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BTC Adoption 2019: 100 stores that accept Bitcoin

The number of stores accepting bitcoin is increasing day by day. Here is the list of top 100 stores that accept bitcoin in 20
The number of stores accepting bitcoin is increasing day by day. Here is the list of top 100 stores that accept bitcoin in 2019.

The popularity and success of bitcoin are never in doubt. The number of stores accepting BTC is increasing day by day. Within a few years, you might see each of your surrounding store accepting bitcoin for each of your purchase. In this article, we present you the list of top 100 stores that accept bitcoin in 2019.

1. Premium Domain Marketplace accepts bitcoin as a mode of payment.

2. – English-based and Image-based bulletin website.

3. A Class Limousine – A party bus provider in Newark (N.J.) Airport and Florida

4. Alza – One of the largest e-commerce Czech online retailer

5. Amagi Metals – A furnisher of costly metals like Gold, Siver

6. Amazon – World’s largest e-commerce website.

7. Apple – One of the leading smartphones and digital gadget making company

8. Badoo – One of the popular online dating application

9. – Leading casual android games provider

10. Bing by Microsoft – Bing is the second largest search engine than Google

11. Bitcoin.Travel – You can use bitcoin to book a trip on this website.

12. – A website that allows you to buy coffee online using bitcoin

13. – A leading online newspaper

14. Braintree – A subsidiary of PayPal for mobile and web payments

15. CEX – A leading cryptocurrency exchange

16. – A website for booking the plane ticket.

17. CoinMama: A bitcoin broker in Israel

18. Coupa Café in Palo Alto: A coupa catering website.

19. – An efficient way to pool funds with family and friends

20. – A group of restaurants

21. CVS – A leading pharmacy shop in US

22. Dell – An MNC for digital world and laptops and desktops

23. Dish Network – The leading cable tv and satellite provider in US

24. Dream Lover – It is an online relationship application

25. Etsy Vendors – They create ornaments and jewelry.

26. Euro Pacific – It is a major dealer of costly metals

27. (Now Stopped Taking BTC Payments)– One of the largest and popular global online travel booking website

28. – It pro

vides secure and fast speed VPNs

29. EZTV – It is a TV torrent distribution organization

30. Famsa – It is the largest retailer of Mexico

31. Fight for the Future – This company works in the field of Internet freedom

32. Fiverr – It is an online marketplace for freelancers

33. Foodler – Foodler is a website to order food online from local restaurants

34. Gap, GameStop, and JC Penney – Place to buy hundred of gifts and cards.

35. Grass Hill Alpacas – It is a local farm in the Haydenville section of the United States.

36. Green Man Gaming – It is an online video games reseller

37. Grooveshark – You can listen for any song online here

38. Gyft – Application to buy and send gift cards

39. Helen’s Pizza – A leading store to order pizza

40. Home Depot – You can order home and office improvements tools here

41. – Get awesome games here

42. i-Pmart ( – It is the largest online gadget store in Malaysia

43. Intuit – A US-based financial and business software company

44. Jeffersons Store – An online hub to buy clothes and sportswear

45. Kmart – A retail products store of furniture, toys, clothes etc.

46. Lionsgate Films – A famous and leading production studio

47. LOT Polish Airlines – It is one of the oldest airlines in Poland

48. – An internet services provider in Las Vegas

49. – It provides free cloud storage online with privacy

50. Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla – One of the popular university in Mexico

51. Microsoft – It allows users to buy content on Xbox and Windows store with bitcoin

52. Mint – A financial tracker and online budget planning website.

53. MIT Coop Store – The bookstore for MIT students

54. MovieTickets – It is an online website for booking movies.

55. mspinc – It is a medical equipment sales provider.

56. Museum of the Coastal Bend – A historical museum devoted to the region’s heritage

57. Namecheap – A website providing cheap domain names

58. Naughty America – A famous adult and pornographic entertainment provider

59. NCR Silver – It is a point-of-sale system which is sold by NCR

60. – An online electronics retailer selling mostly computer hardware.

61. OkCupid – One of the famous online dating site

62. Old Fitzroy – A popular pub with a history of about 100 years in Australia

63. One Shot Hotels – A leading hotel chain in Spain

64. – It sells big-ticket items at lower prices in America

65. PayPal – A leading global payments services provider

66. Pembury Tavern – A pub offering board games and bar in London, England

67. – A website that accepts bitcoins in order to sell pizza

68. Playboy– An American lifestyle and entertainment magazine

69. PSP Mollie – It is a payment service provider in Netherlands

70. PureVPN – One of the popular global VPN provider

71. Rakuten – One of the largest e-commerce retailer in Japan

72. RE/MAX London – A real state network in UK

73. Reddit – One of globally famous discussion site

74. Sacramento Kings – A professional basketball team of America

75. San Jose Earthquakes – A professional soccer team of San Jose, America

76. Save the Children – It is an international charity organization, mainly focussed on children

77. Sears – It is an American chain of department stores

78. – Leading SEO marketplace of the world

79. SFU bookstore – The bookstore of Simon Fraser University, Canada

80. – An e-commerce website to sell/buy products

81. ShopJoy – A retailer of gifts and novelty in Australia

82. SimplePay – A famous payment provider in Nigeria

83. Square – A payments processor and financial services provider

84. Straub Auto Repairs – It handles every kind of automobile repairs

85. Stripe – A payments organization based in San Francisco

86. Subway – This fast food restaurant franchise now accepts bitcoin for some of its products

87. – An online daily newspaper published in Chicago

88. T-Mobile Poland – It is a mobile phone network operator in Poland

89. Target – One of the largest retailers in America

90. TechCrunch. com – A famous IT blogging site

91. Tesla – The famous car and energy based company

92. That’s my face – You can create action figures on this website

93. The Internet Archive – Non-profit digital library and web documentation company

94. The Pirate Bay – Famous BitTorrent directories website

95. TigerDirect – An online retailer mainly dealing in electronics

96. Victoria’s Secret – A popular lingerie outlet in America

97. WebJet – A digital travel business in Australia

98. Wikipedia – A free online encyclopedia

99. WordPress – A leading company in the field of creating blogs

100. Zynga – US-based Mobile gaming services provider

Note: Since the merchants can stop accepting Bitcoin at any point, we will try to keep this list updated, but we can be late in doing so. You are requested to not rely completely on the information in this article and do your own research or consult with individual companies mentioned in this article.