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CoinEx Charity offers a multi-million dollar charitable fund

CoinEx, a premium global crypto trading platform, launched a worldwide book donation initiative on May 26 to build charitable reading corners for schools and donate books.

According to the official introduction, the first two book donation events were organized by CoinEx Charity in Antakya (Turkey) and Damascus (Syria) on May 26 and 28, respectively, and about 3000 books were donated to 6 locals schools. Furthermore, CoinEx Charity has also purchased bookshelves to build reading corners for each school.

The campaign will reach eight countries in June, covering Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, India, and Venezuela.

CoinEx Charity will donate around 11,000 books and provide more and better learning spaces for poor children, so they can read and learn with passion anytime, anywhere.

As part of the human community, CoinEx spares no effort in giving back to the public without pursuing growth. With the CoinEx Charity Foundation, the exchange seeks to empower global philanthropy in multiple areas, including human development, education, poverty alleviation, etc.

Drawing on blockchain technology, its influence, and social resources, CoinEx strives to contribute to global philanthropy, reflecting its mission and commitment and sending a loving message to all of us.