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The Process for holding an Initial Coin Offering explained.



The cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology spawned a new way of public crowdfunding known as Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

Understanding various steps to conduct an Initial Coin Offering successfully.  

  • Introduction

A few decades ago, the internet was the revolution, that brought the humans closer to each other. All the information across the world was made available on the fingertips of each and every individual, gradually the network gained momentum and now the internet is the biggest network of computers and servers around the globe. After Internet, came Bitcoin and through Bitcoin came Initial Coin Offering.


  • Cryptocurrencies

The Internet is the one where a copy of the data is sent to the client requesting it, but with the invention of cryptocurrencies using the Blockchain Technology, the transfer of information was made possible by avoiding keeping copies of it in different places. In other words, an asset on the Blockchain network would be available at only one location at a particular instant of time. Hence it was based on, not sharing, but ‘transfer of value.’ Bitcoin was popularly known to have been solved the double spent problem which existed in cryptocurrencies prior to Bitcoin, but with the Blockchain Technology and its spectacular features, people couldn’t stop praising and embracing it.


  • Initial Coin Offering assisting Entrepreneurs

In order to start a particular business, an entrepreneur requires huge amounts of investments depending upon his project. Earlier it was difficult, as the entrepreneur had access only to a limited number of Venture capitalists and investors in his vicinity. But the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology spawned a new way of public crowdfunding known as Initial Coin Offering through which the investors and venture capitalist from all around the world gained access to participate in the offering provided by the project.


It is well known that the Initial Coin Offerings are highly beneficial, as they digitize the complete process and reaches to every investor in the nook and corner of the world as it is online. Depending upon the popularity as well as the potential of the project, it is evident that one has been able to raise almost millions of dollars within a few days of the Offering, which was highly challenging for the Initial Public Offering.


The Initial Coin Offering Process is as explained below.

1. Having a clear Idea or intention behind the project is the first and the foremost prerequisite for the Initial Coin Offering. One must be very crystal with respect to his project and its implications in the real world. One must be able to differentiate themselves from other similar ongoing projects in the market so the users understand why the project must be supported.

2. After having a clear idea for the reason of existence of a project the entrepreneur’s next step is to create an effective team consisting of developers with a lot of technical knowledge to develop the product, business professionals in order to assist in the marketing and for the development of business model for the product along with the barristers to provide the project with legal assistance with respect to the regulations from the government.

3. Once the entrepreneur is done with the above-mentioned steps, he must have a clear vision of what Blockchain must be applied for his particular project so as to make it as efficient as possible. The structure of the public sale, the number of tokens, along with the time frame for the ICO must be ready at this stage.

4. Development of a user-friendly and technically apt White paper is the next step. The entrepreneur is needed to author a Whitepaper which explains the project in an easy and an effective way for the investors. This is one of the crucial steps, as the White paper is the official document that contains all the legal terms and conditions of the Initial Coin Offering along with the project’s detailed information. The entrepreneur must be able to resonant the project into the investor’s minds for a successful Initial Coin Offering through this.

5. Before making the project open to the public, it is well advised that the entrepreneur reveal it to the industry insiders and some of the close investors so as to get feedback from them and give a facelift to the project. The Entrepreneur might not be able to identify some of the key inherent flaws in his project. Doing this would surely be helpful to him. This group of people might further act as a word of mouth to propagate the project further.

6. A pre-sale can be conducted by raising a limited capital prior to the original Offering. This might help in funding for the developmental as well as legal procedures required to set up the complete ICO. This is, however, is optional.

7. A selected suite of investors can then be targeted to market the project through numerous social media tools. The project members can also initiate a discussion on various Bitcoin forums about the application of the project.

8. Finally, the Initial Coin Offering is conducted on the stipulated date. It might also be offered in different phases for a prolonged duration of time to obtain funds consistently.

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Internet of Things: A Guide for Beginners



When it comes to debate swirls concerning security and standardization, the Internet of Things can be dangerously misleading. Let's have an overview of it.

Smart locks, thermostats, and cars are all items that you have been hearing about in recent times. You are going to hear more about them as time passes.  But, have you wondered why are they called smart? If we go to the basics, it will be easy for you to understand. These ‘smart‘ devices are all a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) family. It is the connection of regular objects to the Internet with each other. It deems to give a clever and efficient user experience thus making them Smarter!


The Internet of Things (IoT): Overview

There is no question about how intelligent and smart these devices are working. However, at times Internet of Things can seem confusing as well as intimidating for common users. When it comes to debate swirls concerning security and standardization, the Internet of Things can be dangerously misleading.

The widespread opinion behind certain buzzwords is that an entire constellation of motionless gadgets is being created including built-in wireless connectivity to monitor them, control them and connect all over the Internet with the help of a mobile application. This is what the Internet of Things means as per the expert technologists.

The Internet is presently more than 20 years old and above 2 billion people connect with computers and tablets to the entire world.

The Internet at present correlates people to people (P2P) plus will be called The Internet Phase 1. The subsequent Phase of the Internet is a start now and will connect people to all the regular devices M2P. Moreover, everyday devices will be connected to each other (M2M).


The Generation of Smart

Everything began with the age of the smartphone. in the present day scenario, items like lights, cars, thermostats are all developed as smart devices that help them to connect to the overall virtual world.

These tools have the capacity to send data and those data will be controlled over the Internet. These have become the things of the Internet and are now known as the Internet of Things.  


How do IoT devices relate to others and communicate?

As a matter of fact, the Internet of Things devices can easily generate numerous ideas, that ranges from the temperature in your room to measure your chamber.

Subsequent, you should recognize that companies of those Internet of Things machines prepare all that data in the cloud, normally it is the favor of IoT suite from Microsoft’s Azure, Web Services by Amazon, and Google Cloud.


Internet of Things (IoT) Divisions

The sectors that deal with the Internet of Things in the day to day life are Home, Fitness, wellness, industry, factory, cars, roads, cities, and health sectors. Moreover, the growth development phases are also important factors for the success of the IoT’s. There are passive sensors, active sensors, aware and can is able to make deliberate and easy choices based on the information. Currently, all the phases are in the initial developmental phase where organizations are collecting information and are busy taking action manually.  


Are the devices using the Internet of Things secure?

Since the Internet of Things devices accumulates information about you and address or job, they are one of the excellent victims for hackers. Sadly, too many companies of the Internet of Things designs have offered little attention to essential basics for data protection, encrypting information in transit and when devices are at rest. Defects in software are found on a normal basis.

Hackers can attack at anything starting from webcams, routers or to fridges and ovens to phones, laptops, and every other thing that consist of the Internet of Things. Certain Internet of Things devices’ built-in deficit of protection frequently makes them easy to arbitrate and move to colossal botnets. Hackers are capable of doing things like tracking your address plus eavesdrop on your communications. Therefore, if you want to buy IoT devices, it is imperative you buy them from aided and trusted producers with a trustworthy and dependable history.

Now, if you want to look at the broader aspect, you can see the Internet of Things is being a beneficial source for activities like monitoring traffic, making parking pace available, air, and along with checking air quality.

Wireless radios are the ones that help to function these smart devices. These are connected to the Internet and also with each other. With the help of WiFi, energy Bluetooth, NFC, smart devices work. It does not matter whether they are door lockers or motion sensors, different devices connect to each other. Finally, with services like the Cloud, collection and data analysis is so easy and swift. Mobile apps will enable you to see various things and take actions accordingly. Internet of Things is a huge forum and to understand the depth, it will take some time, till then this article will suffice you with the initial segments of IoT and its operations.

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Top 20 Bitcoin Mining Pools 2019



If you are a single Bitcoin miner, it can get quite difficult for you. But, what if you become a part of the Bitcoin mining pool?

Before we give you a look into the top 20 Bitcoin Mining Pools in 2019, let us first understand what a Bitcoin Mining Pool is.

It can be undoubtedly said that if you are a single Bitcoin miner, it can get quite difficult for you. But, what if you become a part of the Bitcoin mining pool? Through mining pools, you cooperate and concede to proportionate the block rewards depending upon the subsidized mining hash capabilities.

These mining pools can seem alluring to a typical miner as they easily unwind the rewards obtained and make them highly sure. However, they usually downsize the overall power to the owner of the global mining pool. Irrespective of all these, the miners can choose anytime to divert their hashing capability to another mining pool.

It should be kept in mind that in a mining pool, the more hashing capabilities a miner has the more probability of inclusion of a particular block and thus the amount of reward to be claimed. In determining a specific mining pool to join, the pool size, associated fees, the trustworthiness and safety, and the payout methods should be regarded primarily.

Let us have a look at the Top 20 Bitcoin Mining Pools of 2019: is an outstanding public mining pool. It is associated with the payout method of pay-per-share. Presently, it has a constant hashrate of nearly 5.88 Exahash/second. It mines about 15% of all the blocks.





Slush is one of the Bitcoin mining pools known to be the first one ever to be operating. It is a very famous mining pool irrespective of it not being that large. It is also the best one to be a part of and presently mines nearly 11% of the total blocks.





ViaBTC is a new mining pool that has been functional for nearly one year now. It is best suited for the Chinese miners and is involved in mining almost 9% of all the available blocks.





Based out of China, the Antpool is a famous mining pool that has its owner as Bitmain. It is known to be an excellent Bitcoin mining pool that is free of cost. It is engaged in mining nearly 25% of all the blocks. is more of a private mining pool and thus has no scope available for joining it. The hashrate of the mining pool is nearly 3100 Petahash per second. It has been successful in mining 7% of all the mining blocks.





F2Pool is a mining pool that is based out of China. This pool has been successful in mining nearly 10% of all the available blocks throughout the last six months.





BitFury is another private mining pool that can be joined by the interested Bitcoin miners. BitFury is presently involved in mining nearly 3.5% of all the blocks.





DPOOL is another mining pool that is based out of China. Currently, DPOOL mines nearly 4% of all the available blocks.





Ravencoin is a popular Bitcoin mining pool that incorporates the X16R algorithm. This X16 algorithm is a mixture of 16 separate algorithms which are ordered according to the hash of the earlier blocks.





Although Bitclub.Network is one of the best and largest mining pools in the present mining market; there is something fishy about this mining pool. It is essential that you do proper research and engage in a mining pool.





Bixin is a mining pool that is based out of China. Although it is a public mining pool accessible to various miners, yet it is entirely in Chinese.



BW Pool


BW Pool is a Bitcoin mining pool that is based out of China. It is involved in mining 5% of all the available blocks.





BTCC is a Bitcoin mining pool that is based out of China and is the third biggest one. This mining pool generates nearly 7% of all the blocks.





Eligius is a Bitcoin mining pool that is based out of the U.S and is the first one to be there. No need of doing any registration in this pool. It is quite small in size and has less than one percent of the overall network hashrate.



Kano CKPool


Kano CKPool is also known as KanoPool and offers you PPLNS payment mode at a fee of 0.9%. Although it doesn’t have so many features, it includes a two-layer authentication process for additional security.



Grin Coin


Grin Coin has emerged to be one of the popular Bitcoin mining pools. It focuses on your privacy and is something profitable to be indulged with.



Electroneum (ETN)


ETN is a Bitcoin mining pool that is created with a series of its blocks. It focuses on mobile games and various online markets for gambling.





ZENCash is a popular Bitcoin mining pool that that helps you to make use of your mined coins to produce nearly 25% ROI in the current era.





Monero is the most developed privacy supportive Bitcoin mining pool. It makes use of a hashing algorithm called CryptoNight. It has a user-friendly approach, primarily when used in PCs.





Dogecoin is another such mining pool that makes use of a hashing algorithm known as Scrypt. You can perform mining in your PC or by improving your hashing power.


This is our list of the best 20 Bitcoin mining pools. There might be some other Bitcoin mining pools that you might be interested in. Do let us know if you have some. Ultimately, if you are willing to become a Bitcoin miner, it is suggested that you become a part of a Bitcoin mining pool. Being a part of a pool or a team, Bitcoin mining is quite rewarding.

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How BrandThugs is the best alternative to BrandBucket



In this article, we will explain how is the best alternative to Let us have a glance at some of the critical factors.

Brandbucket has been a reliable platform for new brand domain names for a very long time. It has been the largest market for new and innovative brand names for a very long time. However, like every other business, there are many competitors of in the domain of providing new and innovative brand names. Although there are various alternatives to, one that seems to be the best alternative to is has some excellent features and provide an outstanding list of new brand domain names. So, if you are looking for new brand names and don’t want to buy it from, you must go for this one.


In this article, we will explain how is the best alternative to Let us have a glance at some of the critical factors:

1. Innovative and relevant brand names:

Innovation and relevancy, these two factors are the most important for any business looking for a brand domain name. Brandthugs provide a vast list of innovative and relevant brand names. The brand domains are entirely new and are more relevant to the specified domain of business. The brand names available here have specific meaning and only having a look on these brand names, one can easily guess the mission of the company, the area of the business, product, and service provided by the firm. The brand names are entirely professional as well as memorable too. This quality is not found in other alternatives of Making it the best choice.


2. Less/Equal Domain pricing:

Domain price always plays an important factor while selecting the domain name for your business. There must be a balance between the domain name and price otherwise the customer will look for other alternatives. has been there in the market for domain branding for a very long time. Due to its popularity, some buyers find the pricing of the domain to be quite high. However, the pricing of domain brands available on is less or equal to the You can own the best suitable domain for your business’s website among available on and that too on an affordable price as compared to other alternatives of Different domains have different and suitable prices. So, buy a domain within the budget of your requirement. Isn’t this amazing?


3. Brief and user-friendly brand names:

The domain name should be brief and user-friendly. A very long brand name is confusing to remember and cause problems for users. For example, if the domain name is ‘,’ there is a possibility that you will forget the name after some time or will make typing errors while typing it. Also, if the brand names are not user-friendly for example, if some brand name as some subpart as ‘okay,’ then it may create confusion in user that whether it was ‘okay’ or ‘o.k.’ or ‘ok.’ On, most of the available domain names are short and user amicable. They are mostly combinations of two interesting words and less confusing. The domain names are easy to remember and pronounce. The audience appreciates these names for being so simple and easy. This availability of such efficient, brief and user-friendly brand names make as superior to all other alternatives to


4. Categories of branding: has a lot of categories to choose a brand name. For example, they have categories like cryptocurrency, accounting, finance, investment, blog, social, marketing, games, etc. from where you can choose the category of your business and the website provides all the list of relevant and unique branding names. You don’t require to select a brand name of the different domain for your business in the absence of your domain. Every category has numerous interesting branding names. This independence of choosing the desired brand name from the desired category of business make the work so simple and convenient. This vast collection of categories is what makes it the best alternative for


5. Relevant and attracting logos for brands:

Logos play an essential role in gaining the audiences. If the logo of a brand is not so drawing or irrelevant to the brand name, these kinds of domain often lose their visitors. A logo for the domain must be attractive as well as approaching one. The domain available on have relevant and attracting logos. These logos are handpicked and selected by the team in perspective to the domain name as compared to where the logos are created using clip-arts. This makes the logo looking more realistic and depicts the meaning of the related domain. This feature of is fantastic and is more appreciable.

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