XRP on a surge again. Ripple to reach $1 before the SWELL event?

XRP was trading at around $0.527 earlier today before it experienced a sudden surge in price and went up to $0.587.


XRPUSD Price Chart 29 Sep
XRPUSD Price Chart 29 Sep


Just 2 days before the SWELL Event happening at San Francisco which is being attended by  VIP’s such as Bill Clinton, SEC Officials, Ebay, etc. Ripple price has showed up a huge surge with over 11% increase in just a few hours.

The SWELL event is happening on October 1st and 2nd. Global Banks from across the world are participating in the event

Ripple’s XRapid payment system is going live at the SWELL Event happening in San Francisco.

XRP Price can likely reach upto $1 before the meetup as predicted by some of the prominent traders with the advancements of Ripple such as XRapid and the upcoming SWELL Meetup.



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