry and mainstream media. Voorhees’ most prominent specialty is ostensibly his best undertaking, the digital currency exchange platform ShapeShift and SatoshiDice, a popular Bitcoin game.

9. Roger K. Ver- Bitcoin Angel Investor and Bitcoin Evangelist

Ver is known for being one of the primary investors in the Blockchain business, financing the development of most of the biggest names. He runs well known news and wallet source and in 2017 turned into an outstanding supporter of Bitcoin Cash. Ver is popularly known as the Bitcoin Jesus for his advertising of the virtual currency and for his investments in various Bitcoin new businesses. He is a digital currency enthusiast who studies economics and moral philosophy in his free time.

10. Jihan Wu- Co-Founder and Director of Bitmain Technologies, Ltd.

Wu is a businessman, financial analyst and Bitcoin evangelist who is. He is a well known supporter of Bitcoin Cash, formerly bolstered Bitcoin network scaling solutions, for instance, Bitcoin Unlimited. He trusts that Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are altogether changing current world and the lifestyle of individuals. Wu is asserted to be a standout amongst the most arguable names in digital currency industry. In the interim he is still one of the most powerful advocates of digital currencies and Blockchain technologies around the world.