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The Process for holding an Initial Coin Offering explained.



The cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology spawned a new way of public crowdfunding known as Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

Understanding various steps to conduct an Initial Coin Offering successfully.  

  • Introduction

A few decades ago, the internet was the revolution, that brought the humans closer to each other. All the information across the world was made available on the fingertips of each and every individual, gradually the network gained momentum and now the internet is the biggest network of computers and servers around the globe. After Internet, came Bitcoin and through Bitcoin came Initial Coin Offering.


  • Cryptocurrencies

The Internet is the one where a copy of the data is sent to the client requesting it, but with the invention of cryptocurrencies using the Blockchain Technology, the transfer of information was made possible by avoiding keeping copies of it in different places. In other words, an asset on the Blockchain network would be available at only one location at a particular instant of time. Hence it was based on, not sharing, but ‘transfer of value.’ Bitcoin was popularly known to have been solved the double spent problem which existed in cryptocurrencies prior to Bitcoin, but with the Blockchain Technology and its spectacular features, people couldn’t stop praising and embracing it.


  • Initial Coin Offering assisting Entrepreneurs

In order to start a particular business, an entrepreneur requires huge amounts of investments depending upon his project. Earlier it was difficult, as the entrepreneur had access only to a limited number of Venture capitalists and investors in his vicinity. But the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology spawned a new way of public crowdfunding known as Initial Coin Offering through which the investors and venture capitalist from all around the world gained access to participate in the offering provided by the project.


It is well known that the Initial Coin Offerings are highly beneficial, as they digitize the complete process and reaches to every investor in the nook and corner of the world as it is online. Depending upon the popularity as well as the potential of the project, it is evident that one has been able to raise almost millions of dollars within a few days of the Offering, which was highly challenging for the Initial Public Offering.


The Initial Coin Offering Process is as explained below.

1. Having a clear Idea or intention behind the project is the first and the foremost prerequisite for the Initial Coin Offering. One must be very crystal with respect to his project and its implications in the real world. One must be able to differentiate themselves from other similar ongoing projects in the market so the users understand why the project must be supported.

2. After having a clear idea for the reason of existence of a project the entrepreneur’s next step is to create an effective team consisting of developers with a lot of technical knowledge to develop the product, business professionals in order to assist in the marketing and for the development of business model for the product along with the barristers to provide the project with legal assistance with respect to the regulations from the government.

3. Once the entrepreneur is done with the above-mentioned steps, he must have a clear vision of what Blockchain must be applied for his particular project so as to make it as efficient as possible. The structure of the public sale, the number of tokens, along with the time frame for the ICO must be ready at this stage.

4. Development of a user-friendly and technically apt White paper is the next step. The entrepreneur is needed to author a Whitepaper which explains the project in an easy and an effective way for the investors. This is one of the crucial steps, as the White paper is the official document that contains all the legal terms and conditions of the Initial Coin Offering along with the project’s detailed information. The entrepreneur must be able to resonant the project into the investor’s minds for a successful Initial Coin Offering through this.

5. Before making the project open to the public, it is well advised that the entrepreneur reveal it to the industry insiders and some of the close investors so as to get feedback from them and give a facelift to the project. The Entrepreneur might not be able to identify some of the key inherent flaws in his project. Doing this would surely be helpful to him. This group of people might further act as a word of mouth to propagate the project further.

6. A pre-sale can be conducted by raising a limited capital prior to the original Offering. This might help in funding for the developmental as well as legal procedures required to set up the complete ICO. This is, however, is optional.

7. A selected suite of investors can then be targeted to market the project through numerous social media tools. The project members can also initiate a discussion on various Bitcoin forums about the application of the project.

8. Finally, the Initial Coin Offering is conducted on the stipulated date. It might also be offered in different phases for a prolonged duration of time to obtain funds consistently.

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Brief: What is EOS?



EOS operates on a completely different set of rules than other blockchain projects because it uses a system known as a delegation test.

EOS operates on a completely different set of rules than other blockchain projects because it uses a system known as a delegation test. While competitors such as Ethereum can be regarded as a global computer, EOS is more like a global operating system. As such, EOS has been designed not to require any form of cryptocurrencies to participate or interact with the EOS blockchain. If EOS is able to divert all such problems from their original location, they could give them the advantage they need to find their place in the blockchain.

How is EOS different?

Hackers show how powerful computers can cheat Bitcoin and blockchain, giving users full control of their money.
So when someone owns Bitcoin, what they really have is the private key to unlock a specific address on the blockchain. As the largest digital currency, bitcoin encapsulates all major cryptocurrency and blockchains – such as decentralization and transparency and, of course, distribution – is the embodiment of a functional symbolic economy.

Many feared that Bitcoin could go if miners, a large part of any cryptocurrency that could work, decided to give up Bitcoin because of the increasing difficulties and losses in profitability.
Large coins such as Bitcoin are not afraid of an attack of 51 %, because every attacker with the vast majority of hashish would have been more motivated to simply mine all the blocks and get Bitcoin instead of attacking, especially given the price of their theft.

Although Ethereum wanted to address the scalability issue in Bitcoin, the number of transactions it supports per second remains very low compared to the current demand for IOT power for a smart economy.
From improving fungibility to reducing transaction costs to zero, EOS promises to help users achieve the goals they have always wanted. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency, have been in the niche for some time, the guide opens the eyes to get EOS, start trading in markets and learn more about it. Many people who join the EOS network are interested in exchanging coins for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat coins. The proof of the stakes will make the whole mining process virtual and replace miners with validators.

First, anyone who owns cryptocurrency on a blockchain integrated into EOS software can select block manufacturers through a continuous voting system. EOS operates on a proprietary model in which users own and are entitled to capitalize on their share, rather than having to pay for each transaction.


How to buy EOS?

Binance which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange is limited to cryptocurrency, so we cannot buy EOS directly with US dollars or euros. It is advisable to own other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum before you use the exchange, but it is possible to convert your dollars or euros into EOS.


EOS is a very ambitious project, which can completely change the way cryptocurrency is viewed.

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Research: Trading Bots vs Humans



It is not advisable for new traders to rely on trading bots, not only because they lose the opportunity to actively learn about markets and trading styles.

Trading bots can be unreliable, require almost continuous monitoring and cost a lot. If you are new to Bitcoin ‘bots, you can choose a bot based on your trading strategy. Cryptocurrency trading bots can be particularly useful for day-to-day transactions, as they can exchange quickly 24 hours day. Whether you create your algorithms for Bitcoin trading robots or choose settings, you need to know a lot about the cryptocurrency market and your finances.

Trading Bots

Built with innovative algorithms for machine learning, social media indicators and user – friendly interfaces, the new commercial bot class will have a significant impact on market growth. Especially once institutional investments have begun to enter the markets and the risks of manipulation have decreased, commercial robots should start to develop with advanced AI and machine learning components.

On Wall Street, trading robots and high – frequency algorithms are omnipresent, but cryptocurrency networks provide a unique environment for them to reduce risk, experiment with new methods and even profit from market manipulation.

Bots are automated systems that exchange information, answer questions and even carry out activities – such as trading bitcoin for money and vice versa.

Arbitration – the act of buying and selling goods in one market and selling them higher in another – is now possible thanks to chatbots and automated systems.


Bots vs Humans

Developers look at many component syntheses when developing an automated trading system or robot EA, including Market Nature, mathematical modeling, timeframe, input, and output Signals, Stop-Loss triggers and Profit targets, etc. For daily traders or other short – term traders, automated trading robots are handy tools for dealing with high-frequency transactions using tick data. Automated trading is not yet perfect, and EA robots can’t think more than humans.

Commercial robots often use algorithms to detect trends and determine when transactions need to be performed.
For merchants, the cryptocurrency robot offers the opportunity to control the market 24 hours a day and protect their assets when they sleep or are away from their desks. When done well, bots can be a tool to help cryptocurrencies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market movements.

There have been cases where apparently reliable commercial bots have proven to be fraud, with investors not being able to withdraw money from their accounts. Artificial intelligence and automatic learning help robots to develop and evolve continuously, but there is still a long way to overcome human instincts.

Bots aren’t is the only choice to automate execution and keep transactions without emotion – even automatic trading platforms do the work. Capitalize gives you complete control over your transactions and the best in automated trading technology.

Unlike people, commercial robots will never be misguided by emotions and not influenced by the psychology of the trader. Automated trading is a great way to build market confidence to prevent emotions and psychological problems from affecting business decisions. Automated trading systems can carry trades day and night, and do not miss out on trading opportunities. It is able to open and close transactions depending on your trading strategy while you are engaged in other human activities. Although automated trading has all of these advantages, I can still say that we cannot underestimate the benefits of manual trade, because they are based on the innate human intellect that a robot does not have.

Many people are attracted to markets by promises of easy money through daily trading robots or expert consultants ( EAs ). Automated trading software is available in several different names, such as Expert consultants ( EAs ), robot trading, program trading, automated trading or black – box trading. For those who buy commercial software, they depend entirely on the skills and programming of the person who wrote the program.

It is not advisable for new traders to rely on trading bots, not only because they lose the opportunity to actively learn about markets and trading styles.

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In-Depth: Will Blockchain Save The Healthcare System?



Health care companies, technology innovators and members of the general health care sector are looking for ways to find out how they can use Blockchain.

Health care companies, technology innovators and members of the general health care sector are looking for ways to find out what is possible in the present time and what blockchain could do to make health care better and more affordable in the future.


Blockchain can be massive for the Healthcare Sector

The blockchain has the power to make a massive breakthrough in the health care ecosystem, as it can quickly bring about specific changes in patient care management.
The health care blockchain enables multiple entities in the health care ecosystem to synchronize and share data in a widely distributed ledger.
The distributed blockchain technology, such as immutability, lack of trust and decentralization, provides the health care sector with the ability to detect fraud, reduce operational costs, smooth processes, eliminate duplication of work and apply transparency to the health care ecosystem.
The use of blockchain technology can enable people to participate in population health research and monetize their data in the form of chips.
With blockchain systems and applications in place, the ability to deliver the right solutions and eliminate fraud has increased.

There are countless ways in which blockchain can revolutionize the health care industry – improving processing and improving safety.

Blockchain technology promises a promising future for the health care sector with secure data exchange, invoices and payments, and more.


Can Blockchain save billions of dollars in Healthcare Sector?

The blockchain is best known as the technology that drives cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but blockchain has the potential to disruptive changes in the healthcare industry by saving billions of dollars and positively influencing health outcomes.
The blockchain is so important for The future of technology and business, IBM is The founder of The Hyperledger Project ( led by The Linux Foundation ), which creates an open source for building The Foundation of The blockchain for use by other companies at the enterprise level.
Today’s cybersecurity challenge is not fully supported by blockchain technology, and today’s investment in the blockchain can be too significant for many health care organizations, which is why it giants like Microsoft and IBM are working on creating open source blockchain structures.

Blockchain technology offers a decentralized health data exchange system that protects and helps to authenticate health information.
Blockchain technology can bridge gaps in interoperability of data, ensuring the security and privacy of IoMT ( IoMT ) use.
Blockchain technology ensures the authenticity of information by anchoring data to the public blockchain, which leads to data security testing.


Blockchain can save Patient Records, reduce medical costs

Blockchain technology bypasses the need for a central administrator and can effectively control who has access to any data stored in the standard book, providing outstanding security and hacker – proof properties.
The blockchain now has an incredible attraction for healthcare professionals in the industry, who need safe and efficient access to the entire medical history of a patient.

The blockchain can safely facilitate the transfer of patient records to national and borderline health care systems, as well as stimulate the coordination of health care for members, reduce transaction costs and risks, and even support medical tourism.

To ensure the traceability and authenticity of medical drugs, pharmaceutical companies that register a particular drug on the blockchain must be reliable.

Although there are some concerns and speculations about the integration of blockchains with today’s health care systems and their cultural introduction, technology is still prevalent in the health care sector.
With so many potential applications and opportunities, the blockchain will undoubtedly disrupt the health care landscape forever.


Private Blockchains can be used by Private Health Care Companies

Trusted health care blockchain companies must register their products in the private system to ensure the authenticity and quality of their medications.
The blockchain is a useful technology that can help prevent data breaches in the health care sector.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are capable of transforming industries, including health care.
Current health information systems such as eligibility, registration and electronic health records have documented problems with interoperability and are slowly adapting to the changing requirements of programmes and technologies.
Blockchain technology applications have the potential to change our current use of health information technology and related hardware and software infrastructure.
The blockchain would offer the possibility of replacing such different systems with a single system that provides interoperability.

According to a study conducted by Hyperledger, 42.9 percent of health care organizations believe that interoperability of electronic health records helps to implement blocking chains faster, with 28.6 percent of respondents ready to use technology in today’s healthcare settings.

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