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Top 10 People in Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrencies were made successful by the group of pioneers led their particular cryptocurrency. Here is the list of top 1
Cryptocurrencies were made successful by the group of pioneers led their particular cryptocurrency. Here is the list of top 10 people in crypto space.

We all are aware of the success of cryptocurrencies in the last few years. And it was not possible without the contribution of various pioneers such as investors, the government, the developers etc. However, one section of people that made cryptocurrencies so successful was the group of pioneers who had to lead their particular cryptocurrency. They are not from a particular profession, some of them are who have suffered a lot in their previous part of lives, some are hard-workers whereas some are dreamers. Some of these pioneers are engineers, while some are the journalist, few are businessmen etc. So, these people have made a significant contribution to the crypto community.

In this article, we will figure out the top 10 people in the cryptocurrency space whose contribution in this field is unmatchable.

1. Vitalik Buterin:

One of the most influenced people in this list. Vitalik Buterin is the one who founded and invented one of the most successful blockchain-based technology, which we today know as Ethereum. This platform not only supports Ether coin rather several other cryptocurrencies. The company has excelled in its domain and have been a profit maker for a long duration. Apart from it, he is also the writer as well as publisher of Bitcoin magazine. The contribution of Vitalik in this space is unbelievable.

2. Roger Ver:

How can this list exist excluding Roger Ver? He is considered one of the most influential people in this crypto space. He is one of the people to invest in many such startups like, etc. Whenever there is an event related to cryptocurrency, Roger is present there. If we talk about his history, he was accused to of selling explosive. After the release, he moved to Japan. Again, he regained his citizenship of US. His contribution in cryptocurrencies is unbelievable and huge. Apart from his contributions to the crypto market, he is a peace advocate and believes in individualism.

3. Brian Armstrong:

He is excellent in his academics. He graduated with bachelor’s degree twice: once in computer science and other in economics. Further, he got post graduated from computer science. Currently, he is the co-founder of a financial exchange for digital currency exchange, Coinbase. He also featured in a movie named ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ in 2014. He is one of the people to introduce the crypto space to the world.

4. Brad Garlinghouse:

The present CEO of the highest performing cryptocurrency in 2017, Ripple, Brad is not a person to be introduced. He was a technical genius and have worked in tech-giants like Yahoo, AOL, Flickr etc. His contribution to this market especially Ripple is amazing. Ripple act as an optimized platform to move currency for banks. Brad has been one of the most influencing personality in cryptocurrency and deserves to be in this list.

5. Charlie Lee:

Charlie Lee worked as Director of Engineering for Coinbase for some time but now he is the creator of a crypto coin Litecoin. Apart from it, he also manages several other crypto related projects. He was an engineer at the dream companies like Google and Guidewire Software before joining this market. Some believe that he got the motivation of invention of Litecoin from the flaws he noticed in the Bitcoin and other premier currencies. Litecoin uses a script-based hashing protocol which makes it so popular.

6. Nick Szabo:

Nick is one of influential personality in cryptocurrency. He has been providing innovative concepts of contracts in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He related the cryptocurrency to the commerce. He gave the idea of ‘bit gold’ even before the idea of bitcoin came in the market. Most of the people believe that he was the main person to initiate the construction of the basic architecture of Bitcoin.

7. Andreas M. Antonopoulos:

Andreas has been written several books like ‘The internet of money’ and’ Mastering Bitcoins’. Most of his books have been a source to learn how to invest wisely in bitcoin. He has been the inspiration of many investors. He also teaches about the cryptocurrencies in a university of Cypress. He has been a well-known speaker. He has been a regular personality in bitcoin events and often speaks over various new and interesting topics related to the industry.

8. Olaf Carlson-Wee:

Olaf is one of most influencing personality in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has worked on several crypto projects such as the development of the model which could act as a medium between the crypto market and the large investors. He has also started Poly chain Capital which is a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Please, not that he has the pride to be called as the first employee of Coinbase.

9. Don Tapscott:

Don is the current director of the Blockchain Research Institute. This institute has the responsibility for the creation of government policies and strategies for cryptocurrencies. He also wrote one of the famous books in this domain, ‘Blockchain Revolution’.  This book talked about the result of blockchain and crypto space in this world. He has been one of the top contributors in cryptocurrencies for so much long time.

10. Naval Ravikant:

Naval Ravikant, Indian from native was once a software dedicated guy. He has worked in reputed companies like Twitter and Uber but then he focussed in this space. And after that, his contribution to this space is quite worthy. He has been a huge supporter of ICOs. He is also one of the investors in many startups which are primarily blockchain and crypto aimed. He has been keeping his views on various related topics.