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Blockchain protocol NEAR has announced the release of its JavaScript Software Development Kit. In this way, the NEAR JS SDK will allow JavaScript developers to connect to the network.

This will be possible without them having to program in a second language. Most DApps are currently built using Solidity and Rust. Developers need to learn these languages to create a smart contract on Ethereum and other blockchains.

However, with NEAR, this will not be necessary. After all, JavaScript developers can create smart contracts with this language.

“Developers do not have to spend time understanding a new language and can spend more time building. Millions of developers already know how to program in JavaScript,” said NEAR founder Illia Polosukhin.

JavaScript In NEAR

According to Polosukhin, allowing JavaScript developers to create new applications in NEAR is critical. “It’s a key step towards achieving our vision of one billion users interacting with NEAR.”

Usability remains one of the main challenges preventing the adoption of Web3.0. To join Web3, developers need as simple an environment as possible to create user-focused products.

Like a fragmented network, the protocol is built to adjust based on users’ demands dynamically. The mechanism saves developers the stress of migrating to new networks as their DApp usage increases.

Thus, being a fragmented network, it allows transactions to be processed faster and in greater quantity while maintaining the network’s security. In addition, NEAR offers courses and tools to help developers learn and start building on the network on their preferred schedule.