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HitBTC is fraud: John Mcafee, What about Binance?



John McAfee has termed HitBTC as one of the most arrogant cryptocurrency exchanges that he has ever seen in his life. Let's compare HitBTC with Binance

The articles cover aspects and give insights after comparing HitBTC vs Binance



The cryptocurrencies predominantly need a Marketplace as they have flourished from a handful of them to 1500 different varieties till date. An intermediary is required which would help in the buying and selling of various kinds of cryptocurrencies across the world. This facility is being provided by many of the cryptocurrency exchanges which has been flourished with the inception of Bitcoin in the year 2009. The cryptocurrency exchanges are highly centralized in nature but can handle huge amounts of transactions in every seamless manner, but they seem to be compromising on the security which is very crucial in this highly vulnerable cryptocurrency space. let us understand and try to compare two of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.


HitBTC vs Binance: Introduction

Binance easy one of the most recent cryptocurrency exchanges which initiated its operations from China in the year 2017. It has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges which offer a huge variety of options in the form of trading pairs to its customers. The Centralized trading platform supports a myriad of languages as well as cryptocurrencies when compared to the lesser prominent HitBTC. Hitbtc is another centralized cryptocurrency exchange which initiated its operations way before binance in the year 2013 itself. Nevertheless, the Crypto exchange has not been able to gather as much as popularity as Binance has. The Hong Kong best cryptocurrency exchange supports fever languages when compared to the former one but a higher number of trading pairs to choose from.  


HitBTC vs Binance: Security

According to estimates, it has been found out that Binance supports approximately 123 cryptocurrency coins, whereas the hitBTC is deemed to support almost 228 different varieties of cryptocurrency tokens. Boudi cryptocurrency exchanges do not support any kind of Fiat deposits and only allows for the exchange between various kinds of cryptocurrencies. Security is one of the major concern and until now both the cryptocurrency exchanges have not been susceptible to any kind of hacks. They ensure security through a two-factor authentication process in order to safeguard the cryptocurrency funds.  However, Binance requests higher verification procedures to be followed for an increased amount of withdrawal or deposits.


HitBTC vs Binance: Transaction fee

When it comes to the transaction fees Binance as implied 0.1% on both the maker as well as the taker fees, but hitBTC seems to be compromising and has levied the transaction fee only on the withdrawal of 0.1%. The China-based cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is Highly popular and the daily trading volume is estimated to be almost $2 billion. On the other hand the daily trading volume of the hitBTC accounts to approximately $450 million. It seems that the Binance has been able to attract the customers from all over the world through its hard work and dedication. They also believe in customer service and also have an interactive mobile application which allows the user to undertake the trading operations very similar seamlessly.


John McAfee’s thoughts about HitBTC

Even John McAfee has termed HitBTC as one of the most arrogant cryptocurrency exchanges that he has ever seen in his life. He points out the Anonymity of the exchange which is providing minimal service and extracting maximum profits out of the cryptocurrency funds. He was very furious with the CEO of it BTC as he alleges that the CEO of hitBTC and threatened him.



HitBTC vs Binance: Popularity

The HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange was one of the most preferred ones, during its times but has become unreliable in the current domain, and it has been and has significantly failed to adapt itself to the changing market conditions. The inability to innovate and keep up with the pace rendered them to become very unpopular, although it was one of the early players in the market. Binance, on the other hand, has been deemed to be on the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the cryptocurrency market. It doesn’t require much verification until the withdrawal of 2 Bitcoins worth, and the transaction fees also kept very negotiable.


Closing thoughts

Most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, Bitfinex, HitBTC, etc are centralized in nature which means that the primary keys are stored in their servers. It is highly preferred that the users withdraw their cryptocurrency funds each time, after the trading and store it in an external hardware wallet as leaving them on the exchange is highly susceptible and dangerous.


Komodo Platform and KMD Coin: Complete Analysis



he Komodo platforms are the pioneers in collaborating with major blockchain platforms Bitcoin and Ethereum to through their Atomic swap Technology.

Gaining insights with respect to the future Blockchain platform of the crypto world.


Many cryptocurrencies are developed only for specific purposes

We all have been observing that different cryptocurrency projects are developed for specific reasons. For instance, Bitcoin represents global currency, Ethereum is for smart contract and Decentralized Autonomous organizations, and Ripple is for faster transactions. In brief, there is no single platform which can provide all the above services, in a consistent manner where the users need not jump from one Crypto to another for different applications. In fact, most of the blockchain platforms do not support the functionality of atomic swaps which is most important and famous in the cryptoverse. However, there is one Blockchain platform, which has consistently been developing itself, in almost all the cryptocurrencies domains, Komodo.


The Komodo platform supports many applications

The Komodo platform is one such Blockchain platform which is a means to launch the Initial Coin Offerings in a decentralized manner, a decentralized exchange, a cryptocurrency coins with 5% of interest model, etc. The Komodo platform is the first Blockchain platform to support the launch of an ICO in a decentralized manner. The Komodo platform dominates over the Atomic Swap technology too, where almost 95% of the cryptocurrency’s Atomic Swaps are handled by it. It even addresses the scalability issues of the cryptoverse, where the Komodo platform reached 14,000 transactions per second during the initial days of launching itself. It is to be noted down that one transaction accounts for 100 payments.


It entails the Delayed Proof of Work for stability

The Komodo platform even supports an improvised version of the Proof of Work consensus mechanism which happens to be Delayed Proof of Work. The Komodo platforms are the pioneers in collaborating with major blockchain platforms Bitcoin and Ethereum to through their Atomic swap Technology. It is one of the most versatile forms of blockchain platform, as it can be utilized for different purposes by the developers or users respectively.


The world’s first decentralized initial coin offering

The Komodo blockchain platform sets security and privacy with the utmost priority. It is a direct descendant of ZCash and an indirect one of Bitcoin. On April 17, 2018, the world’s first decentralized ICO took place on the Komodo platform, which was for BlocNation blockchain. This feature is highly in demand, but the developers of the Komodo platform are inviting only one decentralized ICO at a time.  As the Blockchain platform, covers so many aspects, it is highly challenging for the investors to decipher it.


BarterDEX is a result of Komodo platform

BarterDEX is Komodo platform’s exclusive decentralized exchange. The exchange supports two functionalities, it can be utilized for trading purposes and also acts as a platform for the development of cryptocurrencies. The Crypto enthusiast can explore BarterDEX exchange and can perform the trading operations along with the development of another blockchain platforms. The DEX has lower transaction fees of 0.15% along with faster transactional confirmation. Basically, the Komodo platform works rigorously in order to lower the barrier of the Blockchain ecosystem.


Agama wallet is also developed and maintained by the Komodo platform

The Komodo platform even supports an exclusive multi-coin wallet named, Agama Wallet. The users can use the wallet to store their KMD coins, where a 5% interest is provided by them, just to hold the coins.  This 5% passive income model was incorporated within the Agama wallet to force people to avoid storing their tokens on the exchange, which would indirectly increase scarcity and, hence, the value of the coin. This 5% model was initiated, to nullify the number of tokens being mined and indirectly to prevent losses to the long-term holders of the coin.


The Komodo coins power the ecosystem

The Komodo coins power the entire ecosystem, where 200 million coins, marks the total supply of the coins. Keeping the current mining rates in mind, according to experts, it has been estimated that the total supply would be reached until 2031. On December 26th, 2017, the Komodo platform reached its all-time high of about $12.54. Currently, the prices are hovering around $1.046. Being the jack of all the subsystems of cryptocurrencies, the prices are expected to rise substantially.


Future of the Komodo platform

Very similar to methodologies incorporated by the Zcash blockchain, even the Komodo platform incorporates privacy, through the “zero-knowledge proof”. It enables the customers to get absolutely anonymous or transparent based on the requirement. There is a lot more to be discussed with respect to the Komodo platform and the discussion might never end. In a nutshell, the complex ecosystem is creating benchmarks with its roadmaps.

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Is the Waves Blockchain platform now dead?



There is a list of outright scams and which is suggest that Waves platform is definitely not worth for future cause if you’ll still do that you’ll lose out.

Waves Platform

Waves is an open-source blockchain platform, designed for mass adoption. It launches in 2016, waves have been kept working to fulfill its vision of creating a truly unique blockchain product that will be an industry standard in providing the most versatile and straightforward tokenization for everyday use, all this depends on the success of waves platform.


Features of Waves

The key feature of the waves, it keeps decentralized assets such as BTC/ETH on the centralized exchange. Some hacks like MtGox and Bitfinex are a good example of this level of stupidity. Wavedex is a decentralized exchange built in waves blockchain.


Other features of the waves are given below

Smart contracts


Fiat Gateways

Best of both world



Market Cap of Waves

As per CoinMarketCap the total circulating supply of WAVES is 100 million tokens, and the current price of each unit is $6.88, which makes its market cap approximately $686 million.


Is Waves Platform Dead

Perhaps, there is a list of outright scams and which is suggest that this platform is definitely not worth for future because if you’ll still do that you’ll lose out. Waves is a broken and completely misleading platform. They used hidden bugs forms which is hard to identify for an individual who is investing in that.


Key factors which prove waves platform dead

1. You deposit BTC and you can’t do anything, the platform suggests you get to the faucet or a forum and beg for waves so you can make your first trade. But in the waves, you cannot buy it with BTC because to buy waves you should already have waves and for the further things as well.

2. No contact of support system, they want you to post publicly about your problems on their forum but they have a censored and moderate platform to control so if you are facing any problem and posted there, the public will never see it as they control this medium.

3. A BTC fee of .001 for a gateway fee, but after depositing BTC here losing a percentage and then losing more of the scam waves token, now you have to pay a gateway fee for using a blockchain to withdraw it and that equals $CDN.

4. After charging over the site does not work and gives the error.


So here it can conclude now that waves platform is equaled to worth because of all these loopholes and also it is not that much updated to compare with other cryptocurrencies out there.

So, you can now that waves platform is dead.

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Trade with anonymity. Top Crypto Exchanges with no verification.



Let's look at some of the top crypto exchanges with no verification required to start trade anonymously.

Elucidating Crypto exchanges, which gives privacy the utmost priority.

Why do we need such Crypto exchanges?

Being anonymous is associated with a lot of advantages. It is discomforting that all the online activity of each and every individual is constantly being monitored. With anonymity, they are given access to freedom of speech. Whether or not, a person is doing illegal activity, getting to know their personal preferences is unethical. Even many of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges, traditionally monitor all the trading activities of its users. Ironically, the cryptocurrencies are expected to be anonymous in nature. The Centralised exchanges have become popular and therefore anonymity has become rare. Nevertheless, the decentralized exchanges provide high levels of anonymity. Let’s look at some of the top crypto exchanges with no verification required to start trade anonymously.


The article covers a handful of Crypto exchanges which offer services with almost no verification procedures.


1. Blockonix

The decentralized exchange, initiated in July 2018, stands at the first position when it comes to the Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures. It provides anonymity to its users in a way that no one could imagine. Blockonix users can seamlessly connect their hardware wallets and start trading on the exchange or can generate a new wallet just by entering a strong password and downloading a JSON file. No exclusive registration is mandatory.


2. Bitfinex

At Bitfinex, the users have an option of depositing or withdrawing their funds in the form of cryptocurrencies only, with no verification procedures. They provide high levels of privacy to their traders and doesn’t incorporate the extensive KYC regulations. Specifically, the process of withdrawal and deposit becomes extensive with the Crypto exchanges complying with the KYC regulations.


3. Binance

One of the top Crypto exchanges of the world, situated in Hong Kong, has a record of the 24-hour trading volume of about $4 billion. With a cost of negligible verification, which is the same as Crypto exchanges with no verification, they allow the users for a transfer of funds up to 2 BTC worth.


4. Changelly

It offers service of Crypto Exchanges with no verification procedures and allows for seamless transfer of funds between different cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrencies. 0.5% transaction fee is negotiable when compared to the amount of privacy one can avail, just by providing a valid or invalid email address.


5. Kraken

The Crypto exchange offers to trade, without any form of KYC regulations. The Exchange, has also its exclusive iOS as well as Android mobile applications, in order to bring the trading process, in the hands of users, since 2014 itself. The exchange specifically has 5 tiers of users, where different levels of them avail different kinds of the facility through the exchange but it is worth noting down that it doesn’t require KYC regulations. Therefore, the government intervention is kept far away from the trading operations.


There are also alternative ways, apart from the Crypto exchanges which the users might find attractive are,


1. Many countries have the facility of Bitcoin ATMs, even which provide the facility of Bitcoin transactions throughout the world. The users can just enter their wallet addresses (both source and destination). The transaction is reflected through the original Blockchain within a matter of few minutes and importantly without any verification procedures.  


2. The users can even avail the services offered by, which allows the buyer and seller, to meet each other and undertake the transaction in their preferred ways, just by registering with their email IDs.


3. BitQuick enables its users to buy cryptocurrencies by using their credit cards in a very traditional way, without requiring any form of personal identification. It basically acts as an escrow service and the funds are released, only when all the required conditions are met.

Added advantages of such exchanges

Also, one must know that all the Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures have faster transactional information on an average when compared to their counterparts. Some exchanges with KYC regulations takes days to complete the transactions. Therefore, the above-mentioned Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures are highly recommended for the beginners, to start with the Crypto trading or investing.

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