YouTuber Michelle Phan claims bitcoin is the best reserve and savings technology

Michelle Phan, the famous Youtuber has entered the group of Bitcoin promoters. The Asian-American took to twitter her take on the cryptocurrency, stating that bitcoin is the best savings tech to protect your purchasing power during a financial crisis. Phan recites her excitement for bitcoin as the greatest and claims it to be the most important investment of the era.

Who is Michelle Phan?

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Michelle Phan is an American makeup artist, entrepreneur, and voice actress who is known for her YouTube channel and her makeup skills. With 385 videos and over 8.9 million subscribers, her videos have a lifetime view of 1.1 billion.


Michelle Phan and her crypto interests

The Asia-American YouTuber, Michelle Phan, has cited her opinion on Bitcoin, saying that BTC is not an investment. Delving into the cryptocurrency world, Phan updated Twitter with her views claiming that Bitcoin is a reserve and the best savings technology that will secure the purchasing power in the times of financial crisis.

Her contention surfaces after she told The Cut about her excitement about Bitcoin being more than when she discovered YouTube. The owner of hundreds of millions also told the interviewer that BTC is the most significant investment one can make in a lifetime.


Michelle Phan’s ideology

Phan noted how bitcoin allows one to become their bank as the currency’s technology initiates no higher authority or controlling the power that checks the flow of money. Since the statement, many bitcoiners have risen to support the entrepreneur, calling her a way to normalize the cryptocurrency.

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