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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Bet Intensifies

MicroStrategy buys 11.9K BTC for $786M, total holdings at $15B. Shares surge as Saylor leads crypto charge. Keep reading to know more.

Photo by Kanchanara / Unsplash

Substantial Bitcoin Purchase

MicroStrategy, the Nasdaq-listed software giant, has made headlines once again with a substantial acquisition of 11,931 bitcoins for $786 million. This latest move by the company, spearheaded by Executive Chairman Michael Saylor, brings its total bitcoin holdings to an impressive 226,331 tokens. With the current price of bitcoin hovering around $66,000, MicroStrategy’s investment is valued just shy of $15 billion.

Investment Strategy and Growth

The company’s journey into Bitcoin began in 2020 and has since been marked by strategic acquisitions. MicroStrategy’s average purchase price stands at $36,798 per bitcoin, amounting to an overall investment of roughly $8.33 billion. This most recent purchase was facilitated by an $800 million convertible note offering to institutional investors, which exceeded its initial target of $500 million due to high demand.

MicroStrategy’s aggressive investment strategy has not only bolstered its own financial standing but also set a precedent for other corporations. The firm’s ten-fold share price increase since its initial bitcoin purchases four years ago is a testament to the market’s positive reception of its crypto-centric approach.

Influence on Corporate Treasury Strategies

Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy have been at the forefront of advocating for bitcoin as a reserve asset for corporate treasuries. While only a few companies have followed suit with modest Bitcoin investments, U.S.-listed Semler Scientific stands out for its significant treasury Bitcoin to Bitcoin and plans to raise capital for further purchases.

The ripple effect of MicroStrategy’s investment decisions extends beyond its own balance sheet. The firm’s success has sparked interest among other companies in exploring Bitcoin as a viable asset class. This trend is indicative of a broader shift in corporate finance towards digital assets and their potential to offer alternative investment opportunities.

Market Response and Outlook

The market has responded favourably to MicroStrategy’s bitcoin-centric strategy. Bernstein brokerage recently initiated coverage of the company with a bullish $2,890 price target and an outperform rating. Shares of MicroStrategy have risen premarket, reflecting investor confidence in the company’s direction.