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OneCoin Scam. All about the OneCoin Ponzi Scheme

One of the largest Ponzi scheme OneCoin by OneLife that the world has ever experienced has been taken down.
One of the largest Ponzi scheme OneCoin by OneLife that the world has ever experienced has been taken down.

One of the largest Ponzi scheme that the world has ever experienced has been taken down

Opening thoughts

The cryptocurrency space is highly vulnerable and is continuously being attacked by a number of hackers, as well as many other, Ponzi schemes in the form of cryptocurrencies. Which is emerging out and especially targeting the newcomers in the cryptocurrency field, as they do not have much experience in the domain? Playing a safe game in the cryptocurrency market is like gambling, but if the investors undertake immense precautionary measures and calculated risks, then it is very certain that the input and as well as output from the cryptocurrency market can be optimized.

The OneCoin scam

OneCoin scam was one of the Ponzi schemes which the cryptocurrency community witnessed. The OneCoin scam was primarily promoted as a cryptocurrency blockchain project in order to attract investors from various countries throughout the world. It was primarily considered as a scam as due to its architectural functionalities as well as the members involved with it. However, on January 17th, the Bulgarian police raided the offices of the blockchain project in Sofia and ceased all its operations including the servers.

History of OneCoin scam

The Founder of OneCoin company is actually a Bulgarian businesswoman, Ruja Ignatova. The OneCoin scam promoted itself to be as a cryptocurrency blockchain project but on the contrary, it deemed itself to be one of the centralized platforms where the cryptocurrency funds are stored in a highly secure manner. It is highly astonishing to know the fact that the Blockchain project was neither open source nor decentralized in nature. Yet, the marketers were able to lure massive investments in the project. The OneCoin scam had also ensured to implement the Anti Money Laundering procedures so as to avoid the cryptocurrency losses.

Seizures of OneCoin scam across the world

The company is actually registered under the jurisdiction of the Government of United Arab Emirates, with the name, OneCoin Ltd. but according to the police investigations, it has been revealed that the organization actually works through hundreds of its subordinate companies, spread throughout different continents, across the world. In May 2017, the Government of Kazakhstan levied strict regulations on the company and termed it to be one of the Ponzi schemes. Further, in July 2017, the Government of India also arrested 23 people involved with the OneCoin scam. Even the Italian government noticed the Ponzi scheme and it’s Italian Antitrust and Consumer Protection Authority (AGCM), imposed a fine on the company of almost 2.5 million euros.

Company’s thoughts on the allegations

However, the people involved with the OneCoin scam are constantly being denying all the allegations. According to the members, the confiscation of various technical pieces of equipment has led to the closure of all the business operations, which would indirectly lead to huge amount of losses and ultimately bankruptcy as well. According to them, they were always ready for any clarification of doubts or speculations regarding the OneCoin scam, but none of the media outlets approached them, in order to get them clarified. They mark this as a lack of journalistic integrity and ethics.

The OneCoin scam was spread across the world

Various countries across the world have realized that the OneCoin project is actually OneCoin scam. various countries around the world like England Italy Ireland the United Kingdom Ukraine China India, etc have taken strict measures against the OneCoin scam. The Government of China, in fact, has confiscated $260 million in OneCoin and has also prosecuted 98 members involved with the project in China.

Closing thoughts

Also, the incorporation of cryptocurrencies for the illegal activities is on rising which automatically directs the attention of the various governments as well as financial regulators of countries. The intervention of various financial regulators has given certain kind of confidence to the newcomers in the field who were a bit hesitant due to its unregulated nature. One must be very speculative and thoughtful when it comes to cryptocurrency investments, as many people, disguised as entrepreneurs and business persons are eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to get rich as quick as possible.