Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler could be picked to fill the vacant US Senate seat.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is set to pick the CEO of ICE-backed Bakkt Kelly Loeffler to fill the US Senate seat held by retiring GOP Senator Johnny Isakson.

According to the Bloomberg report, Kelly Loeffler is to be picked to fill the vacant US Senate seat, and the choice is a rebuff of President Trump’s lobbying for the appointment of one of his biggest supporters in the House. 


Kelly Loeffler has donated millions to Republican candidates.

The CEO of the Atlanta-based Bitcoin trading platform Bakkt has donated millions to Republican candidates and Super PACs. As per Bloomberg’s report, recipients of the donations included the Georgia Republican Party, former Senator Saxby Chambliss, current Senator David Perdue, and a super PAC. President Trump and the overall stance of the current authorities in the US have been firm on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.


Kelly’s appointment is good news for the crypto world.

Some of the investors in Intercontinental Exchanges-backed Bakkt are Microsoft and Starbucks. Kelly Loeffler, who is married to the CEO of ICE Jeffrey C. Sprecher, said in her statement that if she is selected, she will stand with President Trump, Senate David Perdue, and the people to keep America great. Once Loeffler becomes a member of the US Senate crypto industry could expect some voice in support of crypto friendly regulations. The announcement is likely to be made next week. 

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