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MakerDAO Invests in US Treasuries with Backing Assets Equivalent

It has been revealed that the MakerDAO community is considering investing about 500 million dollars in US Treasuries in order to obtain a low-risk yield from stablecoin on the balance sheet.

The Maker protocol is a lending platform for issuing and managing stablecoin “DAI.” MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that manages operational protocol policies by voting Governance Tokens (MKR).

DAI, which issues cryptocurrencies issued on the Ethereum chain as collateral, has a market capitalization of $6.7 billion and boasts the fourth largest market capitalization in the stablecoin field.

DAI is a crypto asset-backed stablecoin, an ERC-20 token standard issued on the Ethereum chain. It is linked to the value of the US dollar and is designed to maintain 1DAI=1Dollar.


The beginning of the matter was October 2009. Maker’s balance sheet has a 50% share of US $ stablecoin 9USDC), but the yield is zero, and it is pointed out that ” PR (marketing impression) is bad” Raised in the community.

Asset management using collateral funds has already been permitted in MIP6-12, which was proposed in March 2010. In this case, a proposal aimed at stably generating yields diversification strategy by a professional bond manager is being discussed.

MakerDAO Challenge

If the proposal is approved, surpluses above the USDC-based DAI issuance security line will be sent to the broker, and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) made by BlackRock and Ballie Gifford will be invested.

MakerDAO has taken pioneering efforts as a DAO, such as dissolving the Maker Foundation in 2009 and transferring the assets belonging to the foundation to the community. In April 2010, a member of the well-known VC, Andressen Horowitz, submitted the governance token “Maker (MKR).”