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Uniswap users loses $8M Ether due to phishing attack

Uniswap users lost more than $8 million worth of Ether on Tuesday in a phishing attack aimed at luring Uniswap customers with a message offering an alleged airdrop, cybersecurity researchers said.

Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao noticed the attack and reached out to stop it. A security guard first noticed the attack in Metamask around 4:00 p.m. UTC. He tweeted, informing us that the attack started about two hours ago.

Later, CZ also posted a Tweet informing Uniswap of the attack. Zhao said Binance threat intelligence noticed the malicious activity hackers had already stolen more than 4,295 ETH.

Zhao reached out, asking the community to contact Uniswap. In less than half an hour, the attack was stopped. Zhao posted another Tweet sharing a chat screen to update the community.

Despite the bear market, Uniswap has expanded its business. In early April, he set up venture capital to back projects with similar goals to Uniswap.

A week later, Uniswap hinted that it was also playing for Web3 dominance by announcing the launch of “swap widget” website integration.

Based on Uniswap’s strong reputation and token’s slow but steady rise despite the bear market, speculators claim the phishing attack was a FUD for major names to buy lower.