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CryptoPunk Collection Sells For $2.6M As Revival Continues

A rare CryptoPunk non-tradable token (NFT) sold for 2,500 ETH (roughly $2.6 million) last night is the last major sale of the collection’s final resurgence this summer.

According to data from analytics, this NFT has the 32nd rarest monkey number 4464 in a co9llection of 10,000 versions.

The CryptoPunks is one of the biggest and most popular NFT projects in the cryptocurrency market, hitting the $1 billion revenue milestone just behind Axie Infinity. In late August 2021, payment giant Visa suddenly spent 150,000 USD on buying CryptoPunk, helping 90 NFT Punks to be sold in 1 hour

Based on the estimated market capitalization of NFT CryptoPunk #4464, the outstanding sale was a fair deal for both buyer and seller. NFT price estimator DeepNFT value had collectible value at 2595 ETH at the time of sale, only 4% difference from its final price. The buyer was the NFT whale nicknamed “zoom” his collection now has 24 CryptoPunks and 113 Meebits.

On the other hand, CryptoPunk #4464 is not the only name in the collection on the evening of July 12. CryptoPunk #9280 received another special edition, and offer 2 hours later, CryptoPunk #4464 offer of $2.6 million was accepted. However, the deal for CryptoPunk #9280 has not been accepted to date.