Ebay: No Plans of Accepting Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies

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eBay has responded to the ongoing rumors that the e-commerce and online auctions website is going to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment saying that they have no plans to do so.


eBay to accept cryptocurrency payments? Not Yet!

The rumors started to spread throughout the cryptocurrency industry after photos of the advertisements of eBay the Consensus event went viral. The advertisement read: “ Virtual Currency. It’s Happening on eBay.”

People were linking the current sudden bullish trend in the price of bitcoin to the e-commerce giant and online auctions site preparing to accept cryptocurrency payments.


The adoption of cryptocurrency by eBay which quotes itself as the world’s largest marketplace would have been a great move towards mainstream adoption and thus everyone around the cryptocurrency space was busy discussing the rumor. However, according to a recent report published by Bloomberg, eBay has denied the rumors saying that it has no plans to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.


An eBay spokesman said in the report that cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin) is not accepted as payment on the platform and it is neither the part of their payments strategy.


However, currently, eBay does have a section on the platform which reads Virtual Currency, however, on this section, the users can use fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency from sellers.



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