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Bankman-Fried: Solana Is The Most Undervalued

In a recent interview with Fortune, the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, said that Ethereum (ETH) challenger Solana (SOL) is the most undervalued digital asset despite its recent attempt volatility.

“The most underrated token right now… My answer is Solana. Part of the reason is that it has had a lot of bad PR in such a short period, but I feel it’s fair to say it is worth it.

Although there is still a lot of assignment to be done in terms of technology, I think the network is 2/3 of the way there. In my opinion, the network will fix the remaining 1/3 and what people have missed in Solana is that wherever you test the max limit, that’s when you find out what happens. Any blockchain would break if it tried to do what Solana did.”

However, the crypto billionaire noted that what he shared about Solana is only his personal opinion and should not be taken as investment guidance.

Recently, the Solana ecosystem was hacked and lost $8 million after the bad guys exploited a mobile crypto wallet vulnerability linked to the blockchain.

SOL is trading at $39.8 at press time, down 1.5% on the day and down 8.39% on the week.