10 videos to watch to fully understand Blockchain Technology

Top 10 videos on the internet community that would help gain the newbies, a grip in the blockchain fundamentals

The Blockchain Technology is inherently meant to be an internet of value and the traditional internet that we use today accounts to transfer of information. In simple words, Blockchain Technology is a protocol where the complete transfer of information takes place without maintaining its duplicate. On the other hand, the internet as we all know is a paradigm in which the clients receive a duplicate of the master copy on the server. The blockchain technology is originally meant to provide security features to any information by decentralizing it.

The most widely discussed topic and also the most bizarre one, demands a constant and special explanation in both simple and complicated manner at outer and deeper levels respectively. Below are the 10 most popular videos, which explains Blockchain Technology in a very simple manner, one can refer in order to understand it completely.


  1. What is blockchain?

The video posted by World Economic Forum offers a very intuitive way to understand the Blockchain Technology and the fields of application where it can be implemented. The explanation demands special attention as it is explained by one of the most respected economic forums around the world.


  1. Ever wonder how cryptocurrencies work?

The blockchain technology is explained by one of the ex-teachers at Khan Academy named San Anderson. The channel is specialized in explaining all the concepts in mathematics through animation. It concentrates more on the application of the concepts rather than just using the formulas to get a solution.


  1. Blockchain- A short introduction

The explanation starts with the need for money and the evolution of the blockchain technology from the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It even goes further to explain how the Blockchain Technology can reduce the transactional costs along with providing digital identity to currency as well as any particular real-world object for that matter.


  1. Blockchain: massively simplified

The TED community is well known to conduct volunteer workshops on various life-changing topics. They provide explanations from the experts in that particular field. In this video, Richie Etwaru goes on to explain the evolution and need of the blockchain technology from the internet error goes on to explain the evolution and need of the blockchain technology from the internet era. He even clearly differentiates characteristic features of normal databases to that of a Blockchain Distributed Ledgers.


  1. What is Blockchain?

CNBC explains one of the most preferred and reliable news outsource media, CNBC comes forward to explain the amazing implications of the Blockchain Technology and the impact it is having on the real world. In the video, they agree that it is wrongly being used for the purchase of drugs and other illegal commodities. They even state a fact that how banks are worried that the technology what completely disrupt them. However, the video mostly concentrates on the positive side of it.


  1. How does Blockchain work- Simply explained

The video initiates by comparing the Blockchain Technology similar to a digital notary. The time Stamping mechanism of Information. Further, it goes on to explain, Bitcoin as an application of Blockchain Technology and how it prevented in solving the double spend problem.


  1. Blockchain, How it works?

With the increase in the global economy, the video illustrates the difficulties and the expenses required to maintain the huge cumbersome databases. It takes the shipment of a diamond, as an instance in order to explain the application of the technology apart from the finances. It puts forth the effectiveness that the technology offers in tracking any particular commodity.


  1. Blockchain – Demystified

Another awesome explanations buy one of the experts in the field at a Ted Talk. He begins to explain the origin of the internet along with Blockchain Technology. He cited that the outcome of Bitcoin might be a coincidence of the 2008s Economic Crisis.


  1. Why blockchain matters more than you think?

Coldfusion TV is an amazing channel that explains the most complicated stuff in most relaxed manner. It goes on to explain the working of the cryptographic features of Blockchain Technology. The video concludes by explaining the smart contract concept in a very simple fashion by considering a real-world scenario.


  1. How Blockchain will radically transform the economy

As the title suggests, the video explains the radicalization that the Blockchain Technology is bringing into the current deprecated economic conditions. Effective elimination of the intermediaries is also a key topic of discussion in the video.



We hope that these videos would provide an effective overview of the Blockchain Technology for the geeks who are alien to the amazing cryptographic based technology.



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