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Zuckerberg believes Metaverse Will Have Billion People by 2030

Zuckerberg believes Metaverse Will Have Billion People by 2030
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, talked about his projections and expectations of Metaverse in a recent interview with Jim Cramer of Mad Money.

We all know that the company thinks the metaverse will be the next big thing in computing. So big that it changed its name from “Facebook” to “Meta” to show that it was shifting its focus to virtual worlds. During the talk, Zuckerberg talked about how he sees the future of many aspects of technology.

In the interview, Zuckerberg talked about Meta’s big goals. He claimed that by the end of the decade, he hopes there will be at least a billion people in the metaverse. He also thinks that each person will spend hundreds of dollars yearly on digital bobbles.

Zuckerberg said that he thinks people would buy “digital goods, digital content, and other things to express themselves.” Some digital goods could be clothes for an avatar, decorations for a virtual home, or items for a virtual conference room.

If you do the math, Zuckerberg thinks his company will eventually make hundreds of billions of dollars from the metaverse. That’s in addition to its current annual revenue of about $117 billion. But 2030 is still a long way off so anything could happen.

Zuckerberg thinks the metaverse will have a “massive economy” long term, especially for creators. However, the company has recently been facing criticism for the high commissions it takes on sales of user-made content in Horizon Worlds. The company said it would keep 47.5 % of all sales from the game.

In a rare public rebuke, Tim Cook from Apple called Zuckerberg, a liar. As for when this economy will come, it seems like it might take a while. Zuckerberg said that the metaverse would be like Facebook and Instagram. By this, he means that the company wants a billion or two users before it “scales monetization.”

The OS dreams of Mark Zuckerberg

In another conversation, Zuckerberg said that the company might need to build an operating system for the metaverse. He told BusinessInsider, “I think in the long run, we will need this level of integration between hardware, software, and an operating system just to build what we want to build.”

Facebook/Meta has never made an operating system, but he’s probably right that it will need to figure out how. Apple, too is working on a project called rOS, which stands for Reality Operating System. The two companies will likely go head-to-head when Apple releases its virtual reality (VR) headset.

This is just the latest thing Zuckerberg has done to get people excited about the metaverse. This week, he showed some futuristic designs being worked on for the next generation of VR hardware. Like the metaverse itself, none of the prototypes he showed are even close to being sold. Still, it’s interesting to think about where a head-mounted display could go in the future.

If Zuckerberg’s plans come true, it would be a huge change for Facebook’s VR division. It’s called Reality Labs, and the company keeps investing money. Last year, the division was said to have lost $10 billion, and $3 billion of that was just in the fourth quarter.