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Top 10 American entrepreneurs in Blockchain industry

Let's take a look at the top 10 American entrepreneurs in the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper ledger, peer to peer indus
Let’s take a look at the top 10 American entrepreneurs in the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper ledger, peer to peer industry

Some of the top American Entrepreneurs in the Blockchain industry

The cryptocurrencies are nothing but one of the many applications of the Blockchain Technology. The blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology which is tamper proof and highly secure through its proof of work concept. This ideology of the Blockchain Technology is used by many other Business models in order to make any kind of transactions they make in the business secure and tamper-proof. Blockchain technology is finding its applications in a number of fields like HR industry, Healthcare industry, election process, entrepreneurship, and many more.

In short, it has given rise to a number of other subdomains in various fields. The entrepreneurs are incorporating the blockchain technology into their business models and some of tps hem have already acquired it.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 American entrepreneurs in the Blockchain industry:

  1. Alexander Skalabanov.

Co-Founder & CEO – Intellectsoft.

It is one of the mobile app development and software service company. Founded in the year 2007 the company aims and providing a number of blockchain based solutions like team extrusion for Blockchain projects, smart contracts, and identity solutions. It has some of the best experts in the field of Cyber Security, Cryptography, as well as Engineering. The extending development team has an experience of 10 years. It’s experts have been employed too many of the top companies like Nestle, Shell, New York Stock exchange, World Bank, etc. It even provides service services in the Internet of things field.

  1. Akash Takyar.

Founder and CEO at

The company is famous for providing a number of end to end solutions for the building of enterprise-grade application based on the Blockchain Technology. The company is highly experienced in developing solutions for the Utility bill generation, Global Supply Chain, and Identity Solutions in the Blockchain domain. It has worked with big companies like R3Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Hashgraph. The company has built hundreds of enterprise-grade solutions which is being used by millions of users through the world and also has a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of things.

  1. Vlad Panchenko.

CEO & Founder – DMarket.

It is this first virtual cross game Marketplace based on the Blockchain Technology turning the virtual elements of the game into real-world assets. Basically, they provide the gamers, a decentralized platform to trade their in-game assets in just a few clicks in a safe and transparent way. It is looking forward to providing a sustainable revenue source for the game Dev industry.

  1. Jayneel Patel.

Founder – OpenXcell Technolabs.

The company specializes in developing amazing applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, as well as Blockchain Technology. The team members are highly qualified and experienced in the field of online mobile computing. Along with providing online marketing services they also provide solutions for e-commerce, Web development, CMS, and CRM platforms.

  1. Renat Khasanshyn.

CEO of Altoros.

The company helps over 2000 organization around the world with technical building blocks, training, methodology, as well as end to end solution development. The company helps in the conversion of Customer analytics, Blockchain, AI into products so that they sustain the competitive advantages.

  1. Adam Ludwin.

Co-founder and CEO of Chain.

The company provides cryptographic ledger systems to various financial services in order to make them far more secure and reliable. Along with providing it’s service to a number of emerging start-ups it has served companies like Visa, Nasdaq, and Citigroup.

  1. Ronen Kirsh.

Co-founder of Blockchain at Berkeley.

It is a University-based blockchain ecosystem. The company aims at educating the community, discussing innovative projects as well as discussions, helping the Blockchain based Companies in order to identify the use case and helps to implement it too.

  1. Don Oparah (CEO), Roy Malkin ( President).

Venture Aviator.

The company specializes in custom software development. It is the Blockchain Development company which won the award for integrating financial applications.   It provides a platform to facilitate Blockchain startups to the customers.

  1. Dan Bates.

CEO and founder of ImpactPPA.

It is an ethereum based decentralized energy platform which aims at revolutionizing global energy finance industry. Founded in the year 2017 the company brings together the consumers as well as the capital with the power of the blockchain technology. It eliminates too much bureaucracy and provides effective solutions that work. It aims at solving the most dangerous environmental and humanitarian issues.

  1. John Monarch.

Founder of ShipChain.

The logistics and freight platform uses the Blockchain Technology in order to eliminate all the third parties as well as the cumbersome paperwork. It thanks the goods all the way along its journey providing an effective supply chain management to all. A pilot project has recently been announced with Perdue Farms.