Crypto conference in Hong Kong pushed back because of Coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has deeply affected lives and businesses in China. TOKEN2049 crypto conference that was scheduled to take place in March this year has been pushed back to late October.

According to the Aljazeera report, at least 25 countries have confirmed cases of Coronavirus patients. The total number of infected people has risen over 30,000, and several hundred have lost their lives because of this mysterious virus. This has started to affect crypto and other businesses as well. 


TOKEN2049 crypto conference has been pushed back to October

According to an announcement on February 6, the TOKEN2049 crypto conference that was originally scheduled to take place in Hong Kong on March 17-18 has been pushed back to late October because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The organizers informed that they have been monitoring the global developments around the Coronavirus over the past few weeks and have decided to push pack the conference. 


Crypto industry steps up to help fight Coronavirus.

As the government all over the world are trying their best to contain the mysterious virus that emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the crypto industry has also stepped up to help the cause. One of the leading crypto exchanges, Binance, donated 1.5 million US dollars to help the victims of the Coronavirus. Crypto exchange Huobi also established HuobiCharity to help fight Coronavirus.

Tron Foundation founder Justin Sun also announced that they have partnered with several logistics companies to distribute medical supplies and aid. 

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