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SM Entertainment Officially Establishes Metaverse

SM Entertainment announced the launch of “STUDIO KWANGYA,” a company specializing in metaverse content production technology, on the 12th.

The “Kwangya” of Studio Kwangya is a term that appears in the SMCU (SM Culture Universe) worldview, which SM has emphasized as the core value and vision of future entertainment. It means the domain of irregular, amorphous, and infinite in which nothing is defined, and it means the world of content in which infinite things transcend space.

STUDIO KWANGYA is expected to help the continuation of SMCU, a worldview of SM Entertainment that highlights the basic values and vision of the entertainment industry in the future.

Lee Sung Su and Tak Young-Jun Tak, CEO and COO of SM Entertainment, revealed that SMCU is a virtual world that shows the unique views of SM artists.

“SMCU is a concept that includes each artist’s unique story and worldview, crossing the virtual and real worlds. KWANGYA is a place, a universe that contains the identity of each artist, as well as a new world that has no boundaries,” they said

STUDIO KWANGYA will mainly work on post-production, special effects, production of virtual reality content or virtual humans, or virtual reality concerts.