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Omni Network Token Price Plummets 55% Post-Airdrop, Amid Fake Token Scam

Omni Network's OMNI token sees a 55% drop after its airdrop, while a fake OMNI token scams investors out of $398,000. Learn more about the real token's distribution and the risks in the crypto market.

Real and Fake OMNI Tokens Experience Turbulent Market Movements

Omni Network's OMNI token, an ERC-20 token associated with the layer-1 testnet blockchain designed to connect Ethereum rollups, has experienced a dramatic price drop of over 55% within 18 hours following its airdrop. Initially, the token's market capitalization was around $560 million, but this sharp decline brought its valuation down to approximately $267.5 million.

OMNI’s price since its airdrop over 16 hours ago has continued to slide. Source: CoinGecko

Details of the Airdrop and Token Distribution

The airdrop occurred on April 17 at 11 am UTC, distributing 3 million OMNI tokens—3% of its 100 million total supply—to community contributors including early testnet users, builders, and participants. This latest distribution saw 1.5 million OMNI, worth about $36.2 million, allocated to these key community members as part of their 50% share in the airdrop.

Allocation for Future Growth and Adviser Incentives

Omni Network has reserved 29.5 million OMNI tokens, or 29.5% of its supply, for ecosystem development, to be managed at the discretion of the Omni Foundation. Additionally, advisers and investors are significant recipients, with advisers today receiving 625,000 OMNI valued at $15 million. Investors' tokens are set on a three-year unlock schedule, starting with nearly 6.7 million tokens, worth almost $161 million today, unlocking after 12 months.

Fake OMNI Token Scam

Complicating the situation, a fake token also using the OMNI ticker executed a "rug pull," with its developers conducting a $398,000 exit scam. The scam token's price dropped 100% after its creators dumped over 1.7 quadrillion tokens for 132 Wrapped Ether (WETH). Blockchain security firm PeckShield highlighted this fraudulent activity in a post on April 18, bringing attention to the risks associated with token impersonation and scams in the crypto space.

Source: PeckShieldAlert

Market Reaction and Implications

The significant drop in OMNI's price post-airdrop reflects the volatility and speculative nature often associated with new crypto assets and airdrops. Such events can lead to rapid price fluctuations as initial excitement may give way to profit-taking and market corrections. The additional confusion created by the presence of a fake token exacerbates the market's reaction, underscoring the importance of vigilance and due diligence in the crypto ecosystem.