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7 Percent Of Spaniards Invest In Crypto

According to a survey conducted by Spain’s securities market authority CNMV, 6.8 percent of Spanish people are investing in cryptocurrencies.

Spain’s securities market authority, CNMV, said it was concerned that the risks were not adequately understood, even after introducing new crypto advertising warnings earlier this year.

CNMV’s work follows a crackdown on crypto ads announced in January in response to concerns that the involvement of influencers like FC Barcelona football star Andres Iniesta could encourage people to take unnecessary risks.

While nine out of ten interviewees remember seeing information about the risks of investing in crypto, they seem concerned about a general lack of awareness about the regulatory industry. The study finds that more than half of the population thinks the warnings on crypto ads are easy to read and large enough.

The study, conducted with the survey company Analysis Investigation, involved 1,500 adults and was conducted in May and June this year.

According to the summary published by the organizer;

“It is the strike that 40 percent of crypto investors think cryptocurrencies are regulated by law and 29 they have the same risks as other investments.”