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10 tips for a safer Bitcoin investment in 2018



10 guidelines that proves to be handy for Bitcoin investment in 2018

10 guidelines that proves to be handy for Bitcoin investment in 2018

The whole world was filled with envy when in 2017 certain Bitcoin investors became millionaires overnight. Other investors couldn’t see the possible potential the cryptocurrency had and hence missed out a chance to make decent profits. Now the past can be changed, the only thing which can be controlled is the present and future and hence before investing in the Bitcoin for the next time, some tips might prove to be very helpful. So here are 10 tips that can be used as a guideline to make profits out of the next Bitcoin surge.


1. Assess

We must be able to clearly assess ourselves that how much risk can we take or amount are we willing to lose and that which would not hinder on your way in achieving personal financial objectives and goals. If we can’t assess ourselves at the bottom lines then clearly we are not ready for the game. We mustn’t be vague in our decisions. Keeping a certain amount of money for the investment without caring about the returns will lift you above the other investors who would be in a constant fear of losing their money.  It simply means that you have calculated and accepted the risks.


2. Avoid greed while investing in Bitcoin in 2018

When the investment turns out to be fruitful at the initial attempts and the market to conditions are at the pinnacle, it is our human nature that we put on the greedy goggles and forget to use our brains. This is when a lot of investors suffer losses through their hasty decisions taken in this mood. It is only after the loss that the greedy goggles come off and the investors realize their mistakes.


3. Systematic approach

Even in this modern world many of them still consider trading as well as Investments as gambling. It is to be understood very clearly that when the risks are calculated properly along with the market conditions, profits become inevitable.


4. Write it down

In order to make informed choices while investing in Bitcoin and not getting carried away by the market conditions. It is better to write our personalized goal on a piece of paper, like what are we trying to achieve from that investment. This is very crucial and proves to be very handy at times when we subconsciously put on our greedy goggles. During such times it reminds us of our goals and helps us stay within our limits. Also, studies suggest that writing down our goal makes it somewhat tangible and help us achieve it easily. Sometimes ideas we have in our minds may be very ambiguous, writing it down may give us a clear picture of it. This might prevent us from making bad decisions when today’s trading facilities are just a click away.


5. Do your homework while investing in Bitcoin in 2018

Along with writing down our goals, extensive research is needed on the current Bitcoin market as they are very fluctuating ones. One must also keep an eye on the news related to Bitcoins as they are one of the major market influencers due to FUDs. Keeping a close watch on the market trends may help us to cash out some amounts of money continuously.


6. Stop and observe the market

At intervals of time, it is better to step back and take a look at the overall situation of the market and try to gain insights into it. If it seems to you that the bubble is about to burst then take necessary action. It is evident that almost all the bubbles have the same pattern.


7. Discipline is important while investing in Bitcoin in 2018

Having written financial goals are not enough to prevent the investors from taking decisions out of fear as well emotions during the market rise or fall. The discipline to stick on to the personalized goals is a challenging task but is definitely worth it.


8. Review your game tape

After each Investment, we must look behind and evaluate oneself. We must have a clear picture of the reasons we make profits or losses respectively.


9. Diversify the risk

Investing in Bitcoin on different platform divides out the risk of losses due to hacks and frauds. These days most of the cryptocurrency exchanges are Centralised in nature and its hack will result in its complete breakdown.


10. Set parameter while investing in Bitcoin in 2018

After doing an extensive research on the market conditions according to our investment capacity we must be able to set the limits. When the actual price conditions reach either the upper or lower limit the sell and the buy trades must automatically get executed.


Although the great financial investor, Warren Buffett considers Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies has no intrinsic value, there is a pinch of regret when we observe that the whole world is exposing themselves and gaining some profits out of them anyways.


Bitmain IPO: Not a reality anymore



The Initial Public Offering application of Bitmain is set to expire today i.e. 26th March 2019, which explains that the company is no longer going public.

The Initial Public Offering application of Bitmain is set to expire today i.e. 26th March 2019, which explains that the company is no longer going public. However, this does not mean that the company might never go public as they claim that they will work on the application of Initial Public Offering at the right time.


Bitmain IPO: Not happening anymore

The rumors were all around the cryptocurrency space that Bitmain is going to go public by holding an initial public offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange soon. But it seems that the dreams have just been broken as the mining giant is no longer holding an IPO as reported by the South China Morning Post. The large monetary losses that the company has been facing and the firing of employees might be the reason for making a U-turn.


IPO Plans:

The initial public offering was announced by Bitmain last year. Jihan Wu, one of the youngest billionaires in the world and the CEO of Bitmain had earlier stated that they were open to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or an overseas exchange. Soon after this, Bitmain has acquired 16-floor official premises in the Silicon Valley from where the rumors started to spread that the company is going to launch an Initial Public Offering in the United States. During this period, Bitmain was leading the bitcoin mining industry by controlling more than 80% of the market. It was being predicted that the value of the company would rise to $40 billion after the Initial Public Offering is held.


The rumors started to cool down as reports were out stating that the company was facing financial losses due to the falling prices and the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. In just Q3 last year, Bitmain had lost over $500 million which is a piece of terrible news for a brand that is going to launch an Initial Public Offering soon. It got worse for the company when the head Jihan Wu left the company for starting his own project.

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Premier of Bermuda: QuadrigaCX would not loose its keys if it was registered in Bermuda and not Canada



According to E. David Burt, the premier of Bermuda, QuadrigaCX would not have lost its keys if the company was registered in Bermuda rather than Canada.

According to E. David Burt, the premier of Bermuda since 2017, QuadrigaCX would not have lost its master keys if the company had been registered in Bermuda rather than Canada. He gave his statements during an interview with the Fortune on ‘Balancing the Ledger’. He mentioned that a case like QuadrigaCX is not possible in Bermuda because of the cryptocurrency regulations in the country.


The sudden death of the founder of QuadrigaCX exchange in December last year has led to a bunch of issues for the investors and traders who had kept their holdings on the exchange. QuadrigaCX is not being able to gain access to the cold storage wallets where the funds of the users were stored. According to the company, the founder was the only person who had the keys to the wallet.


As stated by the premier of Bermuda, if QuadrigaCX was registered under the Bermuda Monetary Authority and not in Canada, the current situation would not have happened because according to the regulation for the custody of the master keys, the keys shall never be held by any single individual.


The premier also stated that Bermuda’s Digital Asset Business Act which was incorporated in 2018 has set a frontier for the companies that deal with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and makes sure that the rights of the clients always stay protected. The Act explains about the master keys, the handling of things, to make sure they are not lost, and even if they are lost, there should always be a method of recovery.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Bermuda:

Bermuda is well known for being a crypto and blockchain friendly nation. The Bermuda government also made an announcement last year of its plans for amending the current Banking Act for establishing the latest class of banking system for rendering services to the blockchain and fintech businesses in the country.

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Bitcoin will surely reach $10,000 this year: CEO of Bitmex



Arthur Hayes, the CEO of Bitmex announced his bitcoin prediction for the year and according to him, BTC will surely test the $10,000 range by this year-end.

Cryptocurrency bulls have already started to make their bitcoin price predictions for the year as they now believe that bitcoin has already bottomed to the lowest level for the year.

Recently, the CEO of Bitmex, the most famous cryptocurrency margin trading platform, Arthur Hayes announced his bitcoin prediction for the year and according to him, BTC will surely test the $10,000 range by this year-end.


Bitcoin to $10,000?

Arthur Hayes’s bitcoin prediction was published in the Bitmex newsletter which said that bitcoin will correct upwards slowly and reach up to $10,000 by the end of 2019. He said that the current year’s chop shall be severe however, the bitcoin market will reach $10,000. He also mentioned that the real recovery price is $20,000.


According to his analysis, the first few months of the year have experienced low trade volumes as a lot of volatility in price, however, bitcoin did not the 2018’s lows of $3200.


Arthur also mentioned that the cryptocurrency market will not climb back really quick as a lot of investors have lost a lot of their money and thus they will not re-enter the markets that quick.


Bitmex CEO also mentioned that the cryptocurrency investors are still investing in ‘shitcoins’ such as TRON, Ripple and Binance coin.


What Arthur really trusts is that the majority of people will start investing large amounts of money into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by the end of the year i.e. Q4 of 2019.

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