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Harmony hacker starts moving the stolen cryptos

The harmony attacker has begun moving the stolen crypto to Tornado Cash. According to Etherscan, the wallet used in last week’s Harmony attack transferred a little over 18,036 ETH worth about $21 million at the writing time to a backup wallet.

The money was then divided equally among three secondary wallets; at the time of writing, two of these secondary wallets had already delivered ETH to a Tornado Cash router.

Last week Harmony’s Horizon bridge used to steal over $100 million in different tokens, including FRAX, FXS, ETH, BTC, AAVE, SUSHI, USDT, and BUSD, which were all exchanged for ETH in Uniswap.

That amount is now being transferred using Tornado Cash in 100 ETH increments. 10,409 ETH, or more than $12 million, had already been included in the privacy-enabling protocol as of the time of writing. Approximately one new 100 ETH transaction occurs every six minutes.

For instance, Tornado Cash is an Ethereum protocol called that uses zero-knowledge proofs to let users cut the cords connecting their on-chain activity. When utilized properly, the protocol renders it hard to trace wallet-to-wallet transfers.

Hackers have already exploited the protocol to profit from their illegally gained riches. Despite only sending roughly 12% of their gain to Tornado Cash. The harmony exploiter is already the fifth-largest malicious user of the protocol.

Harmony had previously promised the Horizon bridge hacker a $1 million reward for recovering the stolen money in exchange for agreeing to forego bringing legal action.