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Why NFT metaverse domains from should be your next move

Metaverse domain names that end with the .metaverse TLD are also NFT domain names that are a new asset class among digital as

Entertainment has come a long way bouncing off of the technology that we have at different points in time. We have come a long way from experiencing audio entertainment and then moving on to visual entertainment clubbed with audio to advanced technologies such as the virtual reality that lets us experience every single fragment of our imagination as if it were real. The metaverse is a cluster of all of these technologies put together to produce a complete package of an industry that provides solutions, creates opportunities, and broadens advancements in every niche be it education, entertainment, work, business, health, etc.

The metaverse has been growing at a fast pace with new projects under various niches coming up every other day. It is also closely linked to the web3.0, a free space that is not controlled by third-party monopolies that restrict advancements and innovation. The utopian vision of free internet is not far away, thanks to the metaverse and the web3. So what should your next move be, keeping all of this in mind? Well, if you’re interested in becoming a part of the change then getting an NFT metaverse domain name would be an amazing decision. has an amazing marketplace for crypto domain names with ease of access and a user-friendly system that allows anyone to min, sell and buy domain names. We will get to that shortly. Let’s first check out how getting an NFT metaverse domain name will be beneficial to you.

Benefits of owning a metaverse domain name

Metaverse domain names that end with the .metaverse TLD are also NFT domain names that are a new asset class among digital assets. Now, unlike conventional domains, they are completely decentralized. What does this mean? This means that they aren’t put out or controlled by an individual and Central authority such as the ICANN. Thus, allowing anyone to become an owner of them. They are registered on the blockchain through a process called minting and become sort of a crypto token that cannot be copied again, hence gaining individuality.

Also, unlike conventional domain names, they do not carry a renewal fee and carry full freedom with applications to be created out of them. This leaves a window for many more use cases to be discovered in the future. They are also sort of a building block for the decentralized websites on the web3. This is due to the fact that all websites on the web3 will be hosted on such NFT domain names minted on blockchains.

They are metaverse TLDs based on the ethereum blockchain hence if you ever hosted a decentralized website on the web3 for content related to the metaverse which is booming, then it would be easier for other people browsing the web3 to find your decentralized website. Thus, helping you find targeted audiences easily.

Also, you will always be able to store them in your cryptocurrency wallet and use them any time you wish. The ecosystem will soon release a chrome extension that will allow you to

  • Browse the web3
  • Use the metaverse domain name to host web3 decentralized websites using the IPFS.

Also, the ecosystem will allow you to swap your hexadecimal default wallet addresses with your NFT domain name. This will ease transactions as you wouldn’t have to remember unreadable addresses. If you ever sell your metaverse domain on the market, through a fixed price or through an auction, you will still be able to receive a 5% royalty on every transaction that the .metaverse domain name goes through if you were the one that minted it first.

How to mint a .metaverse domain name on

In brief, go to and connect your metamask or trust wallet. Search for your NFT domain and choose your preferred TLD. Once found, press the MINT button to start a transaction and confirm it on your crypto wallet. That’s it and the NFT domain name is yours. It’s really that simple! Visit and mint one for yourself today!