Hacker demands bitcoin after attacking Spanish city’s computer system

A city in southern Spain has surfaced with a cyber-attack. A crook hacked the computer system of Jerez de la Frontera, demanding a price paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. The attack initiated blackouts in services offered through the city's websites. The socialist mayor has reported the re-functioning will begin only after the site is 100% secure. Jerez de la Frontera is a city with around 212,000 residents.

Jerez de la Frontera, a city located in southern Spain, is under siege by an enterprising hacker. The city’s computer system has been taken over by the crook, who now seeks bitcoin as a ransom to restore the system. The cyberattack has caused disruptions in the services rendered through the city’s official website.

City officials have not publicly revealed the amount of bitcoins desired by the scammer. Spain’s interior ministry has sent three computer experts to help the municipality solve the cybercrime of the city. Mamem Sanchez, the socialist mayor, has assured the re-working of the website will only begin when it is 100% secure.

Cryptocurrencies have been a favorable asset for criminals despite their transparency. While the experts claim it unwise to pay the hackers, many organizations end up accepting the ransom demands.

Alexander Aryan
Alexander Aryan
After completing his Masters in Business Administration and Management from the California State University, Alexander dedicated his life into studying and writing about bitcoin and the technology behind it as he believes it to be the money of the future. Apart form being a writer, Alex is also a great speaker and loves to participate in blockchain events.

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