Nasdaq adds DeFix index for Augur and MakerDAO

The stock exchange operator, Nasdaq has partnered with a London-based brokerage firm, EXANTE to offer DeFix index which gives information about real-time projects such as Augur and MakerDAO.

DeFix is the index that will help in reflecting the dynamics of projects from all over the world that are working towards the decentralization of the finance system. Some such projects are Augur, Gnosis, Amoveo, Numerai, maker, 0x.

The new index is added on the Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS), a consolidated data feed which is refreshed every 60 seconds. Apart from Nasdaq, users can also view this index on Google and Tradingview. It will soon be made available on Yahoo Finance.

At the beginning of 2019, Nasdaq partnered Brave New Coin, a New Zealand-based blockchain data and research firm. This partnership was done to provide indices for Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH) and XRP cryptocurrencies. Two more benchmark indices cover top 200 cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization- one with Bitcoin and the other one without BTC in association with Coin Market Cap.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary is a content writer with computer applications as his background field. His interests range from writing and photography to going out for trips and rides on weekends.

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