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Minecraft bans NFTs inconsistent with game value

Minecraft, a Microsoft subsidiary run by Mojang Studios, a game development company based in Stockholm, Sweden, said that integration into NFTs is generally not supported or licensed by the company.

Minecraft, run by Mojang, explains why the team has not adopted NFT and blockchain technology so far and why Minecraft has taken steps to ban any blockchain-related implementations.

Some creators use blockchain technology to sell skins, worlds, etc., but Minecraft people want their community to be a place where everyone can access the same content. As such, Mojang said in a statement that digital ownership and creative inclusion based on rarity and exclusion of attacking technicians for promotion do not match the values of Minecraft playing with them.

It states as follows:

“We have these rules to keep Minecraft a community where everyone can access the same content. NFTs have the potential to create a model of rarity and exclusion that goes against our guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft.”

Mojang explains why blockchain technology and NFT have been banned throughout the game and will integrate blockchain technology inside our client and server applications for a secure and comprehensive experience for Minecraft players. It is prohibited at all.