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Zama Raises $73M for Fully Homomorphic Encryption Technology

Zama, a cryptography startup, raises $73 million to advance its Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology, aiming to make the internet encrypted end-to-end. The funding will support Zama's mission to enhance data privacy and security.


Zama, a French cryptography startup, has secured $73 million in a Series A funding round led by Multicoin Capital and Protocol Labs. The funding will support Zama's mission to enable computation on encrypted data without decryption, enhancing data privacy on the internet.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

  • Innovative Technology: Zama's FHE technology allows for data to be processed and computed on while remaining encrypted, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Revolutionizing Data Privacy: FHE aims to make data privacy a standard feature on the internet, enabling operations like cloud computing to be performed on encrypted data.

Use Cases and Clients

  • Significant Clients: Zama has onboarded notable clients, including Shiba Inu, which is utilizing Zama's technology to enhance on-chain privacy.
  • Advancing Privacy Infrastructure: SHIB adopted Zama's FHE-enabled privacy infrastructure to improve privacy while maintaining the integrity of its network state.

Future Prospects

  • Empowering Developers: Zama aims to make FHE more accessible and efficient for developers, enabling businesses to leverage cloud computing and other technologies without compromising privacy.
  • User-Friendly Solutions: Zama is developing user-friendly tools and platforms to integrate FHE into digital services, simplifying the adoption of advanced encryption methods.

Zama's Breakthrough

  • Balancing Transparency and Privacy: Zama's solution offers a breakthrough in balancing on-chain transparency with off-chain privacy, allowing for confidential smart contracts on encrypted data.


Zama's successful funding round underscores the growing demand for advanced encryption solutions to protect data privacy. With its innovative FHE technology, Zama is poised to revolutionize the way data is processed and secured on the internet.