Bitcoin Lightning Network Updates: 15K Tips sent in 3 months

Tippin, a cryptocurrency project developed on the bitcoin lightning network has been gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency space for receiving tips in the form of micro-payments around the globe.

In just 3 months of its launch, the platform has been used to send more than 15,000 tips which have resulted in mass adoption of the bitcoin lightning network.


What is Tippin? How it is linked to the bitcoin lightning network?

Tippin, a project developed on the bitcoin lightning network lets the users receive tiny payments in bitcoin. When the users register on the Tippin platform, a unique payment link is received by the users through which they can receive their small payments in the form of bitcoin. The best part is that the transactional cost is almost NIL. In short, Tippin provides the users with a wallet for receiving small payments through the bitcoin lightning network.

Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency enthusiast who gives his thoughts on technology and investments on Twitter, recently shared the analytics of the Tippin platform according to which more than 15000 tips have been sent through the platform, 14000 people have signed up and 4000 browser extensions have been installed.


Sergio Abril, the founder of Tippin even confirmed the stats provided by Kevin by posting a reply on the tweet. According to Sergio Abril, Tippin was founded for increasing the adoption of the bitcoin lightning network. The platform is currently in its BETA phase in which the platform is limited to receive and cash out the bitcoin lightning network payments. The future roadmap of the project includes merchant integration as well as functionality improvement.