People’s interest in bitcoin is highest in African and South American countries.

According to the Google Trends data compiled by, Bitcoin's search interest is highest in Kenya and Brazil.

An interactive map showing the level of cryptocurrency interest worldwide revealed that Bitcoin searches are most frequent in countries in Africa and South America. According to the map published at, Google Trends data shows that the leading cryptocurrency dominates search interest in Africa. 94.7% of all searches related to crypto, including BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Tron—in Kenya are for Bitcoin. In comparison, Nigeria and South Africa had high percentages of 89.4% and 89%, respectively. 


Crypto adoption increases in African countries. 

The search indicates countries in Africa may become key crypto players in the future. Earlier it was reported that the Nigerian House of Representatives speakers called for a substantive legal framework for cryptocurrencies in July 2019. South Africa has 13% of crypto ownership in Africa, the highest among internet users in the continent. Earlier this year, the country’s financial regulator issued a policy document asserting that crypto-assets and activities relating to virtual currencies can no longer remain outside of the regulatory perimeter. Africa has been claimed as the continent that would decide the future of bitcoin by many experts in the industry, including Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey


Interest in bitcoin increases amid the pandemic. 

Four countries from South America made it to the top ten most’ Bitcoin maximalist’ to Africa’s three. Brazil had the highest search interest in bitcoin at 92.6%, while both Chile and Ecuador were roughly 89%. With 87.7%, Argentina had the lowest interest of the top ten in the region. The ongoing global pandemic seemed to spark a greater demand for crypto in these nations. Even though Venezuela did not make the top ten, but Bitcoin search interest in the region was still 75.2%. The ongoing global pandemic has forced people to engage in digital payments to avoid coming in contact of other people. The interest in bitcoin all over the world has increased in the last few months. 

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