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OKX Executive Emphasizes the Importance of Fun and Engagement in Web3 Games

OKX's Jason Lau emphasizes the importance of fun and engagement in Web3 games for sustainability. Learn how OKX and Immutable are collaborating to enhance the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Jason Lau, the chief innovation officer of OKX, highlighted the need for Web3 games to be "fun, engaging, and of high quality" to ensure sustainability. As blockchain gaming gains momentum, Lau urged gaming firms to focus on educating gamers about the benefits of Web3 technology.

Growing Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Immutable, a blockchain gaming platform, recently onboarded 75 Web3 games in the last three months, bringing the total to 270. OKX has partnered with Immutable to expand the Web3 gaming ecosystem further. Lau emphasized that Web3 offers unique benefits for gamers, such as true ownership and innovative game mechanics.

Launching a GameFi Launchpad

OKX and Immutable are collaborating on a GameFi launchpad to support gaming launches on Immutable's zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) chain. This initiative aims to improve discoverability and access to upcoming Web3 games, experiences, and assets.

Enhancing Web3 Gaming Experience

Games launching on the Immutable chain will have access to OKX solutions, including its exchange, wallet, and NFT marketplace. The integration of OKX Wallet with Immutable Passport will provide a convenient login method for players within the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Educating Gamers about Web3

Lau emphasized that blockchain gaming firms play a crucial role in onboarding gamers into Web3. He encouraged gaming projects to prioritize unique game mechanics and community building. Lau also highlighted the importance of educating players about the benefits of Web3 to drive adoption.

Improving Web3 Gaming Infrastructure

Immutable has been enhancing its gaming ecosystem by introducing features like zkEVM to remove gas fees for users, making onboarding more frictionless. The platform also launched Immutable Passport, a wallet infrastructure that allows users to create and recover wallets using their Google or Apple accounts, simplifying account management for Web3 gamers.

In conclusion, Lau emphasized the need for Web3 games to prioritize fun, engagement, and unique experiences to attract and retain a sustainable community of players.