Huobi, The Third Largest Digital Currency Exchange Releases New Digital Currency Market Index

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As per the official statement, digital currency exchange Huobi Pro released a market index for its platform. Presently, Huobi is the third largest digital currency exchange worldwide by its trading volume.

The index Huobi 10 traces the exchange’s top 10 traded digital resources against Tether progressively, utilising a weighted calculation technique. The declaration additionally clarifies:

“The digital assets are classified into four categories: Coins, Platforms, Applications and Utility Asset tokens. The number of constituents selected in these four categories depends on their transaction volume of last quarter..average daily trading volume in the previous quarter is then used to decide the weight of the constituent in the index.”

The public statement recommends that the index will along these lines reflect the general trend of Huobi Pro market, in this way making trading more easy for investors.

The index is additionally designed for situations where an asset might be delisted, so that when a surprising delisting of the index segment takes place, the sample is temporarily supplanted. Also, the coins that are positioned first in the list will be determined as the sample coin.

The public statement additionally uncovered Huobi’s consideration to release index related products by June.

Prior this week, the ex CEO of the world’s biggest digital currency exchange OKEx joined Huobi as Board Secretary and VP of International Business Development. Huobi, which is based in Singapore and is presently planning to expand to abroad, releasing a South Korean subsidiary and also unveiling intentions to open a workplace even in London.


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