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The US Center for Diseases Control and Prevention issued a warning to the citizens regarding the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic

Bitcoin slumps further as coronavirus scare continues

Several countries are reporting new coronavirus victims daily, the death toll in China due to this mysterious virus reached 2,715. The stock markets in...
The crypto payment firm Ripple has given $11 million to the remittance firm MoneyGram in the last six months to use its cross-border payment technology.

MoneyGram continues to expand its strategic partnership with Ripple.

Ripple collaborated with one of the world's largest remittance firm MoneyGram to deploy its cross border payment technology. According to regulatory filings with the...
The US congress will host a hearing on "A review of domestic and international approaches to digital currencies," on March 24, 2020.

US congress to host a hearing on crypto in March

The US House Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy is set to host a hearing on cryptocurrencies...
The well-known crypto bull and veteran investor Tim Draper stands by his bullish prediction about the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Billionaire Tim Draper doubles down on his $250,000 bitcoin prediction

In a recent interview with CNBC Squawk Alley, bitcoin billionaire Tim Draper doubled down on his bitcoin prediction. He had earlier called that bitcoin would reach...
Asian blockchain security startup CoolBitX raised $16.75 million in Series B funding led by Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings.

Asian blockchain security startup CoolBitX raised $16.75 million in Series B funding

The Taiwan-based blockchain security startup CoolBitX raised $16.75 million in Series B funding led by several notable investors. CoolBitX plans to market its compliance...
European Union places the cryptocurrency market in the same legal category as banks, payment processors, and gambling-related websites.

EU places crypto market in the same legal category as banks and payment processors

The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), which was signed into law in July 2018, came into effect on January 10, 2020. Under the new...
It seems like the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun failed to convince billionaire Warren Buffett that cryptocurrencies are valuable

Tron’s Justin Sun failed to change Warren Buffett’s mind on crypto.

In an interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett said that cryptocurrencies have no value, and they do not produce anything. On 23rd January 2020, Justin...
The crypto entrepreneur who bid to buy the Australian soccer club, Perth Glory, is a convicted fraudster for a scam against tax department.

Crypto entrepreneur trying to buy the Australian soccer club Perth Glory is a convicted...

The crypto entrepreneur who has been trying to buy the Australian soccer club Perth Glory is a convicted fraudster according to the 6PR-Nine News...
A New Jersey lawmaker has tabled a bill called Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Act, that seeks to regulate crypto businesses operating in the state.

New Jersey lawmaker introduces a bill to regulate cryptocurrency in the state.

A lawmaker in New Jersey has introduced a crypto bill that seeks to mandate licensing for the crypto industry in the state. Currently, there...
In the latest episode of the hit TV series The Simpsons explain what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Guest star Jim Parsons explain crypto to Lisa.

The Simpsons explains cryptocurrency in the latest episode as “Cash of the Future.”

The latest episode of The Simpsons called "Frinkcoin" guest-starred Jim Parsons who played the well-known character, Sheldon Cooper, in the Big Bang Theory. Professor...
49-year-old Irish citizen Clifton Collins lost access to $58.5 million in bitcoins after his landlord threw out the codes written on a piece of paper.

Irish drug dealer loses codes to bitcoins worth $58.5 million

According to the Irish Times report, convicted drug dealer Clifton Collins lost codes to 6,000 bitcoins that he had purchased between 2011 and 2012...
The central bank of Sweden, the Riksbank, is reportedly starting to test its own central bank digital currency, the e-krona.

The central bank of Sweden starts testing its CBCD E-Krona

According to the local news outlet, The Local, central bank of Sweden had shown interest in developing its digital currency yeas before, and now it...
A Chinese citizen lost $45 million worth bitcoin and bitcoin cash in a sim swap attack today. The chinese whale sought help from top BCH miners.

Chinese citizen loses $45 million worth BTC and BCH in a Sim Swap attack

Chinese citizen Zhoujianfu posted on Reddit that he had been a victim of a sim swap attack and lost $30 million worth BCH and...
Shopify Inc revealed on Friday that it would join Facebook's Libra Association and help develop a safe and accessible payment network.

Canadian e-Commerce giant Shopify to join Libra Association

Canada-based e-commerce giant Shopify announced that it would Libra Association and help create a safe and accessible payment network for people around the globe....
Bexplus brings to you No KYC exchange, so you can anonomously trade any cryptocurrency including bitcoin online without exposing your identity

Finding a No-KYC Exchange? Guard Your Right of Being Anonymous

Anonymous is a revolutionary feature never existed in any currency until bitcoin was invented. No more bank counters, no more residence proofs, no more...
Central bank of Brazil is all set to launch a near-instant payment system, which is seen as an alternative to tackle the technological benefits of crypto.

Brazilian Central Bank to launch an instant payment system to compete with crypto

The central bank of Brazil is set to roll out an instant, 24/7 payment system enabled via QR codes. The central bank revealed that...
CEO of Block.One Brendan Blumer tweeted that bitcoin is not money. In reply to Peter Schiff's tweet, he said bitcoin is the next generation of gold.

The CEO of Block.One Brendan Blumer says bitcoin is not money

The CEO and co-founder of Block.One, Brendan Blumer, in reply to Peter Schiff's tweet wrote that the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is not meant to...
As a part of the settlement, blockchain startup Enigma has agreed to register their tokens as securities and file periodic reports.

Blockchain startup Enigma reaches settlement with SEC over its unregistered token sale.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission had charged Enigma for offering unregistered securities worth $45 million in 2017 under its ICO. According to the...
Steve Chen pled guilty in a $147 million crypto scam. He admitted that he duped more than 70,000 victims in a crypto investment scheme

US citizen pleads guilty for duping investors of $147 million in a crypto scam

The US Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that crypto scam operator Steve Chen has agreed to plead guilty to one count conspiracy to...
Accused of drug dealing a man lost 52 million euro in bitcoins after the Irish court ruled that they were proceeds from illegal activities.

Irish authorities confiscate $56 million in bitcoins from an alleged drug dealer

According to local news reports, the Irish High Court found Clifton Collins guilty of drug dealing and ordered to confiscate all bitcoins that were...
South Korean crypto startup Contents Protocol Team that raised 29,334 ETH in an ICO in 2018 is shutting down and refunding investors.

South Korean crypto startup that raised nearly 30,000 ETH in an ICO is shutting...

South Korea-based crypto startup Contents Protocol Team that raised 29,334 ETH in an ICO worth $8.15 million in today's price announced to shut down....
US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has called for clearer regulations on taxing crypto and other crypto regulations.

US Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants clear guidelines on cryptocurrency

The Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who entered quite late in the race, has called for consumer protection from cryptocurrency-related fraud. Despite entering late...
Lumi Wallet has truly transformed all the crypto needs of users through its innovative and accessible crypto buying, selling, and exchanging platform.

Lumi Wallet is the Ultimate Solution to Your Crypto Problems – Buy, Sell &...

Cryptocurrencies have been able to gather the trust of millions and have emerged to become one of the leading trading asset individuals are looking...
Home to a wonderful community of like-minded gamblers, CryptoGames is a haven for any players looking to partake in the thrilling activity of gambling. 

CryptoGames – A review of the unrivaled online casino

The internet era has come as a blessing for the gambling industry, bringing about unparalleled change in the entertainment sector. The online casino industry...
Brad Garlinghouse, said that 2020 would be crucial for the company. He further compared Ripple's expected growth to that of Amazon over the years.

Brad Garlinghouse says 2020 will be a crucial year for Ripple

In an interview with CNN Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse shed light on Ripple's growth, crypto regulations around the glove, and Ripple's future. He also...
The Central bank of Russia has proposed new guidelines to govern the crypto market participants and stakeholders in the country.

The Central Bank of Russia proposes fresh guidelines to govern the crypto market

The Central Bank of Russia has proposed a new set of guidelines to govern the crypto market in the country. The proposed guidelines allow...
The central bank of Russia has successfully finished a blockchain pilot project for the issuance and circulation of digital rights.

Bank of Russia completes the pilot project to issue digital rights.

The central bank of Russia has completed a blockchain pilot project that would allow them to issue and circulate digital rights. The central bank...
China-based blockchain startup, Conflux, has hired Eden Dhaliwal as a managing director to lead its expansion in North America

Chinese blockchain startup Conflux expands to North America

The Beijing-based blockchain firm Conflux is expanding its business to North America by setting up an office in the Canadian city of Toronto. The...
One of the world's leading crypto exchanges, Binance, has applied for a crypto license in Singapore under the newly introduced Payment Service Act (PSA).

Crypto exchange Binance applies for a new license in Singapore

The CEO of the crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, in an interview with Bloomberg, revealed that they have already applied for a crypto license...
The blockchain-based social media platform was Voice among the most anticipated projects to come from EOS.IO, the company behind Block.One.

Block.One’s blockchain-based social media platform Voice goes live

Voice is a social media platform that aims to give users power over their data that they publish. The platform recently appointed Salah Zalatimo...