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Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy NFT Collection

In recent months, video game company Square Enix announced its plans to enter the NFT industry. Successful game studio Square Enix is launching an NFT collection related to Final Fantasy’s hit game series.

Game studio Square Enix is kicking off an NFT project for the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix is partnering with NFT infrastructure firm Enjin, which is preparing to launch a new collection on Enjin’s Efinity Blockchain network to mark the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy VII game. Consumers will be able to purchase a newly arrived commemorative action figure with a code to redeem the NFT version of a figure.

The inclusion of NFTs in games is a topic that many game studios are discussing. Mojang, the developer of the Minecraft game, announced that they will go to restrictions on NFTs and will not allow NFTs.

Although GSC Game World, the Ukraine-based game studio behind the STALKER game series, was warm to the idea of including NFTs in its games, it took a step back in this decision after the reactions from the community.

Lastly, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda announced that Square Enix would devote more resources to blockchain innovations in 2022.