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Death of Cryptocurrency – Crypto World can’t get along

Oh! Oh! There are issues amongst the crypto communities!

There is much of antagonism in the crypto currency communities. The concerns are mounting more and more every day. Such feuds can lead to the pessimistic publicity of cryptocurrencies and affect their adoption rate.

Getting started with the cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. But, you what the trickiest part is? It’s the rivalry to stay alive in the market. Every day a new platform is coming up and so are their rivals. Buzz is that the crypto currency community is facing a lot of issues in its market. It can be due to the difference of opinions, diverse nature of working out the things etc. But, as soon as the news of such issues goes viral in the public, cryptocurrencies gain a lot of negative publicity. Already there so many rumors and wrong news articles spread all over the media related to its price fluctuations, instability, regulations, ICO bans etc, and the issues in the crypto communities just add fuel to the fire.

Groupism is dividing the community!

An agreed and known fact about the crypto world is that each and every coin in this market has rivals, has their own share of supporters and people who want pull each other down. Like in any sector of the economy, whether it is technology or healthcare or supply chain or just stock market, each sector have their share of opponents. Similar is the case with cryptocurrencies. But the huge uproar in the crypto currency communities sinks the boat of interest amongst the people. When such issues are highlighted in the media, the cryptocurrencies burn in the sun of unconstructiveness which leads to the decline in prices. It badly impacts the status of cryptocurrencies which obstructs their progress. More than getting everyone together on a single side, the groups or communities in the crypto currency market gets divided. Bitcoin supporters oppose Bitcoin cash, Ripple supporter’s feud with Dogecoin lovers. There are so much of disputes going on. It has become a Wrestlemania of cryptocurrencies, where every player (read cryptocurrency) has their supporter and opponent. As if religion was not enough to divide people, cryptocurrencies came in the similar line.

Dogecoin creator attacked Twitter!

A recent attack on Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer narrates the saga of favoritism and feuds amongst the cryptocurrency communities. He was attacked with series of tweets tagging him with Ripple tweets by the Ripple/XRP lovers. He took it to twitter and tweeted “I’m considering shutting down ‘’ because I don’t have the energy to deal with the ridiculous Ripple/XRP people in my mentions. What a toxic dumpster fire of a community.” Cryptocurrency supporters, opponents, and the whole community are behind the monitor screen supporting their favorite coins or attacking their opponents on social media and many cryptocurrency forums. Rather than skirmishing over the coins, people should be approaching up together for the proper adoption of cryptocurrencies on a massive scale, not as an XYZ or one scrupulous coin supporters but as cryptocurrency supporters.