15 insights on Hashix mining

Some of the key characteristics of the Hashix cryptocurrency mining company


A number of cryptocurrency miners come together and form a cryptocurrency mining pool in order to verify the transactions and solve the complex mathematical problem to add a particular block on to the blockchain and hence receive the block reward. They simply work together and share the block reward among themselves equally. In the Recent days, the collaboration of a number of minors has given rise to a threat to the cryptocurrencies.

There are a number of mining pools which are currently operating on the vast portion of the blockchain community. According to reports since the cryptocurrency mining requires sophisticated and expensive hardware equipment for mining, most of the miners prefer to join a mining pool rather than mining them independently on their own. The collaboration of various mining pools is also coming into the picture. This gives them access to a huge percentage of the whole Blockchain which again is against the decentralized concept of the cryptocurrencies.


However, amongst some of the most famous cryptocurrency mining pools, Hashix mining is one of the most famous and popular ones.


Some of the key features that make it, the most convenient and the preferred option for the customers on Hashix mining are:


  1. It provides a Bitcoin as well as Ethereum cloud mining service.


  1. The mining rigs are situated in Lithuania. As the average temperature of the place is low enough, no extra cooling equipment is required for the mining rigs to absorb the heat generated by them.


  1. A cheap electricity is available to them which intern helps in increasing the profits that can be made out of mining.


  1. The payouts for the customers is done on a daily basis which increases the bond of trust between both the parties.


  1. The the best part of the service is that the company doesn’t charge a monthly fee for maintenance and all other activities.


  1. The hardware used for the Bitcoin mining is AntMiner S9, whereas for Ethereum mining GPU Rigs are used.


  1. A maintenance fee is charged for the Bitcoin mining service of 4%.


  1. There is no such maintenance fee for the Ethereum mining service.


  1. There are two packages available at the cloud mining service company.


  • Bitcoin mining- $2.5
    PER 100 GH/S.
  • Ethereum mining- $1
    PER 100 KH/S


Both the packages are available at a contract of two years.


  1. For the Bitcoin contract, automatic payouts are done in Bitcoin and for the Ethereum contract payouts are done in Ethereum itself.


  1. Starting off with the cryptocurrency mining here is very simple and can be done in just three simple steps.


  • Registration of an account with the company.
  • Making a deposit by purchasing any of the packages.
  • The profits that are made, are automatically transferred on a daily basis to your cryptocurrency wallet.


  1. Their mining installations are highly acceptable because of the expertise that the team members have in the field of the digital monetary sector.


  1. They extend their service even to the small-scale investors so that everyone has an equal opportunity of experiencing the cryptocurrency mining industry.


  1. According to the company’s privacy policy, all the personal information of the users, would not be shared with a third party without the prior consent of the customers.


  1. In order to keep the account safe, the company also suggests not to use the same password for some other third-party applications.


A number of miners have jumped onto the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon since the 2017 cryptocurrency boom. Some of them are so much motivated by it, that they are looking forward to monopolizing the whole mining industry by developing huge mining data centers. This race for the computing power has given birth to a number of problems related to the energy consumption. According to reports, it is terrifying that the Bitcoin mining industry alone consumes energy as much as 159 countries of the world put together consumes. It is also estimated that Bitcoin mining alone can contribute to 1.8 % of the whole world energy consumption. Pause for a moment and feel the depth of these consequences.

But this energy consumption is only the criteria for the creation of the cryptocurrencies. This paradox can only be solved when the industry experts from both sides come to some common conclusion in order to harness the energy provided to us by nature.




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