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Latest price analysis: Bitcoin Cash [BCHUSD] and Ripple [XRPUSD]

Bitcoin Cash witnessed the most active trading during the crash in March at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since then, BCHUSD is in...

More than 55% Bitcoins ending in delivery; long term investors holding BTCUSD

Bitcoin survived the Death Cross pattern formed on the four-hour timeframe earlier. The consolidation and the indecisiveness proved to be beneficial for BTCUSD. US benchmark...

Ethereum, Bitcoin: Bearish, however, small buyers are massively accumulating

The rough patch is continuing for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. BTCUSD recently broke below a medium-term trendline and formed a Death Cross.  The correlation in...

Bitcoin update: 3 crucial factors that point to a decline of BTCUSD

Bitcoin is giving three crucial indicators that point to a decline. The bottom of the dip could be till $9,100. If the sell-off continues, BTCUSD could drop even further below.

Powerful trade setup for Bitcoin; trading with the trend in BTCUSD

Bitcoin might make an explosive move soon. Swing traders must analyze the technical levels and place trades. A good risk-reward ratio should always be kept in mind while trading in BTCUSD.

Ripple’s weak run continues; XRPUSD failed attempt at breakout

Ripple failed to maintain the Bullish breakout after an inverted head and shoulders formation yesterday. XRPUSD is now in a strongly Bearish market.

BTCUSD forming lower highs; can the selling pressure drag Bitcoin below $9,000 soon

The selling pressure continues to hold steady in BTCUSD. Every time, Bitcoin makes an attempt higher, the sellers rapidly swing into action. Bitcoin jumped...

BTCUSD loses steam | Dow Jones, S&P 500 indecisive after OPEC announcement

BTCUSD, on the other hand, looks positive as a long term prospect; however, the medium-term seems Bearish for Bitcoin.

Ripple [XRPUSD] Bullish breakout | Bitcoin Cash [BCHUSD] could soon drop more than 8%

XRPUSD finally seems to be on a path to recovery. It created a spectacular inverted Head and Shoulders pattern. BCHUSD, on the other hand, formed a Death Cross.

ETHUSD looks indecisive: Further consolidation for Ethereum or steep decline?

ETHUSD is in a state of indecisiveness. The shorter timeframe indicates some opportunities for swing trading based on price action in Ethereum.

BTCUSD mining rate update: Bitcoin mining difficulty rate highest in 2 years

The mining rate for BTCUSD auto-adjusted. The increase of difficulty level by 14.95% is the highest since January 2018.

Latest price analysis: Litecoin [LTCUSD] and Ripple [XRPUSD]

BTCUSD dropped to its monthly low of $8,900 on Monday. Soon after, the customary drop in most of the cryptos followed. Ripple or XRPUSD,...

Popular offering Futuristic Domains: Launches Minting of .i NFT Domain Names

In this new internet, all websites will be decentralized...

India leads the globe in the adoption of PLAY-TO-EARN gaming

The Play-to-earn (P2E) concept of blockchain has exploded in...

JPMorgan, bullish on bitcoin, says it prefers bitcoin over real estate!

Cryptocurrencies have been struggling in 2022 as various macroeconomic...

What are .Metaverse NFT Domains and Why are They Trending

Metaverse has become a hot topic in the tech...

Fourth stable coin launched by Tether pegged to Mexican Peso

Tether Operations Limited ("Tether"), the business behind, the...