Deutsche Bank uses the EOS mainnet to tokenize bonds

The Deutsche Bank dBonds team used the EOS mainnet to tokenize the bank's bond. The bond is launched in collaboration with Queen Street Finance, a UK-based authorized custodian that possesses a stablecoin digital asset DUSD running on EOS protocol. The new development is equipped with evolving fixed income instruments in the EOS ecosystem.

The Deutsche Bank adopted the EOS mainnet to tokenize the bank’s bonds. As reported, the tokenization occurred in collaboration with an authorized UK-based custodian, Queen Street Finance, that holds a stablecoin digital asset DUSD working on the EOS protocol.

The advancement is aimed to introduce fixed income instruments in the EOS ecosystem. Also, the USD-denominated bond will be obtained and deposited in the Queen Street Finance escrow account. Accordingly, the DUSD nominated dbond (DBAAAAA) will be originated by the dbondsacc contract at the request of the emitent unitedbridge account.

“This is an important step towards bringing fixed income instruments into the EOS ecosystem and building a transparent, decentralized bank with stablecoin fully collateralized by high valuable on-chain assets including tokenized bonds.”

Ryan Asher
Ryan Asher
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