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Bytecoin Future Prediction



bytecoin future prediction

Recently in spite of bearish market by one means or another, bytecoin figured out how to stay subsequent to being recorded on World’s biggest Exchange, Binance. Surprisingly, bytecoin Price went 200% up in that week which makes it top crypto in Asian Market Roundup also. But now this BCN cost is $0.0029. So what does bytecoin future has to offer to us lets see?


Technical Analysis for Bytecoin future:

Bytecoin future can be terrible, highly risky for 1-year investment strategy. Bytecoin current value is 0.0030015 USD at 2018-07-10, yet your present venture might be devalued later on. Which in short means Bytecoin future is completely dark.

It’s clear that Bytecoin future doesn’t seem right to be trusted to invest in. Bytecode future value might become zero too.

As indicated by present information Bytecoin (BCN) and conceivably its market condition has been in a bullish cycle in last 12 months (if exists). There will be a negative pattern later on and the BCN is not a decent venture and profiting enough. Since bytecoin future has a negative viewpoint it’s better to stay off.


General analysis:

On the second of July, the digital cash was exchanging at $0.0029 yet later surged to $0.0035 before the day’s over. The upward development proceeded through July 3 amid the Asian exchanging hours, and the estimation of the advanced cash rose to $0.0038.

The huge increment in the estimation of the coin can be ascribed to the general recuperation of the digital money market.

While it is difficult to anticipate the estimation of the coin in the coming months, it can be expected that a portion of the astounding highlights of the advanced cash will expand the estimation of the coin advance in the coming months. Here is a portion of the highlights and factors that could add to the development of the coin and possibly save Bytecoin future.


Factors on which Bytecode future depends:


The lately refreshed roadmap of the coin is one of the real reasons why there’s expanded confidence around the coin. The roadmap is intended to show key milestones in the improvement of them.

Payment ID’s:

The development group of the coin wishes to see the hidden innovation of Bytecoin received globally. They have made a Bytecoin Payment ID that lets instalment recipients know who the sender is. This is another entrancing element that can build the reception of the coin and in addition its esteem.


Bytecoin Forecast. The future for BCN after delisting from Binance and Okex



One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance issued an official statement marking the delisting of Bytecoin from its list.

Understanding the potential of Bytecoin, despite its hard times.

Why would a cryptocurrency fail?

One must understand very firmly that all the ebbs and flows are a part of its daily operations. When a particular cryptocurrency has a fundamental use case and even performs really well, then it is absolutely inevitable for it to remain away from unpopularity. On the other hand, when a crypto coin doesn’t seem to be performing well due to various unwritten reasons, it must not be disregarded but must be considered as an opportunity for the community members to help the Blockchain project sustain its hard times. it is also the responsibility of the developmental team, to constantly upgrade the protocol in order to meet the growing requirements. Feeling to which might cause the project to slide away from the crypto race.


What is Bytecoin? Is it safe?

Bytecoin was the first cryptocurrency based on the Cryptonote technology, predominantly incorporated for their anonymous transactions. It was very different, as it wasn’t any form of the hard fork from previously existing coins. It has been incorporating the Ring signature technology to hide the transactional details from an external personal. Also, the mining operations are carried out, to generate new Bytecoin tokens. Also, miners take part in the mining operation but even they have no access to the financial transactional information of a transaction as the information is concealed through cryptographic principles.


Delisting of Bytecoin from Binance

The cryptocurrency coin was listed on various exchanges throughout the world. But due do to some technical issues, on October 9th, 2018, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance issued an official statement marking the delisting of Bytecoin from its list. The other cryptocurrency in the list, which were to be discarded by the exchange operations were ChatCoin, Iconomi, and Triggers. This particular move greatly affected the price of BCN, as it created a negative FUD in the market. According to information, it is well known that Binance was one of the leading providers of market liquidity to BCN as it was mostly traded in it.


Delisting of Bytecoin from Okex too

The delisting of Bytecoin from the exchange isn’t viable, as it has such a negative impact on the community. More recently, even Okex has been following the footsteps of Binance and announced that even they would be delisting Bytecoin from its operations too. The actual event took place on 11 AM UTC on October 12, 2018. Even the customers were advised not to undertake any form of Bytecoin transactions. Otherwise, all the orders would instantly be canceled and rejected by the system automatically. This particular exchange cited the incapabilities of the developmental team and said that despite critical bugs in the cryptocurrency, the developers haven’t corrected it. Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of losses to their customers, the exchanges have taken this decision.


It wasn’t viable to undertake such decisions

Typical bugs do exist in many cryptocurrencies, but instead of giving a chance to the Development team, to rectify the protocol, the Exchanges must not delist them as such. Bytecoin was very much renowned for its anonymous Transactions and was also one of the key coins, to be accepted by various porn websites as a payment method. The Bytecoin community is very supportive in nature, which wouldn’t affect the value of Bytecoin much. The coin is still available to be traded on HitBTC and Poloniex which have understood the future potential of the cryptocurrency coin.


The supportive attitude of the community

The community members also expressed their unhappiness on Twitter. But soon after the delisting, the members of Bytecoin approached the Exchange representatives, in order to clarify the issue. However, after consistent efforts, the members of Binance reassured to list Bytecoin back within its operations. This marked a great sigh of relief for all the Bytecoin enthusiasts. This incident clearly directs at the future of Bytecoin, as it still entails immense potential.


What’s the future of Bytecoin?

Apparently, the coin is highly appreciated by the experts, as it has managed to sustain tough times. The team members are very positive about their project and hence has not come forward to speak in order to negotiate with the members of Okex exchange. The coin would certainly regain its popularity and respect, among the cryptocurrency space.

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Crypto Market Crashes, More than $15 Billion dumped in just a few hours



The crypto bears dumped more than $15 billion. Crypto market has plunged over the recent hours to drop steeply near $200 billion and their yearly lows.

Market Bleeds, Top players fall up to double digits

The crypto bears dumped more than $15 billion. Cryptocurrency market has plunged over the recent hours to drop steeply near $200 billion and their yearly lows.

Bitcoin played the pied flute player driving the drop when it fell through key support at $6,550 an hour or two back. BTC is right now down 5% on the day and falling, its present price is $6,300. A greater dump sought Ethereum which has lost 9% dropping its levels back to $205.

Like the computerized lemmings that they are, the altcoins predictably went with the same pattern and the best twenty is an ocean of red at this moment. In the main ten, XRP is the greatest failure with a fall of more than 11% to simply above $0.420. Bitcoin Cash is a nearby second, likewise dropping 10% to exchange at $460. The rest have lost somewhere in the range of 7 and 9 percent in this most recent defeat.

Additionally down the chart is a bloodbath; Tron, Nem and VeChain are generally dropping 10-11 percent at the present time. The rest are all not doing so great as Particle, Neo and Tezos are for the most part falling 7-9 percent.

There is just a single altcoin resisting the drop right now and that is Aeternity which has made 8% on the day to exchange at $1.18. The dispatch of an ongoing Windows mining abundance could be keeping AE above water while each one of those around it are sinking. The greatest washouts in the best one hundred right now are Dentacoin, Noah Coin, MOAC, and Waltonchain all dumping 13-16 percent.


market capitalization

market capitalization chart


The market capitalization has declined 6.8% in the course of recent hours as they fell back to $204 billion. Over the most recent few hours, one major dive saw $15 billion wiped out from the crypto market as the bears beat them once more. It has been the biggest day by day dump for more than three weeks flagging that the defeat isn’t finished. Bitcoin dominance has crawled back up 53.5% as the altcoins bleed out once more

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Panic selling of BCN going on. Best time to buy Bytecoin



Bytecoin Price experienced a huge downfall today as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance announced the delisting of BCN.

Bytecoin Price experienced a huge downfall today as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance announced the delisting of BCN along with 3 other cryptocurrencies in a tweet this morning:


This has created a huge FUD amongst the cryptocurrency traders and due to the massive amount of selling, the BCN price fell from 0.00000035 BTC to 0.00000026 BTC in just a few hours.


BCN BTC Price Chart 9 October

BCN BTC Price Chart 9 October


But many of the prominent cryptocurrency traders believe that this is undoubtedly the best time to buy BCN as just delisting from Binance would not make a huge difference in the future of Bytecoin. BCN market is facing huge selling but at the same time, huge buyers are also making large bids to buy BCN at this low price.


The following article is just an opinion of the writer and not any kind of financial advice to buy or sell digital currencies or any other commodities such as bytecoin. Cryptocurrency Markets are subject to market risks.

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